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The Ineffable Duskdancer
Player: @Proserpine
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lilith Naamah Samael
Known Aliases: Lily Samael, Naamah Samael, Delilah Samson, Lily Brown, The Dancer, Shadowdancer, The Princess of Zemargad
Species: Lili (Demon/Human Hybrid)
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Violet
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen
Occupation: Demon Slayer and Exorcist
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Crypt of the Psychopomp, Dark Astoria
Marital Status: Single, in a Relationship
Known Relatives: Cheryl Brown (mother, deceased), Ashtoreth Samael (father, deceased), Lamia Samael (half-sister), various demons and demon hybrids.
Known Powers
Telepathy, exorcism, telekinesis, charismatic aura. Demonic nature allows her to alter reality in a very small localized area around her body; this provides her with what seem like preternatural reflexes. Can shift between human and demon forms.
Known Abilities
Proficient martial artist, specializing in capoeira.
Various magical paraphernalia and demon slaying tools.
Samael is a frequent agent of M.A.G.I.

Lilith Naamah Samael, called 'Lily' or 'Naa' by her friends and The Duskdancer by M.A.G.I., is a freelance Demon Hunter and Exorcist who is known in occult circles for her wealth of knowledge in the field of demonology. It is often speculated that she is a partblood demon herself. She is an affiliate of Team Zero Hour and an ally of the Liberty League.



Dancing in Twilight

Twenty-eight years ago in Paragon City, dance instructor Cheryl Brown met a man named Ashtoreth Samael and fell wholly in love with him. This was no fault of her own; any woman would have fallen for the charms of an incubus, and this was no ordinary demon. He was the child of Samael (Satan) and Lilith, the infamous demon lovers of Hebrew legend who fell from YHVH's favor and ruled over Hell.

Cheryl, unaware of his Infernal nature, married him and bore him a child. He convinced her to let him name the baby girl, and christened her Lilith Naamah Samael, after his parents and one of their succubus kin. Soon afterward he disappeared, as incubi often do, and left Cheryl Samael a single mother in the city's poorest slum. He left behind only two items; a phone number and a beautifully carved amethyst.

The phone number was for the office a M.A.G.I. official. After listening to Cheryl's story, he determined based on the carvings in the amethyst that Ashtoreth had been a demon. He fashioned the jewel into a clasp for an Infernal Inhibition Collar, a state-of-the-art technomagical device that would suppress baby Lilith's demonic half. The collar came in the relatively subtle form of a leather choker.

Unbeknownst to Lily or the M.A.G.I. agents, the application of the inhibition collar had a very real cost. Half of Lily's personality and mind, the half that came from her demonic heritage, was closed off and evolved into its own persona. This entity, which Lily referred to only as She or Her, became an omnipresent voice in the back of the young girl's mind.

Lilith Samael was dubbed "Lily Brown" by her mother, and grew up in a relatively normal, if fairly impoverished, environment. The only visible inklings of her heritage were her purple hair and eyes, a mark of royalty, and these mostly escaped note thanks to hair dye and contact lenses provided by the demonologists at M.A.G.I. It was not until she reached puberty that she began to display incredible reflexes and agility. Her mother explained this away to the curious as a product of the dance study Lily had done for years at the dance studio.

Lily became interested in the martial arts after discovering her superhuman potential, especially the Brazilian art of Capoeira, which she had seen in a television program about the evolution of dance. Applying what her mother had taught her in the studio to combat, she began training in the fighting style, ostensibly to protect her mother from thugs. A quick study, she had all but mastered the art by the age of nineteen. This was also the age at which her burgeoning psychic talents began to develop.

It was at the age of twenty that she found her mother's diary. Longing to know about the father she'd been told never to speak of, she read it cover to cover. Cheryl was deeply upset that she had failed in protecting Lily from the truth of her heritage, but reluctantly told her daughter to visit the infernal expert who had counseled the family for so many years. Lily assumed her real name once more, and Lilith Samael made some very difficult decisions.

It was soon afterward that the woman called the Duskdancer was spoken of in hushed tones. Working as a freelance Demon Slayer and Exorcist, she became a frequent associate of Gregor Richardson and Miriam Bloechl, and often did contact work for M.A.G.I. As she matured, she began to express more of her demonic traits, including low-level psychic powers, and struggled to control the beast within.

Screech of the Owl

This struggle came to a head when a cult of Lilith worshipers murdered Lily's demon father as a sacrifice, and then sought out Lily herself for unknown purposes. At this point, Lily began to experience more frequent psychotic episodes, and eventually She came to the fore. The demonic persona that had been suppressed by Lily's collar came forward, vicious and calculating, fighting the cult with emotionless precision. During this time, she began to display powers that she had never wielded before, such as the ability to fly.

It was revealed in the end that Lily's mother Cheryl was a high ranking member of the cult, and that Lily had been specifically bred to house the power which Lilith had stolen from the Hebrew God, the secret of His Ineffable Name. This secret was hidden deep within Lily's psyche, and the cult planned to retrieve it and use it to reenter the Garden of Eden. They were foiled when the cult leader killed Cheryl for defying him, and Lily's lover The Psychopomp used his power over the dead to enter the cultists' otherwise impenetrable forcefield.

In the wake of this incident, Lily found herself infused with the power of the Ineffable Name, and finally managed to control her psychic and demonic talents. Moreover, the volatile She personality was finally merged with Lily's regular one, and the now-whole mind began to settle into this paradigm. Needing time to adjust, Lily left Paragon for a while to live with The Psychopomp's family on Olympus. She has returned with greater control and peace of mind, and the demons of Paragon again fear her name.

Powers and Abilities


Charismatic Aura: The child of an incubus, Lily has a natural allure that many mortals find difficult to resist. She tries not to take advantage of this, unless she's conning some thug. Most superhumans find themselves immune to this aura, for whatever reason; it works best on normal humans.

Dual Shape: Lily can shift between her natural human form and her slightly stronger, slightly faster demon form. Her demon aspect has wings and a prehensile tail.

Exorcism: After much training as a Qabalist mystic, Lily has the ability to call upon the ten Sephirot to banish demons, ghosts and evil spirits from a location.

Psionics: Long-suppressed by her inhibition collar, Lily now has control over her innate telepathic and telekinetic abilities following the integration of her two disparate halves into a united whole. She is not a particularly high-level telepath, but is resistant to psychic attack and can launch low-level mental blasts, as well as forge small-scale illusions. Her telekinesis is not particularly strong, but does enable her to fly at very high speeds.

Reality Alteration: The Duskdancer's half-demon nature allows her to violate the natural laws of reality on the mortal plane. She can alter reality only in a very small localized area around her body, and cannot extend this power to others. By slowing down time in her personal reality field, she is able to dodge attacks with what seem like preternatural reflexes. Before she developed the ability to fly telekinetically, she used her reality alteration field to perform superhuman feats of leaping, which she called 'wind-dancing'.


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