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Echo Dusk/Echo Dawn
Player: @Dalantia
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster/Tanker
Security Level: 44/34
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Falco
Known Aliases: Echo
Species: Human, heavily modified
Age: Biologically 17
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 258 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College Student, Licensed Hero
Place of Birth: Omaha, NE
Base of Operations: Elk Horn, IA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father, mother, sister, brother.
Known Powers
Supreme willpower
Known Abilities
Precision archer, Dragonet-style double swordsmanship
Cybernetic suite, including variable payload delivery system, cryogenerator, nanodaggers, and weighted monomolecular blades
Currently residing with Gentle Guardian. Victim of a genetic disorder that causes his bones to be exceedingly fragile.

Echo Dusk was originally conceived as a parody character of Echo Chrome, a character since benched semipermanently by its author. Since then, Echo has retconned from a non communicative bodyguard android joke character, into a formerly human living character with a life and history of his own. His player is amused at how it seems like all of his favorite characters start with a concept he ultimately comes to dislike, then changes to something "better" to him.

Start file: Human Subject 00005.

Modifying public record on Subject 00005...



Echo is a member of the Circle of Dawn. Captured by the Circle of Midnight on the raid on the Temple that left the Blessed of the Dawn disabled and demoralized, Echo has since renounced the group and his faith in their goddess. He remains on speaking terms with the rest of the group, however. Oddly, Seth Peterson (Heroic Alias: Gentle Guardian) has gone out of his way to offer support and assistance to Echo, to the point of arranging for a college scholarship, and letting Echo stay in his home despite his well-known love of solitude and privacy. Seth has remained tight-lipped on his reasons for being so willing to help Echo, but it certainly is unusual behavior for him.


Echo seems to shift between two modes of speaking. One is almost robotic, choosing to refer to himself or others as variations of "Unit" (He seems to view Dusk configuration as skirmish, while Dawn is assault.), describing himself as designed, and choosing sometimes excessively long words to describe simple concepts. The other steadfastly denies that he -is- a robot, is very self-deprecating in the area of his combat ability, and is shy and nervous around people, and stubbornly refuses to "be a burden" as he describes it. He also displays a significant amount of curiosity, and appears to be extremely intelligent, especially in the area of technology and deduction. Unlike most amnesiacs, he seems to be completely unconcerned with his lack of memory - but he is notoriously bad with dates, and nearly impossible to embarrass.


Echo woke up on May 9, 2007 (He sometimes cites mid-July, attributed mostly to losing a few months, and being generally incompetent with any kind of date). His cryo-sleep capsule was undiscovered, oddly, until opening on its own. (His whereabouts before this time - even how he came to be in this capsule - are unknown.) When he reported its location to the authorities, signs that it was there were discovered, but it was apparently already recovered by someone else. He possessed only a letter, telling him to find four people, and his heavy cybernetic modifications. Before finding the source of this letter, Echo was deceived into signing a job contract to act as lab assistant to Dr. Odylia Love. During the course of the month and a half before his capture by the Midnight, his memories were being unraveled, and he and the Doctor were developing a friendship and rapport - however, his capture by the Midnight occurred within this span.

Upon his release, he wiped all of his memories from between his waking, and his release from the Midnight. This writer finds that reaction completely reasonable, as the other Dawnites rescued from the Midnight all have said they do not wish to ever endure that again, and would prefer to forget it. An odd side-effect seems to be that he has forgotten everything else about himself, as well.


Echo lacks inborn, genetic, or magical metahuman ability. He refuses to consent to DNA testing, becoming paranoid to the point of anger when the notion is brought up - but then, it is often theorized that he is so heavily cybernetic that a DNA test would be pointless anyway.

It is theorized that his precision with the bow could be argued as a Natural trait, but he also has significant help from his cybernetics.

Cybernetic Suite

Approximately 98 percent of Echo's original organic body has been replaced with cybernetics - all muscle, bone, skin, most of his internal and sensory organs, even parts of his brain have all been replaced with cybernetic equipment. He is capable of clean-lifting nearly forty tons unassisted, without straining his systems, and possesses numerous internal systems to aid him both in combat and out. Unfortunately, Echo (self-indicated from numerous conversations on tactics and powers) is not designed for heavy melee combat while in the Dusk system - in order to fuel the Variable Payload Delivery System, significant amounts of shock-absorbing plating have to be deactivated. In the Dawn configuration, Echo's systems seem to be able to take extreme amounts of punishment, without shutting down to divert power to life support. The Dusk configuration's abilities seem to place him in a long-ranged fire support role, using the Variable Payload Delivery system to devastating effect behind a line of heavy allies. While he possess a cryo-generator that allows him additional survival in case of enemies closing to melee, it is not intended as an offensive weapon - it seems to have been designed purely a means of delaying enemies while allied heavy support closes to aid him.

While his body is mostly composed of cybernetics, Echo seems to be hardened against EMP damage - it only affects him as much as the average organic metahuman. The method of this hardening is currently unknown. A secondary MediCom system is detected on his person, but it is unknown where the teleport destination for his secondary system is.

As he operates in the City, his systems seem to self-improve, growing in capability as he gains in competence and confidence. This is especially true of the Dawn configuration, as he seems to be self-modifying every system for efficiency and precision.

Variable Payload Delivery System

Echo favors a bow for his main ranged weapon - while an archaic weapon, it seems to have been upgraded with a variety of modern-day amenities. Possessing a five-ton draw, it hooks directly into his onboard targeting system, allowing expert accuracy even when firing rapidly or on the run. The arrows seem to adjust slightly in-flight to correct for minor errors in aim, and possess a variety of payloads (most notably incendiary, scatterfire (Two variants - one scatters massive amounts of needle-thin arrows over a large area, the other splits into a hail of arrows when fired straight), and explosive, currently) for use on the battlefield. He also seems as comfortable firing in perfect darkness or inclement weather as on a clear calm day. His arrows dissolve after impact, returning as nanites and reforming in his hands when his bow is readied. This seems to achieve the end of maximum firing rate and arrow conservation, and also allowing him to remain mostly unconcerned with ammunition during extended engagements - though after extremely heavy combat, he is reported to be voraciously hungry and will eat a meal intended for 4 without pause.

When asked why he uses a bow, he has always said "I just like bows." He has always seemed to be an exceedingly precise shot, sometimes making flawless shots that seemed impossible even for a metahuman - dropping a suspect taking thorough cover behind a hostage, for instance.

Echo's nanite generators shut down in order to conserve power while in the Dawn configuration, so the Variable Payload Delivery system is nonfunctional.


Echo's cooling system seems to be a key part of his cybernetics. When his combat mode is activated, a minty scent surrounds him constantly in both configurations. He handwaves this (not unpleasant) smell as being part of his coolant system shunting harmless waste coolant in aerosol form. This notion seems to be supported by the strengthening of the scent as he exerts himself and forces his systems to overperform or buffer against damage. As he upgrades his systems, this shunt seems to become more pronounced, sometimes even visible, now, while the Dusk configuration is active. His "skin" remains at a cool 68 degrees Fahrenheit, whether he is in his combat armor or not, and his internal temperature is slightly lower. In combat, Echo can shunt or spray coolant to create interesting effects ranging from freezing an enemy in place to creating a hazardously slippery area, and chill the air around him to create a zone of near-absolute cold. He is also equipped with limited melee capability, focused around a nanite-core cryosword and using quick-freeze coolant in order to create a shield against physical assaults around his body. Most of his applications for the device center around preventing enemies from closing to an effective melee range, while in the Dusk configuration.

The Dawn configuration reconfigures his internal systems to assist in prevention of the cascade failures that plague the Dusk configuration. He seems to modify his allocation of power and resources on the fly to facilitate repairs and prevent the most damage, currently. His major defensive ability is his combat repair system, and his toughened exterior - while the Dusk configuration transfers blows easily to sensitive internal systems, the Dawn system seems to easily absorb the worst of the shock with his outer layers of "skin" and "muscle". So, a blow that would disable Echo while in the Dusk configuration is casually shrugged off and responded to while in the Dawn configuration. His autorepair system can even, now, undergo full repairs mid-combat even when disabled in order to divert power to life support, and his body can temporarily flood all compartments and systems with coolant fluid in order to lessen impacts. His senses have also been enhanced, allowing him to dodge increasingly harsh environmental hazards, minimizing the damage to nothing.

Echo's most frequent incapacitations in combat come from coolant failures.

Monomolecular Blades

Echo's weapons while in the Dawn configuration are a pair of heavy monomolecular blades. They weigh in at nearly 500 pounds each, despite their size, with Echo wielding them in each hand as though they were twigs. Their origin is unknown, but Echo wields them to great effect, learning and aiding in the refinement of Dalantia's twin blade style.

When Echo is in his casual wear and in the Dawn configuration, he conceals a pair of "nanodaggers" on his person. All that is actually known about them is that they are rather potent and agile light melee weapons.



Wake Up - the first 15 minutes of Echo's new life.

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