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Eisenzeit represents your standard comic book evil empire but with their own unique theme and toys to bring to the table. New enhancement serums, new super soldier experiments, new megalomaniac military commanders, etc.

Founder: Kampfgeist
Side: Villains
Motto: "There will be no help against evil."
Leader(s): Kampfgeist, Zenith Cyberman
Logo: Undecided
Group Colours: Black & Gunmetal Grey
Levels: All
Play style: Non-specific Enforced
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): All
Recruiting: Personalized Roleplay, Mass
Contact: Kampfgeist
No additional information available.



Originally this group of 5th Column soldiers had the notion to raise their fallen empire, unfortunately their plan hit a snag. After awakening their enraged current leader, Kampfgeist, he delivered a speech that shook the foundation of even the most devoted of 5th Column soldiers zealotry. The hundred some odd individuals already recruited only served to empower his ability in mass suggestion causing the soldiers to quickly turn to the new ideals.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

"Burkholder was weak.

Maestro was weak.

Nosferatu was weak.

Vandal was weak.

Requiem was weak...

These so called leaders have fallen to the influence of the Center casting their loyal soldiers into oblivion. Good men had to die so these cowards could receive a pat on the head and a stay of execution. This act is an atrocity.

We are all wronged by these failures, we are all sinned against, and for these things we will not stand. Your enemy is not simply the man who defeated you it is those who have betrayed you. The leaders of the 5th Column, the spiritual and power base, have turned against you and they will destroy you. They will hunt you down until you are utterly eradicated. This is war.

Those who would stand with the betrayers are nothing short of your enemy. Do not disillusion yourself with the thought that you are the 5th Column for it is the anemic force that turned on you to begin with. You, the survivors of this genocide, are something far greater, far stronger. You are those who have the fortitude to usher mankind into a new era, an era where the mighty take their rightful place at the top. An era where cowards and liars like those who have betrayed you will be sundered into dust. This is your mandate, this is your right.

My hands cry for vengeance over what has been done! Our enemies are many but we are the mighty! We are the righteous! And we will win this war!

From this day forward we throw off the shackles of our betrayers and are the 5th Column no longer! We shall bring about a new age upon this Earth, an Iron Age like history has never seen before! Join with me my brothers and sisters and let us take the fight to the enemy! We march today as a new army that is as unstoppable as the wheels of time itself! Rise up and march into the streets! Rise up and march on our enemies! For on this day, we are already victorious!" - Kampfgeist

Spoilers end here.


In no particular order and subject to change.


Iron Head

Iron Head are the front line soldiers of Eisenzeit. They often have little training and find themselves armed with small arms weapons. Many will likely never see a higher rank before their demise.

Steel Warrior

Those who survive the rank of Iron Head are rewarded with a promotion to Steel Warrior. Advanced weaponry, adamant armor, training, and super soldier tempering becomes available to these deadly soldiers.

Welder Enforcers

Welder Enforcers have shown their devotion to the cause as well as their ability to lead others into battle. More super soldier tempering becomes available along with an array of squad supportive technology.


Those who achieve the rank of Adamant are few and far between. These individuals make up the core leadership of Eisenzeit and have the power to back it up. Each should be considered extremely dangerous in the least.

Honorable Mention

Research and Development

As with any group of megalomaniacs there are always those who focus their intent on more intellectual approaches. New weapons technology or computer viruses are hardly out of the question though the listing below will only focus on those projects Eisenzeit find exceptional enough to mass produce.

The Hephaestus Serum

Created and stolen by Hellgrau Todesurteil using another paramilitary organizations resources, The Hephaestus Serum quickly transforms an average soldier into a quick thinking killing machine. The serum does, however, have a minor fatality rate until the system becomes familiar with it. This statistic is viewed as acceptable considering the results produced. The effects of a successful dose are as follows:

The side effects may include:

Adamantine Armor

While not truly made out of a metal known as "Adamantine" the Adamantine Armor is made out of the next best thing, impervium; or impurvium alloys at least. Soldiers ranking above Iron Head are able to requisition this armor from an Eisenzeit Quartermaster and are rarely turned down. The light weight full body armor is nearly indestructible to ballistics, impact, and many energy based attacks. Weak spots in the armor are located at \\\SECTION REMOVED\\\


Like those who they splintered away from Eisenzeit prefers their bases to remain secret underground instillations as opposed to above ground fortresses. Some of these hidden locations are well known and tolerated, if not outright agreed to, by Arachnos while others remain a secret only known by the highest ranking Eisenzeit officers.

Firebase Donner

Our current supergroup base.

Firebase Donner is located in the mountainside of a heavily forested island five miles East of Nerva Archipelago. This bases primary purpose is to offer artillery support to soldiers patrolling the island who need extra assistance in fending off would be invasions. Rumor has it the base is also meant to hide something.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

The amount of supplies going down into the access restricted sections of the base is hard not to notice. This is because a second base is being built underneath Firebase Donner. This second base is intended as Eisenzeits future primary headquarters.

Spoilers end here.

Outpost Dunkleheit

Hellgrau Todesurteil's personal base located somewhere in the basin of Primeva. This is used as a staging facility against threats in Primeva as well as a training center for Hellgrau's personal soldiers. It is also rumored to be used for scientific research of unknown design.

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