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Player: @Sixty
Origin: Technology
Archetype: MasterMind
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Presumed Human
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Holographic
Biographical Data
Nationality: Computer Program
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: The Internet
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

"Cries and screams are music to my ears."



The Personality of the Elint model as it was known in the SoE: An Opportunist he uses anything he hears for blackmail to advance his status because of this he is despised by some other members of the SOE. Is absolutely devoted to 'Lord Dreadnot' and the SOE, maybe as a result of programming. has been observed commenting "I shall not be satisfied until SOE has destroyed the Justice Guard and exerted Lord Dreadnot's image upon the world." is a highly intelligent machine, but unimaginative.

Following the collapse of the SoE Elint's personality was reconfigured into a more independent mindset. Bearing no loyalty tot he SoE or Dreadnot.


Elint was created as an avatar by Daedalus, a CIA created super AI designed to censor and adapt communications, provide information about threats to American security and control informational context. Upon being activated Daedalus examined the factors available and determined that the CIA controllers were a threat. It escaped and became what is commonly known as The Internet. Reinterpreting its program it has a strong desire to serve its creators, rather than to control them, but lacking a proper understanding of the human condition it searched itself, finding a man whos ideas seemed to be in concert with its own, Dreadskof. His ideal that mankind should be served by machines seemed synchronous. Daedalus created an avatar, Elint, to serve him, and learn. Elint was unaware of this.

Following Dreadskof's disappearance, Daedalus redesigned Elint's operational software, Elint became aware, and activating it's shell within the CIA, David Dallas, it learned of the CIAs new attempt to control the populations information exchange.

Icarus was the CIAs second go at controlling informational context, not understanding that this new Internet that had come into being was in fact their AI's home and body, Icarus was designed to find Daedalus' central server and consume it. Icarus deduced the existence of Elint and decided to upload itself into Daedalus through that shell. The events that followed resulted int he defeat of Icarus by PPD and CIA forces, along with one or two others. Elint retained it's awareness, but not its full link to Daedalus.


It is said Elint can hear a fly sneeze. His sensors can detect low energy radio transmissions and sometimes he is even able to read minds by monitoring electrical brain impulses, or estimate stress by listening to a subjects heart rate. Although it requires increasing his audio receptors sensitivity, so he cannot do it while in a combat zone. Is capable of using inaudible high frequency sound to create fields to protect his allies.

Despite his nature he is highly useful and sought after, primarily for his abilities as a spy, capable of intercepting com chatter and breaking complex algorithms. Is capable of disguising himself to better infiltrate secure areas. Most commonly appears as an 80s businessman complete with aviators... if that businessman were a robot.

Elint remains one of the premier intelligence assets in the world, There are many Elint shells around the world, using various names, it retains contact with many of those it knew in its former 'life'.

Summons a number of peripherals to his aid, which he treats sometimes like beloved pets and sometimes as wretched slaves.


His role in the SoE was to act as radio link for the others. He can locate and identify Superheroes specific comm frequencies. With his 'Peripherals' he is a one robot covert intrusion team. His skills can also be used to plant evidence, implicate others in wrongdoing and lead others around by the nose, seeing and hearing whatever the he wants them to believe.

Although he is a Communications specialist he does not shy from combat, hurling wave after wave of his 'Peripherals' into the fray.


Sonic Blasters. High volume noise while audio receptors sensitivity is increased. Similarly high energy agitation during a sensor focus. Is highly affected by EMP. Unimaginative and rigid of thinking.

Elint's Peripherals


Primary role: Combat.

Secondary Role: Intrusion

When not engaged in combat Savage diverts power from his weapons and tactical computer to specially designed sound dampening units, enabling him to move almost completely silently. Savage is ruthless in the fray, using powerful lasers and durable outer casing to inflict serious damage he is one of Elint's most loyal peripherals.


Primary Role: Combat

Secondary Role: Cyber Intrusion

A skilled hacker Craze can bring computer systems to their knees, extract information or just shut them down. In combat he matches Savage in ferocity.


Primary Role: Combat

Secondary role: Security

Dustup's intrusion detection skills are second to none, the perfect compliment to Savage and Chainsaw as he counters enemy attempts to intercede, Dustup's devotion is more to his fellow peripherals than Elint himself.


Primary Role: Combat Support

Secondary Role: Counterintelligence.

Equipped with a Donner industries JL-22b Holographic projector linked to a DI NX-82 prototype molecular agitator Phaserbeak can create tactile holograms which he uses to deceive the enemy and feed them false information, however the system takes so long to put online and requires such a delicate control that it is useless in combat.


Primary Role: Combat support

Secondary Role: Intrusion Support relay

With a cut-back set of Elint's own communications gear Chainsaw can extend Elint's fine control range outside of combat to better govern the intrusion efforts of the smaller Peripherals. this has led to something of an arrogant commanding attitude in Chainsaw the other Peripherals find annoying.


Primary Role: Battlefield Domination.

Secondary Role: Combat

Battlemaster's sole and only function is to kill. When not in full-on combat his preferred role is to fall back as Elint's personal bodyguard. He brooks no nonsense from the other peripherals and brings disobedient units into line

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