Ellen Weaver

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Ellen Weaver
Player: @FredrikSvanberg
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Soldier of Arachnos
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ellen Weaver
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 45
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Children (Amanda, Beatrice, Cecilia, William, Charles)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Military training courtesy of Arachnos
arachnos sub-machine gun, crab spider armor, cybernetic crab spider legs
No additional information available.

When I read about Nation I almost immediately got the idea for this character; a woman with mutant children who is willing to sell out her own species to make sure that her kids will come out on top in a new and brighter future. She is inspired by horrible nazi moms, Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens), Sarah Connor (The Terminator) and my own mother.

Unfortunately Nation later collapsed in an inferno of incompetence and I removed all my characters from it. Despite having offered up Ellen to get killed in a plotline (By Talen_lee) I decided that the name was too good to pass up for a soldier of Arachnos, and since I couldn't come up with any good ideas for SoAs I revived poor old Ellen. She's more fun now than ever.




For the last twenty-odd years she has sacrificed everything for her children. Taking care of them and making sure that they were clean, healthy and safe was more than a full-time job, it was her life. She seems to cope unusually well with her home being destroyed and her kids disappearing, but she is a tough old broad.

The only thing keeping her from being completely brainwashed during her time in the Arachnos soldier boot camp was the thought of getting her kids back. The only thing stronger than her loyalty to Arachnos is the loyalty to her children. This might change if she ever finds out the truth about them.


Ellen doesn't have any powers. Arachnos has not only brought her back to life but also provided her with excellent training and equipment. They have also implanted four big spider-legs bristling with guns and grenade launchers in her back. She is ever so grateful.

Arachnos Soldier

The standard issue Arachnos sub-machine gun is both reliable and effective. Ellen is quickly becoming an expert user.

Training and Gadgets

Arachnos military training includes both offensive and defensive training as well as learning how to use the wolf spider armor.

Additional Powers

All her previous equipment was lost in the attack which killed her: the robots, her traps and the various jet packs and zero-g packs she used to have.


Ellen is a normal human female. Her greatest strength is her devotion and love for her children. Now that her children have disappeared she is focusing her entire being on finding them, and to punish those responsible.

She has experience with guns and knows how to throw a punch but until recently had no formal training. Now her old skills have been improved upon and augmented by Arachnos drill instructors, turning her into a formidable soldier.

She is somewhat unique in that she has given birth to five children, all of which are mutants with some kind of strange abilities. They all have different fathers so the mutant genes were probably inherited from Ellen.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Physically frail; emotionally and mentally unstable; uneducated. All these could once have been used to describe her, but now she has been through Arachnos boot camp - broken down and rebuilt, sharp as a knife and hard as steel. Nothing will stand in her way now.

Character History

How she didn't get knocked up sooner was a miracle but it wasn't until she hooked up with the mysterious russian "tourist" that she finally got pregnant. Having dropped out of high-school a few years earlier she had managed to get by on various unqualified jobs, mostly as a waitress and sometimes dancer in places of ill repute. The child was a beautiful boy, strong and healthy. She named him Charles. His father had of course disappeared but fortunately her parents could watch him while she was working. It was the happiest time of her life.

She found work cleaning a laboratory in Aeon City. It was a step up for her. The pay was better than she had ever had before, she even got some medical benefits. There was also the handsome scientist, doctor A. He asked her out. She cooked for them at his place. He always brought a new Arachnos action figure for Charles when he visited them. She got pregnant again. He irradiated her with mysterious cosmic rays while she was asleep. She broke up with him and broke his nose. He got arrested by Arachnos and was never heard from again. She quit her job and managed to avoid capture herself. Her second child was not exactly human but she still thought it was beautiful. She named it William.

A couple of years later she was back at the strip joints but now working as a bartender since she wasn't fit enough to dance anymore. Her boss made some passes at her, which she didn't mind since he wasn't ugly and he wasn't poor. Eventually he asked her to marry him so perhaps he loved her after all. She realized that the bastard probably had his way with all the strippers he could get his hands on, but it was a price she was willing to pay if it meant that her children were secure. It didn't take long before she was pregnant again. This time it was a girl. Ellen named her Amanda, after her aunt.

A few years later her husband was killed during some kind of shady deal with one of his no-good business partners. His clubs and other assets were either taken over by his enemies or former friends, or seized by the authorities, so Ellen and her children were once again dirt poor and now also homeless. She decided to go into business for herself and managed to get a loan from a Family boss who had been a regular customer at her husband's club. With the money she could afford to open her own bar.

It went amazingly well, for some time. She could even afford to hire some people so she could spend more time with her kids - mainly Amanda. Charles was already helping out in the bar all the time, getting all kinds of bad ideas and into all sorts of trouble, but she managed to keep him out of jail and away from the gangs. Until one night when Charles exploded. There was a fight at the bar and Charles was trying to stop it when one of the troublemakers pulled a knife and slashed him. Charles lost control and seemed to turn into some kind of energy, lashing out and killing his attacker. Before anyone could stop him he ran away and took a job on a ship leaving the same night. He would write home now and then, sending money and pictures and tales of his adventures.

William had always been strange - too strange to work in the bar, where customers might be offended by his appearance. Ellen didn't like it but she wasn't going to expose her son to the danger of small-minded bigots, so he would stay at home, watching his sister and studying, but every night he would leave their house and sneak off on his own. Ellen never found out where he went or what he was doing.

Amanda, having turned thirteen, suddenly developed powers. She divided into three identical girls overnight, all sharing the same mind. The two copies were named Beatrice and Cecilia, for convenience, but all three of them would answer to any of their names. Ellen started to think that she was either blessed or cursed, but in the end settled for the former since she couldn't think of her children as anything but a blessing.

The Second Rikti Invasion

This event was a personaly tragedy for Ellen. The Rikti bombed her bar and home into a smoking ruin, along with most of Mercy Island. Her daughters had also disappeared (and her sons, but she didn't notice this until later). When Ellen went to the police to report this they brushed her off, claiming that the invasion had priority and that her children had probably been killed in a Rikti attack. In either case they couldn't devote any time to missing children at that moment. Ellen, in her desperation, turned to the only people she knew who would care about her poor mutant offspring: other mutants.

She had heard about Nation from various people in her bar, often mentioned as a group of genocidal mutant terrorists intent on killing every pure-bred human male on earth and put our women in rape-camps to produce more freaks like them. A few opponents of this theory managed to convince Ellen that Nation might be able and willing to help her find her children, or at least to give her the means by which she could search for them herself. She managed to scrounge up an invitation to Pocket D where she soon found some representatives of Nation.

Given some respect for her contribution to the Evolved species she was welcomed aboard the Nation space station and given access to the Nation Tech-Relay, a small army of robots armed with high-tech weapons, as well as various other gadgets. Armed with these she began her investigation. She started in the ruins of her home. She found some remains of a device which might have been part of a bomb. Later she learned that it was in fact designed to look like a Rikti bomb but was loaded with earth-made explosives and also incendiaries which the Rikti didn't seem to employ. Her home had been firebombed, presumably to cover up evidence.

Unable to find anything else to go on she started looking for her children in various places; Port Oakes, Cap Au Diable, Sharkhead Island. She went to see the movers and shakers on each island to find out what they knew, and went into all kinds of dangerous places following up on hints or rumors they gave her. All to no avail. Eventually she found herself caught up in a web of local intrigues and the power-play between all the different factions in the islands who were all trying to use her as a weapon against their rivals. When she realized that she would never find her kids if she let herself lose sight of her goals that easily, she returned to Nation and decided to try other methods to find clues.

Whether her plan was succesful or not we will probably never know. Ellen was found dead on October 8. Her killers are unknown and still at large. If they were somehow involved in the disappearance of her children and she was killed to cover their tracks, or if it was another red herring which proved to be too dangerous for her, only time and some sort of investigation will tell. The Rogue Isles Police have already filed the case under N for "nobody cares" and won't even try. Whether her new associates at Nation will even find out that she is dead remains to be seen.

Arachnos Loyalist

As it turned out, the apathy, incompetence and indifference of Nation turned out to be greater than anyone could imagine. Before anyone found out what had happened with Ellen, she and her Nation technology was picked up by Arachnos forces. In order to interrogate the woman Arachnos mystics brought her back to life. It didn't take much for them to turn her into a loyal Arachnos recruit and make her tell them all they wanted to know about Nation, which, granted, wasn't much. It was enough to take out their new satelite headquarters and turn it into a ruined wreck. Ellen couldn't care less.

As a soldier of Arachnos she has gained the power and authority she needs to investigate the disappearance of her children, and to fight back against the Rikti who she blame for all her misfortune. The question is what she will do when she finds out that she was killed by her own kids.


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