Emissary of Horus

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Note: This character's player is no longer able to access this character. Those who knew the player and want to stay in contact, see the bottom of the page.

The Emissary, as he usually appears to others.
The Emissary of Horus
Player: @Baronofbarons
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Kamenwati Mubarak
Known Aliases: Kamen, Horus
Species: Undead human
Age: Appears to be in his early 30's, is actually millenia old
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 132 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Appears brown, but does not exist.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Egyptian
Occupation: Former priest, currently moonlights as a librarian.
Place of Birth: Egypt
Base of Operations: Brickstown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Manipulation of vision, force fields, medicine, flight, teleportation
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Before Paragon City

A long time ago, a young Engyptian boy by the name of Kamenwati Mubarak was handed over by his parents to be raised by priests. Kamen was taught the ways of medicine, and grew up into a fine young man. It would seem that he would live his life like his fellow priests, but that was not the case.

One night, Kamen was closing a temple for the night when the the god of the Sky, Horus, appeared in the room. Horus gave Kamen a valuable jewel, called the Shade Scarab, which had the ability to destroy magic. Kamen's instructions were to deliver this jewel to a group trying to gain the power of the gods, called heka. This group was performing its attempts on the other side of the Sahara Desert. In exchange for completing his task, Horus would bless Kamen with power he had only dreamed of. The eager lad immediately thanked the god and started his trek. However, since he failed to grab any supplies in his haste, he ended up collapsing in the middle of the desert.

Suffice to say, the group eventually succeeded in their efforts, and this became one of the earliest known occurrences of magic.

Arrival in Paragon City

Many eons later, Kamen was discovered by the Circle of Thorns, his body having been mummified by the sands, save his face. They took Kamen to one of their bases of operations and attempted to revive him. They succeeded, but Kamen found himself horrified by what was going on. He managed to escape, stole a mask to cover his face, and found himself in a town called Paragon City.

Surveying his alien surroundings, he noticed a bank robbery taking place not too far away. Sensing there was trouble, Kamen ran to halt it.

During this battle, Kamen discovered a few things. First, he discovered that the hooded figures had given him the ability to create force fields. Second, he found that he could use his manipulation of vision to trick the robbers into fighting each other. Third, he found that he enjoyed manipulating others, perhaps a bit too much.

After spending a few days researching what he felt he needed to know at the university, he continued to pursue the task that Horus had given, despite him having forgotten it. This is arguably the birth of a different kind of superhero.

The Legionnaires

Within a few days, Kamen had found Atlas Park, where he met a young woman by the name of Patience Lee, a member of a group called the Legionnaires. Upon hearing her accounts of the team, Kamen became interested in the prospect of fighting for a living, and was soon a member of the team. His fellow Legionnaires quickly became accustomed to calling him the Emissary of Horus, or, more often, just Horus. Despite his disdain for the nickname, he found himself enjoying his team more than anything in his old life. He has also taken on the appearance of wealthy Middle Eastern man in his thirties wearing a suit and a pair of glasses.

During this time, Kamen had been trying to figure what his task was, and eventually remembered the Shade Scarab. He has since been trying to figure what happened to the artifact, as well as what happened the the group his god had wanted him stop. He continues to search to this vary day, and may be getting close to finding an answer...


The best way to describe Kamen is as a diabolical hero. He certainly believes in the general well-being of others, and for the most part, fights for justice. However, considering the way he fights for justice, he could easily be mistaken for a villain. He takes great pride in turning friends and allies on each other, and he brutally finishes the job himself. The character seems to have a villain's viewpoint at times, once claiming that he thinks of massacres when he thinks of nice things. However, towards his fellow Legionnaires, as well as other heroes, he typically gives them a great amount of respect.


The Emissary's main power is to manipulate the visions of others, which he uses to turn his enemies on each other. He also has the ability to create force fields, though it is currently underdeveloped. Additionally, being the emissary of the god of the sky, he is able to fly. He can also teleport, though he does not make use of it often.

Contact the Player

In game: @baronofbarons

On Steam: Theā„¢ Baron

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