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Opinions expressed on this page and adjoining pages do not reflect the OOC opinions of the members of the Empyrean Mandate or their friends.


To speak my mind

and I will through and through

Cleanse the foul body of the infected world

If they will patiently receive my medicine

- "As You Like It", William Shakespeare

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We are dying. Darwin's lance has been driven through our shoulder. Unchecked scientific exploration, alien immigration, magic and mutation joust for the favor of the earth and its bounty, our home.
They covet our world. The mutants undermine every accomplishment of every decade of our history. With their vigilante justice, eccentric lifestyles, and selfish doctrines they seek their own twisted Eden. A haven of Anarchy and mockery of 7000 years of law and the formation of human state, this brave new world would have little use for men who cannot fly or women who cannot read minds. The mutants part their smirked lips only long enough to comfort us with the notion that our demise is the building block of their rise. Survival of the fittest, this so called Inevitable Evolution.
More technology, more magic. As science is augmented by magic, verily itself -becoming- magic, the hubris of the creatures that wield it becomes clear. They skirt the consequences of their actions and it is humanity that suffers the cost. New Abominations of silicone and carbon roam our world laying waste to what they will, opposed only by these unwelcome guest. They would have us call them heroes, demand our worship, occupy our thoughts and literature. They are no emancipators. These new dangers are an equal and opposite reaction to the plague of paranomality, a punishment by God to those who bend the laws of reality. What do these so called heroes and heroines offer us to cure this ailment?

When the spiral completes its destructive design, and they flee to other worlds and dimensions, what will remain for us?

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

-Dylan Thomas

We are humanity, the best loved children of God. In rising we turn our faces to the heavens and humble ourselves. No longer do we wait for the pity of Prometheus. Now we reach our hands into the highest levels of heaven, the Empyrean itself and draw forth our birthright: the holy fire of free will. With our torches we shine light into the cracks and crevices in which the deviants hide. We reveal their true nature, and in doing this, we dis empower them.

Will you go gently into the dark night of extinction? You have only two choices. Pick up a pen and write down the past...or pick up a sword and determine your future.

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