Engel in der Hölle

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The Battle-Hardened Radiant
Engel in der Hölle
Nature Lover
The Faded Angel
· Natural Stalker ·
Claws / Ninjitsu
Real Name
Engel Yvonne Linden
Bride of Chaos
Sept. 16th
Berlin, Germany
Germany and America
Talos Island
Baker & Entrepreneur
Marital Status
Claimed by [Named By Word of Mouth]
· Known Relatives ·
Mitzi Maheras (aunt), Darren Maheras (uncle-in-law)
Physical Traits
Human (Meta)
Apparent Age
162 lbs.
Body Type
Athletic, but soft and well-endowed
Jet-black, naturally straight, waist length
Brilliant, bottle-green. Always starry-eyed. Thought to resemble a kaleidoscope of glass shards
Caucasian; lightly tanned
· Distinguishing Features ·
Aged scars all over body: Forearms, shoulders, chest, legs, hips, back. A few small nicks on lip and under the left eye
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Will of Nature, Empathy
Super Group
Elemental Haven
· Other Affiliations ·

WARNING: The information on this page is considered MATURE. Darker and heavier themes are utilized in this character's story. Areas that I believe deserve an additional CW will be marked with 3b5Fhx3.png.


Recent Changes (6/15/24)

  • Further progress in the backstory campaign's section.

NOTICE: Engel has existed since 2010 - Since all of the RPers involved with Engel have grown up together, Engel's entire backstory, including all characters involved with Engel, as well as Pocket D interactions from Virtue, have been officially retconned. Over the span of ten months(!), the same group of friends actively replayed their collective story from start to finish between 2019 and 2020. The brand new Engel is featured here.

6tykxWO.png History

✧ 𝒦𝑒𝓎𝓌𝑜𝓇𝒹𝓈 & 𝒯𝑒𝓇𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑜𝓁𝑜𝑔𝓎 ✧

Because Engel's story and associated parties use homebrewed content, it's important to establish a small glossary to reference.

  • Kriegshund - This term can be used to refer to the gene or the supersoldier. The project is several decades dead in the water and never left what qualified as its "testing phase." A few random civilians in Germany were forced to have their DNA altered by a top-secret formula that a classified science department had developed. Supposedly, some officers in the military were also either given access to this formula or were born carrying its mutant gene, as a few Kriegshund soldiers made an appearance during WWII. The goal of the project seemed to be an attempt to create science-based werewolves that did not have to rely on supernatural forces to tap into their potential. While the controlled mutagen could pass its trait down through birth, its potency was prone to quickly thinning out per descendant, and would at times skip a descendant entirely, resulting in a variety of lifelong health complications. Less than five individuals are alive today and able to carry the gene down. Kriegshunds have no relation to the 5th Column.
  • Omnimental - Particularly potent and unaspected elementals with a make-up more akin to raw mana than a specific element. As such, they sometimes are given the moniker "Chaos Elementals." They are quite rare on account of the fact they must consume far more energy than other elementals of a single aspect. They also are far more sentient at their weaker stages than other elementals. While they can get energy from almost anywhere, they must consume significant amounts of every element in order to grow and eventually stabilize. They are highly sought-out by archmages in need of a familiar or mana battery, but their overwhelming hunger makes it difficult to bind or summon one, as well as maintain it. Very few Omnimentals can achieve Monolith status. Due to their high energy consumption, Omnimentals are territorial over their sources of food, far more than once- or twice-aspected elementals. They are seen as authoritative figures within the elemental wheel due to their mastery of each element. They often adopt a favored element in appearance and make-up, which can help mask their true nature.
  • Elemental Hierarchy - An elemental's sentience and power advances with each stage. From the weakest to the strongest: Will-o'-the-Wisp, Lesser Elemental, Greater Elemental, High Elemental, Elder, Monolith. Once an elemental has reached the Monolith state, they no longer need to actively consume to grow and survive.
  • Guide Hare - Due to the abundant magic that lives within the Sorcerer's Willow, the woodland creatures that inhabit its sacred land are affected by the magic on a biological level. Guide Hares have the ability to lead someone through portals into unknown lands, so long as the individual can keep up the chase! They are very intelligent, and best known for their luminous pawprints that fade from sight.
  • Sorcerer's Willow - A massive magical sanctuary that has protective wards maintained by several archmages of varying profession. All manner of magical entities have been known to pass through the Willow at times, though the Willow can only be found if the Willow wants to be found. It is a common site for mages to find and bond with a familiar.
  • Maruloix - Term for a species of intelligent beings who evolved parallel to humanity. They live almost exclusively underwater in every ocean on Earth, with some of its races living in the Mariana Trench. They have been known to be hostile towards humans for the damages brought by pollution and human wars. They are not on favorable terms with elementals, going so far as binding some of them for advancement in magical practices. Some Maruloix are, however, more open-minded, and have chosen to live along beaches, or interact peacefully with "landwalkers."
  • Arhi'aa's War - A Maruloix archmage stood on the front lines of an ancient war between the Maruloix people and elementals. Maruloix were damaging nature in their exploitations of magic, and when confronted by nature, fought back. Ahri'aa supposedly defeated a Monolith of every once- or twice-aspected element, and bound them to a gemstone vessel, the Master Crystals. This turned the tide of the war and the Maruloix came out victorious, and they continue to exploit elemental mana for their glory. Apparently, tensions are recently higher than average between Maruloix and the elementals, as several Seers have seen visions of the elementals initiating a second war after almost three-hundred years.

✧ ℬ𝒶𝒸𝓀𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓇𝓎 ✧

The "Angel in Hell" Campaign

NOTICE: In effort to keep things simple, only summaries of major plot-point chapters will be shown here. There are several in-between chapters, including some RPs between other characters, that will be skipped. If important context is needed--or if a discussed retcon has occurred--that will be covered as an in-between. Because Dimentus' player could not participate in the campaign, it had to pick up right after Dimentus' role in the story. The dates shown are not relative to IC dates, though the final event of the campaign did occur in 2019.

Finally, Engel's story contains sensitive content, which is worth mentioning, even if I won't be going into heavy detail.
CW: References to malpractice, familial abuse, various mental health crises, abduction, SA, severe trauma, themes of cosmic horror, suicidal thoughts and actions.

  • [2-28-19] Magic Rabbit: As agents of PRIMA, Engel attends Mitzi on an infantry mission. Their goal is to infiltrate an enemy bunker. With the field medic squadron is taskforce teams 1-A and 5-C. The stronghold they come face-to-face with is unexpectedly teeming with magic their magitech equipment can't conquer. To advance in their mission, 5-C calls upon an ally by the name of "Ears," who has shapeshifted to mimic PRIMA's armor. Ears is able to deconstruct the stronghold and save the mission.
  • [3-01-19] Water and Earth: PRIMA Archipelago is home to several warehouses and hangars near the south and southeast docks. On the days Mitzi works in-office, Engel visits the docks to enjoy the sea and idly spectate the dockworkers, who are friendly with the socially awkward, mute assassin. During the staffs' lunchbreak, Engel notices "Ears" prowling around inside of the warehouse she's sitting in. Engel discovers Ears in his true form, eating strange materials like engines, gasoline, and other energy-producing sources. They recognize each other from the taskforce, but are unable to communicate. However, their inability to communicate leads to strong feelings of curiosity for one-another. Engel feels a strange, but gentle, otherworldly presence in Ears, and in fascination, continues to visit the dock every day. Ears, too, keeps coming back to feast, leaving the dockworkers in dismay with a semi-mute witness.
  • [3-03-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Emeralds: With repeat crossing of paths, Ears pays more and more attention to Engel. He becomes frustrated by Engel's lack of verbal communication beyond hums and grunts, spurred on by her pantomimed efforts to redirect him from eating goods. Being so alien to humans, he doesn't have a sense of boundaries and removes Engel's mask, revealing her stitched-up visage beneath, and the continuous sutures that render Engel mute. Engel panics, confusing Ears. He is instantly fond of the gentle spirit he sees through Engel's eyes, and her innate abilities not yet awakened. He sees that the human is in need of help and practices the concept of human boundaries. Engel tries to communicate with her cellphone. Ears responds with both verbal English and strange glitches on Engel's phone. When asked for a name, Ears gives Engel his true name by word of mouth. Engel practices writing the name, but the phone glitches to correct 'Zeff' to 'Zeph,' for short.
  • [3-04-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Speak Freely: In Engel's desire to communicate with others, she found herself emboldened by the mischievous nature of the daemonic artifact Dimentus left to her, the Devil's Advocate. She comes up with a plan to try and debunk Mitzi's schizophrenic hallucinations regarding the "tar," then removes the continuous sutures. Engel wears her gasmask and spends several hours around Mitzi before speaking directly to her. Engel diverts Mitzi's desire to replace the stitches by offering sound logic: Mitzi believed Engel was "sealed shut," so she must not have seen the "tar" coming out of the mask for the past few hours, therefore, the ooze must be a hallucination. To further test this, Mitzi runs a harmless video test with Engel's consent and records her. In this particular instance, Mitzi saw the recordings for what they were, though still suffered hallucinations in the real world. Mitzi found Engel's logic to be sound enough and allowed her to go without the stitches, as long as she still wore the gasmask when demanded.
  • [3-04-19] What's in Her Head: Engel gets to overhear the scheduled meeting between Mitzi and a contracted mercenary, who has been refusing staffs' further medical attention for his broken arm. This is Darren Maheras, who first warms up to Mitzi as a friend, and upon noticing it, is sensitive toward her paranoid schizophrenia. He would play several intrinsic roles later on.

In-Between: It's during this period that several more meet-ups between Engel and Ears happens. (A Small Voice and She's Always Waiting being most plot relevant.) Engel gets to greet Zeph vocally for the first time, and it's a gamechanger for their interactions. Zeph clearly stops visiting the warehouses for food, and to instead see Engel. He unknowingly starts Engel's feelings for him by calling her eyes beautiful. He starts whisking her away from the Archipelago a couple days a week. Electrical lines in large cities provide a lot of ambient energy that he can snack on. They often park on tall buildings, including skyscrapers, as if Zeph doesn't want to be seen in his true form too often. Engel uses these opportunities to open up to him about her mentally ill aunt, reasons for her own appearance, and her self-hate. Zeph says that he will not attempt to harm Mitzi the way Dimentus did, and promises to help Engel "find her happiness one day."
  • [4-13-19] Pet: Last interaction between Engel and Zeph before Engel is to personally meet 5-C. Engel starts to have some self-doubt, wondering if she is "like a puppy" or a "pet" to Zeph, a creature so inhuman. Zeph catches on, and in dire effort to make himself understood, tells Engel that she should not "have bad thoughts." He then, in his words, explains to Engel what he is: an Omnimental. He had many friends and guardians before 5-C, but being what he is, Zeph had to abandon them, so they would not be hurt by mages who sought his power. 5-C found him on a carrier mission and took him in. Engel realizes that, in an ironic way, both of them are trying not to become each other's "pets," but that Zeph is showing her an immense amount of trust. In gratitude, for the promise Zeph gave her before, Engel promises that she will help protect and look after him.
  • [4-21-19] Engel Meets 5-C: The head of the PRIMA organization, a Maruloix woman named Yian'vela, is also one of a few ambassadors to mingle between Elementals on land and the Maruloix people below. Yian'vela had agreed to pay the Omnimental in food; the company's top-selling product: their eco-friendly, elementally-charged super batteries. In exchange, Zeph had to work for PRIMA. It wasn't a route most Elementals would take, but Zeph saw benefits and opportunities...including the opportunity to, in his Omnimental hunger, steal from the warehouses. His game could go on for only so long before 5-C caught on and plotted an intervention. At this point, the members of 5-C are: Bryce Ultan, Nelson Yadav, Randy Evans, Katherine (Kathy) & Amanda Frabotta, Jackson Hodger, Theresa Siu, Larke Balik, and the captain, Scott Mellin ("Pops"). When the whole of 5-C show up at the docks to call out "Ears" on his thieving, they find him with Engel. Some of them recognize Engel and are immensely curious. Engel is shy to a crippling extent, so Zeph takes on the argument with 5-C over his need to eat. It gets a bit heated by the more impatient members of the squadron, so Engel suggests that, in the name of her promise, she and "Ears" go together to other places, to find energy when he's hungry. This is enough to divert Zeph's desires to break into the warehouses any longer, and Kathy is impressed by Engel stepping up, inviting her to join them all back at the apartments.

In-Between: Small retcon gone over by the players - This is a starting point for Engel to become close friends with the whole of 5-C. She was only close to Kathy and Jackson in the original. A lot of Engel's and Zeph's bonding happened during these hangouts as well, where Engel became wise to "Ears' games." These hangouts happen all the way up until Shatterglass.
  • [4-26-19] Force of Nature:
  • [7-24-19] Trimmen:
  • [7-29-19] Out in the Open:
  • [7-30-19] Learn to Feel:
  • [8-01-19] The Hoax:
  • [8-05-19] Inner Light:
  • [8-11-19] Angel Wings:
  • [8-20-19] Disarming Force & State of Being:
  • [8-25-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Return to the Elements:
  • [8-25-19] Split in Two:
  • [8-30-19] Jaded Wrath:
  • [9-01-19] Shatterglass:
  • [9-02-19, 9-11-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Fallen Angel (I & II):
  • [9-24-19] Stella:
  • [10-02-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Höllenwächter:
  • [10-15-19] 3b5Fhx3.png Supernova:
  • [10-18-19] 3b5Fhx3.png A New Beginning:
  • [11-11-19] Fae Fancy:

SjUvC6H.png Social

✧ 𝑅𝒫 𝐻𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓈 / 𝒯𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓉𝓈 ✧

  • "Du Alta!" - Engel speaks Berlinerisch. Known to be a very casual, albeit particularly aggressive-sounding dialect of German, it pairs in an amusing way with her small and sweet voice! (Her accent reflects being Berliner. Her enthusiasm when speaking may come off as intense or "angry" to those unfamiliar.)

  • Runt of the Litter - Engel's mother failed to inherit the Kriegshund gene. As a result, Engel does not carry it in her bloodline either. Compared to the other Lindens, she is medium in stature, and much less broad. She is prone to carrying extra fat and muscle on her body, but for the most part, her body distributes it evenly.

  • Bride of Chaos - Engel has been claimed by an Omnimental who is named by word of mouth (BWOM) -- otherwise introduced as "Mr. Linden." Engel's and BWOM's bonding is consensual, and she carries BWOM's elemental blessing. This is the blessing which has awakened Engel's powers.

  • Nature Lover - Nature itself is fond Engel's spirit. Wild prey animals are at peace around her, and domesticated animals bond with her easily. Any fruits or vegetables she grows in her garden also seem to thrive exceptionally. Stray elementals have been known to gravitate to her side in seek of solace, though greedy hands are snapped at by Mr. Linden.

  • Stimming - Typical of many children, Engel stimmed through hair play at a young age. On account of her anxiety disorders and severe depression, she still stims under stress as an adult. This manifests itself by self-soothing hair petting and preening. Sometimes she will play with someone else's hair for the same effect.

  • Bath & Body Works - Engel smells about as sweet as she acts. Between her extensive hair products and body lotions, she smells like shea butter, wild strawberries, mandarins, and pink jasmine. Her hair products are tame enough that her scent is not overbearing.

  • Sentimental Omnimental - Mr. Linden took interest in Engel's love of romance novels, especially when, after their relationship reached that point, her focus drifted toward chapters that involved a wedding. He took a piece of his essence and crafted a band of four rings for Engel, and now calls her his "Wife." This radiates a lot of magical energy.

  • Regenerator - A top-secret serum to enhance metabolism and decrease physical aging, the serum was primarily used for the Lindens and other Kriegshund prototypes with the intent to enhance their abilities. Although Engel is not a Kriegshund, Mitzi had installed the system in her body. Engel's supply ran out a few years ago, and she has declined to have it refilled.

  • Heavenly Bread, Heavenly Cuts - Engel successfully runs two separate shops in Talos Island! The buildings stand next to one-another. One is a bakery, and the other is a hair salon. The hair salon has all of its seats owned through commission work, claiming a few up-and-coming stylists. The bakery is Engel's main focus, and the reason why the two shops had to be relocated and rebuilt over the last few years, due to a lack of room to keep up with customer demand. The bakery offers a subscription service, allowing for regular discounts, catering services, and newsletters.

  • Life is Hard - Engel is covered from head-to-toe in various scars. Most of these come from surgical procedures, followed by combat or self-harm. The surgical scars exist on her forearms, lower back, and mid-sternum. Self-harm scars are most prominent on the sides of her neck, followed by her forearms. Scars from various attacks exist on her sides, the shoulders, her thighs, and down her back. She has very small gouges on her face; one under her left eye and one under the lip. Engel is especially self-conscious of her scars; she is only willing to show skin on a good day.

  • The Doctor's Out - Engel has developed both acute Tomophobia (fear of surgical operations) and Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals). Her Nosocomephobia is triggered by hospital smells in particular.

  • Perfectionist - Driven by her mental health disorders, Engel suffers from intense perfectionism. She often feels inadequate in what she says, does, or creates. This results in her maintaining physical appearances (contrary to a common symptom of depression) and putting out genuinely good products without fail.

  • Put the Knife Down - Although Engel is masterful in hand-to-hand combat and has militant training, she attempts to avoid combat as much as she can these days, and if forced into a corner or situation, she relies on disabling the other party rather than going for the kill.

✧ 𝒱𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑜𝓊𝓈 𝒬𝓊𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈 ✧

Some quotes contain mature language.

2019-2020 Quotes

"What do I call him? Fuckass, or Ears?" "Let's not get into a habit of calling him "fuckass," for one."
Larke and Amanda,, "Intercepted Carrier" ((Discord, 2019))
"I see that. You have a small voice. I must listen very hard for it."
Named By Word of Mouth,, "A Small Voice" ((Discord, 2019))
"You are troubled by things that are not real." "And yet HERE YOU ARE!"
BWOM and Mitzi,, "Out in the Open" ((Discord, 2019))
"I do not deserve to be called an angel, you know." "You are an angel. You have lived through so much more because of me."
Engel and Mr. Linden,, "Element of Change" ((Discord, 2020))
"I will love you until all the lights in the sky are gone forever. I will love you until the wind stops its forever dance. I will love you until the ocean stills, forever." "Until dhe ocean stills..." "I will love you until fire no longer gives light, until all it casts is darkness, forever." "What about the earth...?" "I will love you even when the earth is only dust." "...Can I call you mine?" "...Yes." "Then, you are my Zephinerahk." "And you are my angel."
BWOM and Engel,, "Element of Change" ((Discord, 2020))

Pocket D/Casual Quotes

"Are you gonna sit here and tell me that this isn't Engraanahk at 4 am puppeting Engel's body, only for Mitzi to walk in and get threatened?"
Whisk,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))
*Mike Ramiro is a fancy boy doing a fancy bow for MOTHER.*
Mike Ramiro,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))
*Raising the peace sign, he phases out of reality.* "((He did not just))"
Dr. End Times and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))
"engel's charisma stat is something she literally wears on her chest if you catch my drift"
@Arctique,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2020))
"Chicken milk." "Do not."
Mike Ramiro and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))
*Engel in der Holle waters the Podge with lightweight alcohol.*
Engel and Hodge Podge,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))
"She's just showing Engel where the fiend weed is grown"
@Arctique,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2024))
"The council forgives Engel for being a bottom."
Whisk,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2024))

✧ 𝑅𝑒𝓁𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝓈, 𝐹𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓈, & 𝐸𝓃𝑒𝓂𝒾𝑒𝓈 ✧


Mr. Linden

  • Player: @mightyBos
  • Status to Engel: Husband
  • Aliases: "Agent Orange" (by Dimentus), "Ears" (by 5-C)
  • Growth Stage: Monolith
  • Status: Stable

The Other

  • Player: @mightyBos
  • Aliases: Das Karmesin (by Engel), "The Other" (by 5-C), named Agraanahk (By Word of Mouth)
  • Growth Stage: Monolith
  • Status Assimilated (deceased)

Engel aus der Hölle

  • Player: @Whisk
  • Aliases: The Undying Star, Scarlet Copycat, "Stella" (by Kathy), "Engraanahk" (OOC)
  • Growth Stage: Elder Elemental
  • Status Assimilated (deceased)

Friends & Family

Mitzi Linden

  • Player: @UltraRankGrunt
  • Status to Engel: Aunt
  • Aliases: Höllenwachter, Mitzi Maheras
  • Vocal Ref: Eartha Kitt

Darren Maheras

  • Player: @Whisk
  • Status to Engel: Uncle-in-law
  • Aliases: Gladius

Katherine "Kathy" Frabotta

  • Player: (NPC)
  • Status to Engel: Best Friend
  • Aliases: Agent Frabotta

Jackson Hodger

  • Player: (NPC)
  • Status to Engel: Close Friend
  • Aliases: Agent Hodger

Mike Ramiro

  • Player: @Macchiato
  • Status to Engel: Close Friend


  • Player: @Blaze Moon
  • Status to Engel: Close Friend
  • Aliases: Kimiko, Kimi

Fighting Gold

  • Player: @Arctique
  • Status to Engel: Close Friend
  • Aliases: Marigold, Mari

oCPHBP2.png Music

(Below are a variety of dedicated soundtracks associated with Engel. Playlists may update at any given time. Some of the tracks/playlists are considered explicit regardless of CW tags.)

Engel's Playlists

"ENGEL IN DER HÖLLE" -- Main Playlist
"ENGEL IN DER HÖLLE" -- Gameplay Playlist

Duo Playlists

3b5Fhx3.png "DOCTOR'S NOTE" -- Engel & Mitzi
"ELEMENTAL" -- Engel & Mr. Linden
3b5Fhx3.png"BATHED IN CRIMSON" -- Engel & Agraanahk
3b5Fhx3.png"GEIGER BLIP" -- Engel & The Undying Star

Bdb3Efs.png Artwork

Official Artwork

OVni7D4.png _____ 2bgkkta.png _____ HBbnS63.png

Engel aus der Hölle

GiPke2D.png _____ BvCPmJN.png


bEh1r0H.png _____ oZU2EDv.png _____ FTNEs67.png _____ hK1Kl5p.png

YY2USdx.png _____ HyzK87U.png _____ cWXwKId.png

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