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Player: @Epsicon
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Ferocious Liger
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Epsi-Corp(On leave), Zenith Force
Place of Birth: Parts Unknown!
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Street Justice / Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
The Epsi-Corp BOOST


City of Heroes ID Card

[RP - Older hero with an energetic passion for justice, but generally poor execution often leads to disastrous results]

The History

Epsicon (formerly the Ferocious Liger) is an older hero from parts unknown who first debuted on the reality TV show, “America's Next Top Hero” along with other now famous contestants like Windblast. Unlike Windblast who eventually went on to place modestly within the contest, Epsicon (then known as the Ferocious Liger) famously always placed last and rarely positively contributed to capturing the criminals. He also rose to infamy from the accidental misuse of his “Hundred Fold Power*” to amplify his fighting strength and reflexes far beyond the normal values seen in Olympian quality athletes. Such misuse often resulted in damage to property such as motor vehicles, infrastructure, civilian buildings and the like.

After losing the reality show spectacularly, Liger followed Windblast's example and headed to Paragon City to try and prove himself there. After several unsuccessful ventures, Liger eventually found a sponsor in Jacob Eps, wealthy and eccentric inventor of various power armor prototypes and other auxiliary boosting gear. Liger was to test the Epsicon BOOST, a suit that would take Liger's already formidable Hundred Fold Power* and increase it to an actual Hundred Fold while also providing various safety measures to prevent his near infamous misuse of his abilities. Part of the deal was that in order for Liger to test this new equipment, he would leave his old persona behind and become Epsicon, the face of Epsi-Corp to both the common populace and the heroes that defend it.

Unfortunately, shortly after employing Epsicon and debuting the Epsicon BOOST, Mr. Eps vanished. His board of directors assumed the eccentric inventor was off fiddling with something somewhere, but Epsicon suspected differently. Unfortunately, even with his new suit, Epsicon hasn't been able to find any leads as to Mr. Eps's whereabouts.

He is now part of Zenith Force, an organization dedicated to facing major threats and training heroes for such incidents. Epsicon believes that if he can gain more experience, perhaps locating his old sponsor will become far easier.


Powers and Abilities

Epsicon (Boost)

The first prototype in the Epsicon line of combat boosting equipment, the Boost is made of light-weight body armor that moderately protects the user from harm while still retaining maximum flexibility and movement. The centerpiece of the unit is the Unlimiter, a bio-boosting device that is a technological breakthrough for Epsi-Corp. Integrating with the user's mind, it boosts their preexisting powers while absorbing the tax this would put on their body. In short, the Unlimiter allows someone to become much better at what they already do with zero side effects.

Hyper Fighting / Hyper Reflexes (Street Justice / Super Reflexes)

Epsicon's fighting style is very basic and brutal without being clumsy. His moves are highly effecient, showing some skill, training or talent and are delivered with a high degree of impact. Using his Hundred Fold Power (with or without the Boost's aid) can result in a devastating amount of force being delivered. For example, take Epsicon's Gigaton Smasher. His normal punch might send a common street thug flying, but the Gigaton Smasher's directed impact can result in street vehicles becoming totaled.

In addition to his boosted punching power, Epsicon's already acrobatic like reflexes allow him to escape from most incoming assaults. Compared to Neo from the Matrix, people are unable to understand how Epsicon can twist himself just barely out of a bullet's precise path yet lacks the ability to make sure his punch hits an enemy instead of.. cars, street signs, buildings, personal property, walls, etc.

Author Notes

This character is my global's namesake, finally perfected with the awesomeness that is Street Justice. Heavily influenced by a number of anime shows, such as Bubblegum Crisis, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Tiger and Bunny, Guyver, etc... ---Work in Progress---

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