Epsilon 47(Super Group)

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Epsilon 47
First Appearance: June 1st 2009
Founder: Hellion Mk. 1(Ranged)
Website: None
Current Members:  ?
Active Weekly Members:  ?
Active Daily Members:  ?
Captain Hellion Mk. 1

Epsilon 47 is a heavy Role playing Supergroup on the Blue Side. Their ranks consist mostly of cybernetic life forms. Led by Hellion Mk. 1, this band of cybernetic life forms and technology adepts work together to protect Paragon City against various criminals and villain factions. Epsilon 47's chain of command is very laid back as their leader is friendly and helpful to his subordinates. They are less like a formal army and more like a group of friends working towards the same cause.



Hellion Mk. 1 always used to decide to handle crime fighting with a lone wolf approach despite being a mid ranked member of Ghost Hound, which had gotten him into a lot of trouble. However, one day, he eventually got fed up with having to deal with things alone. Eventually, he decided to form Epsilon 47 with a few like minded individuals. With other androids and cyborgs joining their faction, they knew these new allies were unique. Hellion Mk. 1 had seen great potential in all of the new recruits and to date, they had never let him down.

Epsilon 47 is still a small group, but these people remained headstrong through the pitfalls of the organization of a new super group.


Hellion Mk. 1

Hellion is no stranger to leadership. Even before he was a member of Ghost Hound, He led a squadron of combat droids through all of his endeavors. Despite his apparent lack of ability to follow commands from superior officers, his best shows when he takes the leadership position. Sometimes, his actions and decisions are poor or questionable, but he is overall a leader who tries his best to apply his experience where it's most needed. He is also respectful of his subordinates in most cases.


The theme of this group is inspired heavily by most of the cybernetic RP groups I've been a part of. There are also hints of influences from the Tank Police force from Dominion: Tank Police as well as Ghost in the Shell's Public Security Section 9. However, what makes this SG stand out is it's interesting members, as well as their leadership.

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