Etoile Republic Army

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Etoile Republic Army
First Appearance: Late September 2008
Founders: Andrew Cortez, Jean-Luc Bedeau
Website: None
Current Members: 15
Active Weekly Members: 7
Active Daily Members: 5
Captains Andrew Cortez, Jean-Luc Bedeau

Etoile Republic Army is a heavy Role playing Supergroup on the Red side. Though residing in the City of Villains, they are the antithesis of everything most villains stand for. They have nothing to hide and will do anything to incite rebellion from anyone who's willing to help in their cause. Their member roster is known and they feel they have little to fear from Arachnos as long as there is opposition in the Rogue Isles. These people are anything but villains. They just want Arachnos out of the islands to make way for a more benevolent future.



Etoile Republic Army was formed by two like minded individuals. One practicing psychic was hovering around Mercy Island aimlessly, looking for a way to put his acquired psionic abilities to use. He wanted a purpose, but he felt that an opportunity wouldn't come to him. Eventually, he spotted a man carrying a large mace slung on his back. The psychic began probing into the Mace Bearer's mine to see what he could find. The thoughts of the Mace Bearer weren't selfish like other minds he had read. The Mace Bearer wanted to liberate Arachnos. The two eventually decided to make a partnership and form the Etoile Republic Army


???(Mace Bearer)

Very little is told about this Mace Bearer's past. The only known things are his beliefs and goals. By the few people who have conversed with him, he has been described as polite, articulate, and passionate in his dream for "a better Etoile Island." He's been called sophisticated and intelligent, and he has a tendency to slip into french, which seems to be a second language.

In combat, he's been seen using a stolen Bane Spider mace which he claims he took from an Executioner he defeated in combat. Dually, he's been seen using Arachnos guns. The validity of his story has been questioned, as many weapons and ammunition raids on Arachnos bases have lately been attributed to the ERA.

Unnamed Psychic

The more arrogant of leaders. Despite the Danger he gets into, He will often poke at the enemy's weaknesses. When not confronted with any situations, He can be somewhat intelligent and insightful. However, when danger arises, He will often try to bite more than he can chew. This has lead to many situations where he had nearly been killed.

Despite his arrogance, His bite is well backed by powerful psionic attacks and telekinesis that would make established psychics jealous. Although he has only practiced for three years, his psychic abilities improve at an exponential rate. However, recent medical reports have mentioned that the use of his psychic abilities have deteriorated his body, causing his immune system to weaken. Nevertheless, he would sacrifice his life to defend those in dire need when all other options are out of the question.


The theme of this group is inspired somewhat by the Irish Republic Army. However, the theme mostly revolves around a group of rebels from all walks of life. Anybody is welcome into the army as long as they are willing to aid the "impeachment" of Arachnos. Dually, the famous story "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo and the real-life French Revolution were large influences, hence the french name of Jean-Luc Bedeau.

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