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A monster lies in wait in me,

A stew of wounds and misery;

But fiercer still, in life and limb,

The me that lies in wait in him.

Inquisitor Gabriel
Player: @Coph Nia
Arachnos Intel
Rank: Night Widow Inquisitor
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Security Level: 50
Operative Personnel Intel
Real Name: Evangeline Gabriel
Known Aliases: Inquisitor, Eva, Arbiter Gabriel, Regent Gabriel
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 5'5" / 117 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde / Red (ablinism)
Citizenship: '
Current Residence: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Extremely agile; heavily psychic.
Typical Night Widow claws, smoke grenades, toxins... Gabriel is always armed to the teeth, whether she looks it or not.
Order Through Strength



Born to an inmate in a hospital for the criminally insane and a psychotic killer, Inquisitor Gabriel is known to be unstable and unpredictable. She formerly headed Arachnos Unit 731- Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department, located on Mercy Island. She's an Arachnos loyalist, at least for the time being.


Eva is a slender, attractive woman with strawberry blonde hair and crimson eyes- she is, in fact, an ocular albino, who must wear thick, tinted glasses in order to function normally.

She constantly smells of blood; she's gotten used to the fact, and has been known to accentuate the scent with various perfumes. Some people find it alluring, and others, disturbing. It's all a matter of perspective.


(Under construction... still.) She rarely speaks to anyone she hasn't been formally introduced to, and often when she does, she comes across as haughty and cold. In part, this is due to poor socialization skills; she's simply not as adept at mingling and small talk as most people. Social gatherings are an anathema to her. She prefers to work, often burying herself in tasks for various contacts for days on end.

But to the few people she trusts... she'll speak at length, choosing her words with exquisite care in order to get her thoughts and concepts across as clearly as possible.

Friends will often wake up to find random tokens of her affection: vials of blood from virgins, teddy bears, an antique tea service, the head of an enemy with a big, pink bow tied around it....

Her Father

"The only man a girl can trust is her Daddy."

There is much speculation regarding Eva's relationship with her father, Allen Gabriel. She denies having an Electra complex; however, the two were thick as thieves, until Allen disappeared one day. She misses him; she's pretty certain that he's dead and wishes it had been she who killed him-- and is pretty sure he'd have liked that, too.


As an Arachnos Widow, Eva's got the usual equipment and training. Being naturally very agile has been a great advantage. She can read minds, is adept at remote viewing, and will happily inflict as much mental damage as she possibly can; her abilities come as naturally to her as breathing.

As a side note-- she often indulges in letting her victims feel her intense pleasure as she plays with them. And she's let on that she gets a thrill from the intimacy of feeling their pain.


Eva is completely human. As such, she is vulnerable to toxins, fatal injuries/blood loss, et cetera. Really, it would be incredibly easy to kill her, but why would you want to?

Due to her albinism, her eyes are quite weak, and enormously photosensitive to the point that she's almost blind in daylight or even in normal indoor lighting. As with many people who have weakened or damaged sight, she's learned to depend heavily upon her other senses-- her senses of smell and hearing are acute. She also uses her psychic abilities to "feel" her way through a room. The fact that she has such weak eyes annoys her greatly.

Since she relies so strongly on her psychic abilities, if someone were to put a damper on or otherwise deprive her of her these abilities, she would be left quite vulnerable (and mad as a wet cat, with her revenge on the perpetrator already forming).

Recent History

Eva has been dodging promotions for quite some time; however, after her recent activities with Captain Mako, she's not being given a choice. She's been seen recently wearing Arbiter whites, and it's rumored that she may be being considered to head another division for Arachnos.

Friends, Enemies....

"Let them hate me, so long as they fear me..."


Rubedo Brandt: An alchemist who Eva met one night. She discussed her work with Unit 731 with him over s'mores and tea, and he eagerly agreed to act as a consultant. She also enjoys stalking him.

Archon Lawson: Council Tech Support Guy; Warwolf. Also, one of Eva's favorite people, as he has so. many. buttons to push. She likes him even more since he tried to kill her for kissing him.

Allen Gabriel: Her father, and closest friend. Possibly more, but that's just too disturbing for most people to contemplate. Allen seems to have disappeared, and is presumed dead. She truly wishes that he'd have allowed her to kill him; it would have been tasty.

Sand Fox: Crab Spider who was recently assigned to Unit 731. Delightfully brutal. Currently on Eva's list of people she'd like to torture to death over the course of several months, and not in a happy way.

Tyranny of Silence: If Eva were capable of having normal relationships with people, he'd be one of her closest friends. She appreciates his clarity of thought and his streak of bloodthirst, as well as his willingness to assist her with even the most questionable assignments.


Libertines Haven: She left this organization when Arachnos offered her the deal of a lifetime.

Arachnos: Eva actually does work for them, and is due for a promotion (which she's been dodging for a variety of reasons).

Unit 731: Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department, and Eva's former post. In actuality, it was a biological and chemical warfare research facility.


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