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Eve Ash
British Empire
Recon and Acquisitions Operative, Department of Extra-dimensional Affairs
Legal Status
Diplomatic Visa
Hero License
Synthetic Formation Facility, Dublin,
British Empire
Physical Traits
Mycosananthropus Ananaparachthei
Female Presenting
Body Type
Athletic muscular
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Illuminated Cyan
Powers & Abilities
(internal Mechanical chassis)
Hand Mounted Energy Projectors
Metahuman level Reaction and Reflexes
Olympic level strength, speed and endurance



In an alley in Skyway City, the smattering of winter snow rapidly melts and evaporates, the air warping from an unseen source of heat.
With a flash of light, a young red haired woman dressed in green armour over a black catsuit steps forward from nowhere, and looks over her surroundings with eyes glowing an inhuman turquoise hue.
"Jump successful," she says to herself "global positioning places me approximately at Narragansett Bay."
A breeze catches a discarded newspaper in a pile of trash, drawing her attention. She strides over to it, and picks it up, staring intently at its cover for a few seconds before flipping through the pages.
"Local country designation: America, Rhode Island, Paragon City… Late stage capitalist, consumerist culture… Significant meta-human presence, severe social disruption and in an active state of conflict from multiple sides."
Her attention is drawn to an article in the paper.
"Inform Mister Campbel there is something he should see."
She pauses, staring silently at the page for a few minutes.
"Affirmative, sir, I shall proceed to gather information, and inform you should anything of interest arise."
She let's the paper drop carelessly from her hands, and strolls out of the alley on to the city streets.


Eve (Synthetic designation: MK5 unit 14, from which Eve adapted her name, converting to the Roman numeral V and hexadecimal E respectively) arrived in Paragon City as part of a routine recon mission for the Department of Extra-dimensional Affairs, an organisation from a dimension whose Earth is dominated by multiple large empires. Finding Prime Earth to be saturated with Metahuman individuals, and with groups analogous to the largest threat to stability on their world, Eve is tasked with observing Prime Earth and Paragon City for information that may be of benefit to her home dimension.

Synthetic Human

Due to depopulation in areas of her home world, The British Empire has taken to replacing lost populations with a synthetic workforce, with some areas having over half their population made up of thousands of synthetics.
Whilst early iterations of these Synthetics were little more than mechanical automatons, more recent generations are a mix of living, mycelial tissue, which serves as both flesh and "nervous system", connected to an advanced humanoid chassis, nutrient delivery framework, and pseudo-cerebral implants allowing for sensory input and data storage.
Without these implants, the living portion of the Synthetic is little more than a fungal genetic chimera, bred for increased growth rate, sensory information transfer, biotic resistance, pseudo-symbiotic relationship with the nutrient framework and mechanical components mimicking that of mychorrizal fungi, and the inability to reproduce through spore production. By fungal standards, Mycosananthropus Ananaparachthei is a highly advanced organism, which would dominate the fungal ecosystem even without the ability to traditionally spread and reproduce, but among higher lifeforms, it is just a large, defenseless mycelial network with a penchant for carbohydrates.
It is only the addition of the ability to store complex memories, via its cybernetic "brain", that allows this lifeform to develop individual identities and sapience.
In their home dimension, Synthetics are granted full recognition as human citizens because of the level of individuality and sapience, despite each batch being created from the same "flesh" making them initially the same organism, and the necessity of the cybernetics to allow their existence. Once they have matured and developed an identity, Synthetics are largely indistinguishable from a slightly socially awkward human being.

Family and relations

Eve doesn't have family in the traditional sense, but all Synthetics are extruded from the same organism, she has millions of Mk4 "cousins", all of whom are genetically identical despite outward appearance, and a further 34 Mk5 "siblings".
The genetic base for the Mk5's differs slightly. A secondary growth mass was formed by recombining samples of particularly successful Mk4s, to take advantage of any epigenetic mutations, and in some cases select memory data was duplicated in to newly formed units' memory implants.<brb> Among her memory dump, Eve has received memories of the exploits of on Edward "Eddy" Ash (Mk4 unit 237), who served as a diplomat and terrestrial explorer for many years. Eve sees him as her "father" despite the fact she has rarely spoken to him, although she has retained his sense of adventure and dry humour (Synthetics select their own name, opting for something generally culturally appropriate, where as Edward chose his as a pun on his designation code,237 and 4 being ED and E in hexadecimal, and the abbreviation of Advanced Synthetic Human).


Although Eve works as a hero, this is done to facilitate learning about the local culture (which is of course largely metahuman focused). Her actual job is that of a Recon and Acquisitions Operative, tasked with finding beneficial technology and information from alternate dimensions.
This can be something as mundane as variations of important works of literature, to technological advancements. It is also the job of Recon and Acquisitions Operatives to determine potential hostile dimensions, and covertly restrict access to their home dimension where possible. Due to this potential risk of hostility, all operatives are capable combatants, with access to cutting edge defensive tools.
Eve herself has been involved in a total of 12 Recon missions, isolated 2 potential hostile dimensions, and obtained an artificial sweetener and a data encryption protocol.


Eve is friendly and inquisitive, although with a tendency to be blunt and sometimes coldly logical.
Synthetics have a "juvenile" period when they are first formed, where they are largely identical humanoid drones, and are allowed to develop a personality in response to external stimulus and memory, they select their own name, and their physical appearance is modified to fit through chasis variation, and modifying their own pigmentation and keratinisation.
While Eve is technically without a sex, her gender is female, and displays hetero-normative behavior despite lacking the ability to copulate.
Lacking any form of dopamine or serotonin system, Eve, like all synthetics, is self regulated by an inbuilt sense of purpose to create a fairly utilitarian outlook, and avoid existential nihilism.
Eve has taken an interest in religion and the concept of the soul. This is largely due to questioning the existence of her own species' soul, as their sapience is artificially created, or if it does exist, is it shared among all individuals in her species, due to them all originating from an individual life-form.

Equipment and Powers

Embedded in Eve's hands is a device that charges and directs particles in front of it, allowing her to project blasts of energy to subdue targets with varying degrees of force.
Eve also sports a light weight alloy body armour and combat suit, the design of which was obtained from one of the Empire's many dimensional reconnaissances. Although far from being an impenetrable shield of protection, its resilience and lack of restriction to movement, provides adequate protection in the field.
While smartphones did not find a market in her home dimension, much of the same functions, and the monitoring and protection of Paragon's Medi-Port technology, is provided by a Naib personal assistance drone, which may be seen following at a unobtrusive distance, or being used as a communications device.
Eve also has access to the Department of Extradimensional Affairs' teleportation facilities, as well as technologies used in the normal fulfillment of her duties.


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