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The Crate is the Every-man's base of operations. Covertly located behind the Independance Port Police Station, (in game position: -1413.5, 0.2, -2583.7), The Crate's main purpose is secret storage of Every-man's suits and equipment. However, it also serves as an information center, and a temporary living quarters, as well as an emergency medical bay.



Before operating out of The Crate, the original Every-man, Kyle Steel, used his Kings Row apartment as he base of operations. His identity public knowledge, he didn't have the need for secrecy, and came and went from the apartment as he pleased. As time advanced however, Every-man realized the need for a home base away from his actual living residence. Kyle sought a balance btween his personal life, and his work life. So, when he moved from his Kings Row apartment, he began to search the city for a new base of operations.

Every-man first sought to use abandoned sewers as a place to set up shop, but the subterannean world of Paragon City is infested with villiany, so that idea was a bust. Then Kyle began to use the basement of the Police Headquarters for his Camapaign on Crime, but that area as too busy and cluttered. He even sought to hide his new command center within the laybrinth walls of Overbrook, but the construction of New Overbrook ruled that out as well.

Finally, Every-man decided to go more utilitarian. After busting another Family smuggling operation, Kyle confiscated one of the shipping crates the Family used for smuggling. It's construction was ideal. Special screening within the lining of the crate prevented prying eyes from seeing it's contents even from the most sophisticated of scanners. It even had impervium plating to make it extremely resistant to damage. The inside of the crate had more than enough room than Kyle needed to work comfortably. Every-man had found his new base of operations.

The Crate is currently positioned behind the PPD Independance Port Precinct. It's close to the water, to hide from prying eyes, and is close enough to a dock so Every-man can access his personal jet-ski if need be. Should the need arise, The Crate can be mobilized, and moved to a different location.

The new Every-man, Jason Marsh, has found The Crate an indispensible tool in his Camapaign on Crime.


The Crate has several features in which the Every-man utilizes to secretly carry on his Campaign on Crime. First and foremost, as a shipping crate, The Crate is well camoflauged in she shipping center of Paragon City, Independance Port. Secondly, along with radar and scanner deflector screens lining the interior of The Crate, it has been reinforced with Impervium plating to make it extremely durable against attack.

The Crate's Layout

Every-man has installed security measures, which include a remote-signal door opener, and surface electrification to prevent others from prying the door open. The interior, is divided into several small sections.

Equipment Storage/Armory

First and foremost, The Crate is a storage shed for the various equipment Every-man uses. Here, several of Every-man's signature hooded sweatshirts and black jeans are kept ready for use, as well as his Body Under Armor. Several of his Crime Belts are prepped for usage, with different belts housing different tools, depending on the demand for them.

In glass cases, Every-man stores his armory. Here he has his throwing shuriken, both standard and anesthetic tipped. The Flash/Bang grenades are also stored here. Within these cases are also a variety of unique weaponry, including Every-man's signature "Stick" (bo-staff/nunchuck combination), and other weapons used by the Tsoo and the Warriors.

Every-man also keeps his high-tech devices here, like his homing beacons, his digital binoculars, The Skyline grappling hook/ascencion device, and his lock picks and tool kit.

Living Quarters/Medical Bay

Every-man often finds himself working overnight on a case in The Crate. To accomodate this, he has a small living quarters prepped for use. Nothing spectacular, this includes a small, yet comfortable cot, with blankets and pillows. There is also a small mini-fridge, as well as a mini-stove and a microwave.

In emergencies, a small Medical Bay is ready for use. It includes a high end first-aid kit, as well as various medical chemicals. It has a life support/monitor system, as well as a defibrillator. Every-man only uses the Medical Bay in extreme emergencies, opting to use the city's medi-port system instead.

Information Center

Every-man keeps a desk with a high-powered laptop super-computer within The Crate. This super-computer serves as Every-man's information center. The computer has an extensive database filled with copious files on everything from city maps and building layouts, to supervillian rap sheets and biographies, to criminal organizational ranks and intertwining family trees.

The info center also has access to the databases of the Paragon Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs (FBSA), the Freedom Corps and Longbow, the Vanguard, and even the Midnight Squad. In essence, the information center is firmly connected to the pulse of the city, and the pulse of the criminal underworld.

Connected to the laptop, is a scanner, for uploading images, a printer, and a mini-crime lab analysis kit. The mini-crime lab can breakdown and read samples of clues found at crime scenes, or can pinpoint thumbprint or DNA matches to any criminal database. Every-man uses these items to further his investigations.

Trophy Case/Miscellenia

Every-man as a designated area sectioned off for momentos and keepsakes from his various escapades during his superhero career. These items include:

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