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Experimentation Corporation

The Experimentation Corporation was formed in 2005 by The Mathlomaniac[1] to help the experimented on. It provides centralized services to workers/experiments. EC is dedicated to offering more services to its patrons.((RP SG))

List of Services

The Corporation currently has:

Later, we plan to:


File:EC lobby.jpg

When you first enter the base, you'll be in a lobby. File:EC hosp.jpg

Down the hall is the Medical Center. Here you will find a Reclaimator, Three laboratory chairs, and a small medical lab. File:EC rec.jpg

Keep proceeding and you will find the Recreation Area. This is where most employees rest during their break. Here, you'll find a bar, a plasma television, and numerous vegetation. File:EC lab.jpg

In the same room you will find a raised, state-of-the-art laboratory. File:EC meet.jpg

Continue walking, and you'll find the meeting room. All meetings/interviews are located here. There is a podium for the CEO to speak on, and a circular table for employees/experiments to sit on. File:EC invent.jpg

The last stop is the Workshop. There is a salvage rack, along with various machinery to combine the salvage.

Company Policy

The Corporation will allow employees/experiments to use their services if they follow the following rules:

  1. We fire anybody who hasn't come online in 30 days if they don't let us know they're on leave;
  2. Employees/Experiments need to stay in SG mode until level 25; then they may alternate between SG mode and not;
  3. Employees/Experiments may recruit new members by typing /sgi [player].

Following these rules, employees/experiments may use all services.

Who May Join

Currently, we are looking for new employees.

Job Openings:

Employment Application

You may access the Employment Application via the Corporation's website[2]. Also, it provides a list of employees/experiments, current services, current policy, and the history of the Corporation.

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