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Player: DragonEye
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Jake Karison
Known Aliases: '
Species: Demon
Age: 25
Height: Around 7'4" or so
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S
Occupation: Bouncer
Place of Birth: Asheville, North Carolina
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister
Known Powers
Indomitable Willpower, Fire control, production and Immunity, Darkfire control Production and Immunity (also known as Hellfire), Enhanced Strength, Increased Invulnerablity, Regeneration
Known Abilities
Darkvision, Enhanced Scent, Telepathy


Motivation and Personality


Jake was raised in a middle class household with fairly strict parents. A calm child, there was always a sense of inner calm that bore him through childhood, school and college. He was always a quiet kind of person, and due to this he had a only a small number of friends, but those he did make were loyal types.. true friends. From an early age he was very interested in the occult, it was like the forbidden fruit to him. He read all the books from the library he could get hold of, from the crazy to the real, it did not matter for him, in a world where magic is real and visible, yet unreachable for the average person it was a driving passion. In his adulthood with a job he was able was able to get his own place and with a disposable income he was able to properly feed his passion. He started to collect books on the occult and magic that he could get ahold of from the small number of magical stores that would sell to someone that was not proven to know magic or be responsible. Not that they were the only places he found pieces of interest.. from junk stores to antiques stores he had a knack, or perhaps an eye for finding magic. Over the years his collection grew from a small pile of books and charms to a basement full of valuable goods.

When he was 25 he was out of town on a vacation to another state. There, instead of taking the time out to get normal souvenirs he instead thought to find something to take home that appealed to him more than a t-shirt or a trinket. He scoured the town for his usual haunts: antiques stores, second hand book stores and he even tried the local magical emporium, though was turned away for his lack of magical power or guild membership. It was in a more rundown area of the town where he came across a bookstore that he decided to try. The owner was an old man, hard of sight and he specialized in stocking older books. After a while of looking through the stock and picking up a few occult books dated to Victorian England, he found a leather bound book under a pile. Noticing the symbols on the spine he eagerly snatched it up and checked.. he was experienced enough to know the real deal. He immediately bought the piece and took it back to his hotel room, pleased with his find.

Upon his return home he took his find down to the basement to read. For the most part, he could not read magical script.. he could never find anyone to teach him magic despite his passion or interest: magic was something that tended to be restricted to families or guilds. It was something that he hated, that it was held away from normal people who wanted to learn. For some part.. the book was written in the language of magic or wizards, he could not understand. However, half of it was written in English.. this was rare, and it excited him. The book itself seemed to be composed of several different parts that evidently were written in different books but had been hand copied to this one, possibly by a student or thief. This was a rare gem and Jason could not believe his luck. It detailed magical knowledge and even some spells in a language he could understand..! He spent long hours reading the book, he even tried some of the small spells that it listed, and did all he could to memorize them. He found one to heat water to boiling point, one to make a small rock glow for an hour (something he ran outside to retrieve to test) and he was simply in heaven with this find. He guessed it to be an apprentices work, a collection of spells and knowledge from various sources. It was towards the end of the book in the early hours of the morning that he came across some book pages that gave the details of a spell that was said to grant power to the caster. Unlike the other pages that looked hand written, these looked to have been torn from another book and bound into the pages or this one, but were still legible. However, giddy with his success with the other spells and with the ability to understand most of the language on the pages he decided to try out the spell for 'great power'. It was not hard for him to gather the items he needed: he had collected most of them and some were normal.

It was not long before he learned a valuble lesson in life: do not toy with that which you do not understand and cannot control. The spell as it turned out was one to summon an entity to grant you the power, at a price. This had been laid out in some of the text he could not understand at the top of the page. In this case it was one of Demon summoning. Before his eyes in the crudely drawn circle appeared a humanoid red demon with a visage that looked draconic. Its hide was red and it had goat-like hooves and legs. Twin horns adorned its head and a devils forked tail whipped about behind it. Smoke drifted from its nostrils and an inner glow was seen deep in its throat as its features twisted in what could only be seen as a grin as it appeared in the circle. It broke from the barrier as easily as he had laid it out.. evidently, the illegible text parts had been important.. but that was soon lost from his mind as the demon stalked towards him.. and somehow, it faded into smoke which enveloped him and sunk into him. he stood there, in a state of horror at what had just happened.. but then it happened. Something began to attack him deep within. It was trying to invade his inner being.. his mind and soul. He realised with horror that it was trying to possess him. Despite this, he did not lose his cool.. even as he sunk to his knees and passed out.. the inner battle began.

He had always been a bastion of calm and willpower. He had never panicked or been truly anxious in his life. He never knew the reason for his inner fortitude.. in fact he never has figured it out to this day. He was in truth a mutant.. one whose power was that of indomitable willpower. As he stood there in what he only assumed was his mindscape, faced by the demon a battle of wills began. One soul vying for dominance over the other, two souls battling for control.. he realized that the other soul was trying to consume his own and gain control over his body.. it was a favored trick of demons, he knew that much.. only one would survive the battle and take over the other. He was determined that he would not die here.. and he fought back. His inner fortitude battling that of the demons. It was a hard fought battle.. the willpower of the demon was extremely strong, weak demons would not answer such a call.. likely could not. They were the ones under the sway of the stronger demons such as this one.. X'zaktran he was called. A strong warrior demon.. a minor Demon Lord, held back from greater heights not from lack of power, but from lack of intelligence. As he started to win the battle for control, for survival, he started to absorb the demon into himself..the only way to win the battle.. to instinctively survive, he started to learn all about him.. his power, history.. self. This was the first time the demon had truly been afraid, truly started to panic.. as it was absorbed into the stronger soul and will. In a last ditch effort to survive with its last speck of control and power, X'zaktran tried to escape.. tried to flee his body. Instead of absorbing and possessing him, Jake instead found himself possessing and becoming the demon, while the demon fled into his old body, which incinerated even as he burst from his former body in an explosion of fire, destroying it and setting the basement on fire. He was bewildered.. shocked and confused by himself, even as the demon died in the body he had wanted to possess, returning to hell as nothing more than a minor unintelligent imp in power.

It did not take long for him to put out the flames.. he was not one to panic, in fact he could not panic. With the demons body came the knowledge of how to use his powers, along with a multitude of knowledge and memory that he forcibly suppressed deep into the confines of his own mind and will. He stood, staring down at himself.. looking at his hands, the in a mirror.. taking slow breaths. Despite his force of will some things can not be denied.. such as the growing panic he felt and suppressed. Hundreds of ideas ran through his mind.. what was he going to do? Who would he tell? Could he run away? Should he hide? A multitude of thoughts and feelings.. he decided to hide at first. Take some time to rationalise and get used to his new body.. perhaps there would be something in one of the books.. he knew he could read them now. The demon.. no, he corrected himself.. he, knew hundreds of languages now.. from infernal to elven to the magical standard to languages long dead.. he knew magic, too.. infernal magic. Much of it he would not use.. horrid uses for souls, ways to drain life and add it to your own. but much of it could be used for normal purposes. He reversed the damage the fire had done to his home with it even as he considered. He started to flick through his collection. Most of it was useless.. he snorted smoke and angrily destroyed some of the books he had lovingly collected in the few years before as fake trash.. setting others aside as real knowledge. There was nothing however.. nothing to reverse what had been done. Demonic knowledge seemed to be limited to how to protect yourself from them, how to control the power of a demon for your own use.. how to bind, how to banish.. he snorted angrily and slammed down the book he was using.. he [i]was[/i] the demon now.. what could he [i]do[/i]? He knew how things would work for him now. he could not die.. he was immortal. He would be tempted by every sin imaginable. even as he sa there, he thought of horrific things from murder to control to consuming souls.. just to make himself feel better for his predicament. He angrily dismissed each and every temptation, even as he gae in to anger and frustration. His only option if he wanted to live normally would be to possess another's body and take over their life.. he would not do that. An illusion might work, or a shape shift.. but he did not have any such magic with him, and they could be seen through by a magic user.. he would set off every magical ward or warning with his infernal aura. He felt trapped.

However, the answer to his predicament was one that came to him, though not of his own will. He had not escaped the notice of the magical sensors of one of the local magic users in the area. It was only the next day that his home was invaded by a 'Hero' or an ex-hero, in any case.. a hero named 'Skyscale' who he had apparently hung up his cape five years previously, but that did not stop him donning his armor and breaking into his home. The man was the owner of one of the magical emporiums, someone who he had met a few times. when asking about buying magical books, or seeking magical education.. the one phrase he knew him for was 'Sorry, I cant help you / Sell to you..'. Despite this he had still been friendly with the man, if only to discuss things with him form time to time, and browse his shop to look at treasures he could not have. he heard him before he saw him.. he heard his name called out from upstairs, and he went quiet.. staying still and wishing for him to leave. He did not want to be seen like this.. but then a sudden hope came to him. Perhaps the mage might be able to help him..? And so he answered.. in a gruff voice that was not his own. At first Sky did not believe him.. had seen him as an enemy. Had called him a vile demon and had tried to banish him.. in fact he glimpsed hell before his willpower overrode the banishment spell. All along he tried to appeal to Sky.. it was not till he fell to his knees and begged him that the mage.. who had evidently dealt with demons before, to realise something was wrong.


Skyscale would not believe that this demon was in fact the man he had come to save. While some might be able to drive out demons that invaded their minds with the intent to possess, he had never heard of anyone taking over the demon in return. Then again, he had also never heard of a demon being summoned without a complete protection circle past the middle ages, and this had been a physical possession.. most demons possessed others by dreams or mentally. Very few demons were able to escape Hell or the lower planes, and most of those were under bindings by evil mages such as the circle of thorns. Physical possession was something that only happened rarely, bumbling idiots who summoned demons but were unable to control them or bind them.. and with the rarity of someone possessing the will to fight one off alone.. with the rarity of physical possession, nobody had ever recorded what would happen if you fought one off when it had physically entered you and tried to possess. And now this. The demon claiming that he was Jason.. he had tried to banish it back to hell, nit its will was strong enough to ward off the spell. Not unheard of, demons had strong wills. And if it was Jason.. it proved just how strong his mind was. And now the demon had sunk to its knees and groveled.. no demon would grovel before a mortal, unless that mortal was possessed by a higher ranking demon. They would try to lie, trick.. deceive.. but this was unheard of. And not only that, but the demon was begging for his help.. perhaps the words it was using were real. he had assumed it had consumed Jakes soul and memories. but perhaps it was the other way round as it claimed.. with that thought, he slowly lowered is guard some.

"Alright... Jake. Tell me how this happened"

The demon slowly lifted its head.. he saw.. some. hope in its features? Were his eyes deceiving him? Unheard of..!


Jake couldn't believe it. relief and hope flooded him as Sky spoke. He slowly began his story.. first about the book, how he got it. and then how he had started to find magic within he could use.. how he had always wanted to learn magic.. he knew that, of course.. then the spell.. he lifted the book to show the mage, flipping to the right pages, and he showed him. The mage listened intently.. questioning the occasional part for better detail. It was well over an hour before they finished talking, but less than half that before the mage lowered his guard and started asking him questions about how it felt..


Two weeks later and Jake was sat in the basements of 'The Sky Magical Emporium' the place he had visited so many times before. He had been staying here for the last two weeks, Skyscale.. or Todd Davidson, as he was called.. had brought him back here after the story and much questioning, along with much of his magical goods. He had in fact been sat in this same spot for both of those weeks rarely being able to venture out of the magical circle the mage had drawn and bade him enter 'for his own safety'. He was not stupid.. he knew it was due to a lingering unease and lack of trust on the mages part, but he understood his feelings and stepped in with no hesitation or questioning.. doing so would not help him, but compliance would strengthen trust. As he suspected he was not able to leave the ring, a magical barrier binding him there. None of his powers would affect anything outside the circle.. he was trapped. He could not even retreat to another plane as he knew he was now able.. not that he had any desire to visit hell or any other lower plane. The mage visited him often.. after a few days others were with him. He was examined by many different magical practitioners.. questioned and studied. They had even invaded his mind.. though were not able to get far without his compliance, and despite his hesitancy he eventually did allow his memories and mind to be examined, though he kept most of the demons memories locked away for his own fear, being unwilling to face them.. something they came to understand and respect, when they found it out. Yet still, this long afterwards he was still sat in the circle waiting for some kind of verdict like a caged animal. He did not need to eat or sleep, yet he still was able to feel boredom. They were discussing what to do with him, he knew. he did not know what to do with himself either.. but he was increasingly wanting to be free of the binding. He had been able to read some of their thoughts while the barrier was down.. he understood it was a side effect of telepathy. One of the mages was an old and evil man. He could feel the evil within him and knew he both practiced evil magic behind their backs.. in this form he was able to sense and understand evil quite well. That man wanted to be 'given the demon for further study'. He knew the man really wanted to leech off his energies for his own purposes. he knew that a few others suspected it too. One of the others just wanted to banish him back to hell.. that woman was cold and indifferent. He knew she treaded the border between good and evil daily in her life, somehow. Most others wanted to let him go and try and accommodate him into life somehow.. in fact that was the eventual decision.

- (to be continued)

Powers and Abilities

He has one of the strongest minds known. He tends to remain calm and collected and literaly cannot panic. he can still feel anxiety or fear, but is able to quash it very easily if need be.

Upper strength limit: 125 tons.

As a demon He possesses increased resistance to damage, and a greater damage threshold. The limitations are roughly those that a greater demon lord possesses. Bullets will bounce off, explosions will leave him mostly fine. He is more vulnerable to magic and in particular, holy powers.

Additionally, the failings of mortal bodies have no effect on him: he is not susceptible to such things as disease or poison.

As a Demon he is able to generate fire. He is able to breathe flames and generate it. He is also able to control it when close by, able to dull flames or enhance a blaze, or even remove fire related damage. He can breathe fine in an inferno: smoke inhalation etc having no effect on him. In fact he does not really need to breathe: it is just far more comfortable to do so.

The demon knew a great deal of dark magic, and this information is now known by Jason.

The Demon has wings which are flight capable. Though heavy and large bodied the wingspan is large and the flight is magically assisted, as Demons are too heavy to fly normally by wing-power alone.

As a Demon he regenerates from any damage he does take at an astounding rate.

As a Demon he is immortal and cannot die. He does not need to eat or drink, though can do so for comfort or taste. If 'killed' he fades away and is literally sent back to Hell. Having a connection to the mortal plane he will eventually manage to return to this plane once he regains his energies, but being Hell the trip is not pleasant, despite now being a Demon.


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