Feral Storm

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Feral Storm
Player: User:AreEss
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute, Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Silvia Aresco
Known Aliases: Feral, Furball
Species: Human
Age: 37
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Costume Designer, Independent Scientist
Place of Birth: Ames, IA
Base of Operations: Nerva, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Parents
Known Powers
Melee, Claws, Electricity Manipulation
Known Abilities
Experimental Monolithic Exosuits
Extremely protective of secret identity.



This character is a continuation, but for reasons beyond the player's control, is undergoing a continuity re-base.

Public Information

Silvia Aresco

She's not exactly listed in the phone book, but a small amount of digging easily turns up some information.

Silvia owns and operates Advanced SFX Limited, a specialty costuming business based in Nerva that caters exclusively to the movie industry. Advanced SFX is credited in a number of movies over the past few years, and is regarded as one of the best for mechanically complicated costumes and animatronic prosthetics which are actor worn and operated. Her company has now been credited in over a dozen major movies including one unexpected box office smash.

Silvia is married to Cymoril Di'mir, and they have a daughter together. She currently holds dual United States and Coalition citizenship, though is barred from entry to the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement flagged her Passport as suspicious and fraudulent based on the large number and length of student visa stamps, and confiscated it as a result, and the United Kingdom declined to permit her re-entry. Left 'nationless', the Rogue Isles offered to take her in, and she was deported to there, ultimately ending up on Nerva Archipelago. She regularly employs private planes to smuggle herself into the country to visit her family.

Silvia has a number of degrees:

  1. BS in Applied Physics from University of Rhode Island
  2. BEng in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Manchester, England
  3. MSc in Advanced Aerospace Materials Engineering from The University of Manchester, England
  4. PhD in Materials from The University of Manchester, England
  5. PhD in Electrical Engineering from The University of Manchester, England
  6. Honorary MPhil in Electrical Engineering from The University of Manchester, England
    1. Awarded for independent contributions to medical science through technology.
  7. Honorary PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Rhode Island
    1. Awarded for independent contributions to medical science through technology.

Most of her classmates remember her as being very animated, and very into pushing the envelope of current materials research. She also was known to have a penchant for stranger fashion trends. Silvia is highly respected by her professors, and is often referred to as a genius. However, she does not appear have an exceptionally high IQ, instead relying on methodical, albeit spastic, research and testing.

Feral Storm

Virtually nothing is known about "Feral Storm" other than that she looks like a tiger, complete with fur, and has a penchant for tearing apart what most people would consider easy targets. Her outfits vary, but are always revealing, and she seems to make a point of showing off her body. The name 'Feral Storm' was coined by the locals or Longbow; there is some dispute there. Only later did she accept it as her own nom de plume.

Whether Feral Storm is actually someone else is actually a point of argument within Arachnos. They have very little information other than what they've gotten from observing her rampages and thefts. Her powers seem to be based on electricity and energy manipulation, used to shock and sap foes and deliver extremely punishing blows. She also seems to be virtually bulletproof, and extremely tough physically. Bullets may damage her clothing, but never break the skin.

Feral Storm has never worked with or for Arachnos to anyone's knowledge, but nor has she worked with the heroes. Most of what she does seems to be focused on self-preservation, responding to perceived attacks with overwhelming force.

Other Personas

Being an expert in costuming, Silvia quickly constructed further costumes. that are identical to other villains she admires, respects, or thinks will get more fear and respect than herself. She is most often seen in "Minny," which has been updated significantly, and now is indistinguishable from Wildcharge. This will probably get her into trouble.

Costumes, Briefly

All models currently use the "Neatobox Generation III!" computer system for control. The original Neatobox is an off-the-shelf FPGA based modular system. Current control systems are based on a combination of FPGA, GPCPU, and highly advanced software providing complete communications, targeting, and systems control and management. It is known that she refuses to employ any sort of Artificial Intelligence in managing the complex systems. Current models also employ a "neural interface" of unknown method.

Electricity generation ranges from 1kVA to a peak of 1MVA using teams of 98% efficient Kinetic Scavenging systems. Multiple Kinetic Amplification systems are also known to be employed to increase amperage as needed. Exact details have been closely guarded after "Type VI"; the "Type III" system was awarded a patent in 2009 as "Electromechanical Generator System - Kinetic Scavenge Type III." Multiple researchers and peer reviewers described the Type III system as being 94% relative efficient, but the source efficiency remains hotly debated with some claiming greater than 350 to 1 output to input in Joules and others claiming 1 to 1 output in Joules.

Certain models have a tactile feedback system which is estimated to be at least twenty to thirty years of any other system available. The exact workings are unclear, and Silvia is extremely protective of the information. The tactile feedback seems to be able to be switched on and off. She has installed it in suits for others, but her explanations are either deliberately vague or knowingly misleading.

Sales and Ethics

Silvia has notoriously strict and rigid morals and ethics, despite years in the Rogue Isles and Paragon. She has very specific 'sales schedule' for her goods, which applies to anyone and everyone - hero or villain. Her stance is that if they don't buy it from her, they'll buy it from someone else who is probably less ethical. The only people banned from buying anything are war criminals. Otherwise, things are generally broken down into four categories:

This has allowed her to remain a prime contractor for a number of governmental and military projects, even when they are fully aware of her costumed personas and escapades. Simply put, they trust that while she sells to criminals and some foreign governments, the worst her sales will do is keep someone alive, or allow someone to walk.

2023 Updates

Expanding from simple practical effects, Silvia founded ECAMS LLC (Engineered Composites And Materials Sciences) in 2017 to provide consulting and design services, as well as manufacturing. Thanks to the power of outsourcing and subcontracting, 2022 profits were $8.4M USD on $14.2M of revenue. Even with complete technical documentation, nearly all of her inventions have proven to be impossible to manufacture without her ongoing involvement and assistance. However, selling exactly the same things for the same use case often to the same people gets very boring very quickly.

While the looks of her personal costumes haven't changed much, or often not at all, the internals have been upgraded drastically. The largest upgrade by far being the control systems. All suits are now powered by "The LAME" (Large Array Microcell Environment,) a pure FPGA-based design known to have over 100 million discrete cells at the low end ("Lizzy Lite") and over 400 million cells at the top end ("Kitty ZA12") with sub-nanosecond end-to-end latency, making it the fastest assistive system ever created by several orders of magnitude. Most suits are able to respond to incoming threats faster than speedsters.

Rather than simply increasing power output, she has also improved efficiency significantly. The latest Z-models can sustain 10MJ/in3 for as long as 3 seconds before needing active dissipation, electrical discharge levels can reach 4TJ for 1 second (equivalent to the hourly output of a small nuclear power plant,) and kinetic output can reach nearly 5MJ (force equivalent to approximately 5 tons at 100MPH.) The complexity and number of discrete components has also been sharply reduced by using more efficient generation and storage, with the added benefit of making things easier to upgrade and repair.


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