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Player: @Slid Silver
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Incalculable
Personal Data
Real Name: Ferronax
Known Aliases: Lord of Corrosion, Rustlord
Species: Demon (Fallen Angel)
Age: Eternal
Height: 8'11"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark Crimson
Biographical Data
Nationality: Abyssal
Occupation: Demon Prince
Place of Birth: The Abyss
Base of Operations: Rift of Corrosion, Abyss
Marital Status: Formerly married to the angel Ixia (now the fallen angel Hellfeather)
Known Relatives: Larcala (Adopted Daughter)
Known Powers
Can corrode any material other than gold; can command living chains of barbed wire; can cause rusted blades to burst from his flesh.
Known Abilities
Numerous "aspects" exist of Ferronax, essentially functioning as avatars he can directly control.

Ferronax is the Demon Prince of Corrosion, and the lord of the 652nd layer of the Abyss (the Rift of Corrosion). He has spawned a whole race of demons known as Ferroliths, which serve him unquestioningly. He grants desperate mortals power in return for ownership of their souls after death.

He desires nothing less than the corruption and corrosion of the entire multiverse. When not a single speck of reality is left untainted, his work shall be complete.


The wretched being now known as Ferronax was once the angel Selenir, and a Celestial Paragon (one of the near-godlike leaders of the angels). Millennia ago, Selenir lead his celestial armies in countless battles against the demons of the Abyss, striking down millions of their number over the course of centuries of battle. A brilliant tactician and fierce warrior, Selenir was consumed by a righteous hatred of all things demonic, and would let nothing stand in the way of his victory over the Abyssal armies.

In his greatest triumph, Selenir's force, accompanied by two other Celestial Paragons and their armies, battled their way into the very heart of the Abyss, and established a celestial fortress there, raised from the fiendish terrain with a colossal expenditure of magic and power. Firmly entrenched in the demons' home, Selenir and his legions battled day and night to keep their foothold in the fiends' camp, and slowly battered them back. Never before or since has such a victory been won by the forces of good over the legions of evil.

However, the Demon Princes of the Abyss did not take kindly to this intrusion into their home. Three in particular conspired together to strike a deathblow to the angelic warriors who plagued their chaotic realm. Leshak (the Iron Prince), Vidaenelox (Lord of Erosion), and Jishelai (Queen of Rust) combined their power to craft the Felwires, three living creatures made of viciously sharp, rusted barbed wire, designed specifically to entrap and bind an angel. Felwires in hand, these Demon Lords rallied the armies of the Abyss and struck the celestial fortress with a mighty assault, sparking a battle which raged for weeks.

Unable to summon reinforcements from the Celestial planes due to the Abyss's corrupting nature, Selenir's forces slowly faltered before the onslaught of infinite demons. Falling one by one, the celestials fought bravely, but were eventually overrun and destroyed.

When the last of their warriors were finally slain, the three Celestial Paragons prepared to escape... but the assaulting Demon Princes corrupted their spells, trapping them in the Abyss. As the words of the incantation failed, the Demon Lords cast the Felwires at each of the angels, ensnaring them. As they struggled, the demonic wires fed off their strength, tightening and binding them in unimaginable agony.

The demons cast the ensnared angels into the Rift of Corrosion, a bottomless pit of decay, where they would suffer for all eternity... if it were not for the actions of an enraged Selenir. Though he endured the torments of the Felwire and the corrupting Rift, he could not endure his anger and hatred of the demons who had ensnared him. For centuries, his hate grew stronger, until something snapped in his mind. Knowing exactly what he was doing and exactly what it would mean, he willingly sliced off his own wings with the Felwire which bound his flesh.

On the spot, he was violently transformed into a demon, wholly embracing the chaotic power of the Abyss. Even as his sundered wings tumbled further down into the Rift, the Felwire which had been his prison was absorbed into his body, becoming as much a part of the fledgling demon as his arms and legs. As he stretched his limbs for the first time in five hundred years, a new and terrible hunger filled him... the desire to consume and destroy everything he could see. He leaped upon his former comrades and devoured them, body and soul, absorbing their power (and the other Felwires) into his own flesh.

The former celestial's awakening did not go unnnoticed, however. Leshak, Vidaenelox, and Jishelai could sense that their ancient foe had broken free, and, terrified, they rushed to the Rift to confront him while he was still emerging. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for the feral, starving, and monstrously powerful fiend which awaited them. Despite their power and strength, all three were brutally slaughtered and consumed.

As the divine sparks of his latest meal infused him with power, the fallen angel surveyed the Rift of Corrosion with a smile, knowing that this realm would soon be his to possess. Surrounded by the writhing Felwires and the eternal cascade of crumbing, rusting metal all around him, he spoke his first words as a Demon Prince.

"All shall fear the wrath... of Ferronax!"


Though it is nearly impossible to harm Ferronax with conventional weaponry (non-magical, low-tech) and energy-based assaults, he is particularly vulnerable to a single substance: gold. Known in alchemy as the "perfect metal," gold is extremely resistant to corrosion, and thus a weapon made of the substance penetrates a great deal of the Rustlord's defenses (though merely touching it does not harm him). Ferronax cannot disintegrate gold items with his Corrosive Touch power, and they are likewise unaffected by his Aura of Corrosion.

Out of Character Information

Ferronax began as a Demon Prince I created for a 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons game, and evolved into one of my most recurring characters, appearing in City of Villains along with cameos in character bios all across my blueside characters and several short stories. His adopted daughter Larcala (child of a male human paladin and one of Ferronax's succubus concubines) became a long-running Player Character in several 3rd Edition campaigns as well, and has recently made an appearance in City of Villains as Mortal Hunter.

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