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Feverburn 946g9sK.jpg
Player:@High Score
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria Burns
Known Aliases: Feverburn
Species: Human
Ethnicity: French Brazilian
Age: 26
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132lbs
Eye Color: Pale Orange
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sister


It all starts with the unfortunate event of Elena Ruiz meeting Abram Burns at a large business conference in Manhattan, New York. At the time Elena was only just a secretary to a big time Vice President of a mid-sized hotel chain and Abram was… well, she never really did know, did she? He was important, she knew that. Everyone knew that oddly enough, his name was known to anyone who was anyone at this conference and Elena found herself oddly fascinated by this man. So fascinated that with knowing so little about him and his success she wed the man after a few short years by his elusive side. Only after the vows were spoken and they made a home together did she begin to suspect what was truly inside the man she now called husband.

Soon it wasn’t only a piece of paper that bound them but now two children only two years apart; Anastasia and Victoria Burns. What she once thought to be her two blooming roses in a dying garden became the instrument of her freedom in a marriage that had become terrifying to a woman who knew nothing of the world she had entered. A world Abram had so carefully hidden until his wife had given birth to not one but two children that gradually exhibited a mutant gene. It was then and the events that followed that allowed Elena to see who her husband really was; a powerful mutant, one that saw an opportunity to abuse the powers of two innocent children.

Once the sisters were old enough Abram moved his family to Paragon City without a discussion or prior notice and it was there the proud man took it a step too far, putting himself and his family at risk. While living in the city of heroes and villains Abram Burns began to make a name for himself in the business world. Corporate big wigs were filling his pockets, six digit figures being transferred into offshore accounts that could never be traced. He somehow convinced these men and women that he was a product they wanted but what he was selling would remain a mystery; to most.

As time went on more secrets began to show themselves. Abram had revealed himself as a powerful psychic not with words but through his actions and though Elena may be a slower learner, she learned. As did his own two children with whom he forced through rigorous training in the hopes of pushing their growing abilities to their maximum potential. This in doing so revealed to the family the multiple mutant supremacist groups Abram had been secretly funding, the source of that income soon to be the first villain the sisters would encounter together.


It didn’t take long for Countess Crey to realize large sums of money were being moved to an account of unknown origin with no paper trail to follow. The one moving the money having no recollection as to why he did it, only knowing that he needed to. It also didn’t take long for the economic juggernaut to track down the source of the theft, a powerful psychic mutant being a hard thing to hide in a city of super powered beings. Abram Burns had just angered a known archvillain and leader of Crey Industries, a company with public ties to Aeon Corp. and Arachnos; she wasn’t going to let this go.

Through the events that followed Elena had become hyper aware of the trouble her husband had landed himself in and knew that his life and the lives of her daughters were now at risk. So she took action, gathering as much evidence as she could against the man she married and called the police. It was the very next day Abram found himself coming to slowly, body heavy and head pounding. He awoke to silence, blurry vision beginning to settle as what was around him became revealed. Abram Burns was inside a small jail cell and he could quickly feel the weight of a thick metal collar snug around his neck which he could only assume was created to inhibit his powers. Elena had made her husband a prisoner to protect him from those that wished to kill him and in doing so made her an enemy to him.


At a young age both Victoria and her sister showed promise as mutants. Where Anastasia revealed her gifts to weigh heavily in time manipulation Victoria harnessed a gift she had trouble controlling; Fire.

Abram Burns expected the best from his children and gave no quarter when forcing their mutations to further mutate, expand and in doing so would cause great physical harm to Victoria. She was able to wield fire but was too young and untrained to keep that fire from burning her own flesh when manipulated as the regeneration abilities she would soon harness had not been developed. As time went on and with daily training sessions Victoria would soon find one third of her body covered in burn scars that could not be healed or erased.

The more training and rigorous trials her father put her through the more her abilities were stretched and forced to adapt. It was during this time her regenerative abilities began to develop and ‘catch up’ so to speak. Victoria was able to burn brighter and hotter with no harm to herself. Her once uncontrollable flame was no longer met with fear of her own, but fear from her Father and it was something Victoria found herself thriving off of.

Once Abram was arrested and no longer had an influence on how the sisters used their powers her training begun to take over her life. She had watched how her father’s abuse of his powers had caused more harm than good and how many enemies it had created. All of which had now been passed down to herself and her sister.

The siblings found themselves at odds with many small time crime groups and the worst of all; The Crey. Their training took a turn towards desperation as they were no longer fighting for their father’s approval but for their lives and their mother's life. No longer shackled to a facility where they were unleashed on other mutants under their fathers thumb but now walked the streets, seeing how far their abilities could take them in a city full of super powered beings as they defended what was theirs.


After about a year of hitting the streets, no hero identities or costumes to call their own they were met by a hero named Ace. To no real surprise of their own it appeared the UN had been keeping track of several super powered individuals that were playing it solo, and with Victoria’s destructive habits it was no shock the sisters had made it on that list. Ace somehow was able to get his hands on these files.

Ace, along with Osiris approached the siblings seeking help with the rescue of a group of eco-activists that found themselves being held underground, protected by a Devouring Earth Titan. Her sister wasn’t too hard to convince but Victoria preferred to keep their focus on what she perceived to be a real threat to her family. Eventually though it seemed this wasn’t some selfish endeavor by Ace and company, he wanted to form a team to not only stop this direct threat but any threat that each member might personally face.

Victoria and her sister found themselves becoming actual heroes, taking on the handles Feverburn and Timeburn as they stood alongside other, more seasoned heroes such as Occultist, Trance, Interface and Limbo. (Meanwhile Victoria’s of the strong opinion that Limbo should be locked up somewhere highly secure for his own safety which is unfortunately not her call to make). The Vanquishers became a turning point for the siblings, maybe more so for Victoria who finds herself plagued with a hot temper and severe lack of social skills. For the first time in her life it isn’t just her and her sister against the world but a team of individuals who always have her back.

The Vanquishers continue to grow and with it so does Feverburn. As time goes on she finds herself hating the idea of continuing on as team less and less and looking forward to whatever world altering mess they always tend to get mixed up in. She can’t say they are the most organized bunch of masks but god help whoever decides to stand in their way.


jBKyohx.png Fiery Melee
Osh8X6C.png "You hot yet?"

Victoria's primary mutation, simply put, is the ability to manipulate fire. Going into further detail though you find it is less of a manipulation and more of a creation. The fire Victoria wields comes from within her, not from an outside source. She is able to use her own body to harness and create flames that can come from any point of her body. With a focus on physical combat she finds herself more at ease harnessing her abilities in her fists and lower legs as the flow feels more natural. Attempting to output over any other part of her body causes Victoria a lot of strain that hopefully further training can alleviate. For the greatest impact she builds her flames for hand to hand combat use, very rarely relying on any ranged abilities.

GGzZNaP.png Regeneration
Osh8X6C.png "No one makes me bleed my own blood."

A secondary mutation that developed later in life. The first handful of years that Victoria was generating flames her body had not adapted yet and with each use of her newly found gift Victoria was left with burn scars as her own body burned from the heat. As time went on she began noticing that the pain was lessening and recent wounds had begun healing rapidly, her flesh stitching itself back together as if the damage had never been done.

bW3nfzJ.png Super Speed and Flight
Osh8X6C.png "Flame...on?."

Victoria finds herself able to travel in multiple ways when she hits the streets as Feverburn. By using her own flames to provide thrusts from behind she is able to move more quickly on the ground and even for short bursts in the air. With more training she hopes to sustain it for longer flight times.

HYnt700.png Temporal Mending
Osh8X6C.png An unknown mutation.

Where Victoria excels in physical combat and manipulating fire her sister excels in Time Manipulation. It's a power Victoria believes she does not possess as she has no memory of ever displaying the ability. Unknown to her and those around her Victoria's regenerative abilities are just that, her ability to manipulate time within her own body. At the moment of injury Victoria subconsciously rewinds the clock, affecting only her person and not the world around her, to the moment she was unscathed. (This is a power only the player knows of and currently remains undetected.)


Quick to anger and quick to act Victoria mirrors the flames she controls so flawlessly. To an extent Victoria became a product of her surroundings and the influences of her youth. Beyond her Mothers love there was her Fathers wrath and the endless cycle of yearning to make him proud. Long nights of training that pushed the young woman to the edge of breaking, causing both mental and physical scarring. Her youth left her as an angry adult, living a constant struggle of keeping her temper in check and impulses under control.

But she can be kind and warm, she cares deeply and is fiercely protective of those who are close to her. Uncomfortable with affection and intimacy but finding herself craving it while unsure if she deserves it. A woman who appears at war even with herself as she struggles with who she thinks she needs to be and who she wants to be.












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