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Freedom Phalanx Beyond
Founder: Statesman Beyond
Side: Hero
Motto: None
Leader(s): Statesman Beyond (@Wolfseed), Manticore Beyond (@Operative Spartan)
Logo: Shield
Group Colours: White and Silver
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Casual, PvE [Maybe PvP]
Roleplay: Heavy RP, semi-serious
Timezone(s): All.
Recruiting: See leaders.
Contact: See leaders.
No additional information available.


March 9th, 2008: The web is completed and activated, however, a system flaw causes the web to not function as previously thought. 3/4's of the world's meta-human population is eradicated.The web itself is brought down by the Freedom Phalanx.

April 2008: Arachnos increases production of it's biologically enhanced soldiers, developing new and improved species. Swells it's ranks.

November 2010: Arachnos forces begin establishing bases in countries around the world; particularly the UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Burma, and Australia. With 3/4's of the hero population nuetralized and scattered about the world, Arachnos is met with very little resistance.

February 2011: Operation Saving Throw: The Lady Grey takes a stance against Lord Recluse's spreading of military power. Guassian and Serpent Drummer lead several battallions of troops into Grandeville in an effort to take down Recluse. Radio contact with them was lost. All presumed dead.

March 2011: Arachnos Forces reclaim Warburg and launch the missle into the RWZ, destroying the Vanguard Base and Mothership as well as a great deal of the zone itself. Rumors of Rikti & Vanguard Survivors. Borea and Levantera confirmed dead. The Lady Grey's & Dark Watcher's bodies were never recovered. Presumed dead.

May 2011: Arachnos Forces move into Paragon City, establishing it's main headquarters in Atlas Park. Statue of Atlas is torn down, Lord Recluse put in it's place. No word from the Freedom Phalanx. Paragon City is under martial law.

July 4, 2011: The Freedom Phalanx launches a massive assault against Recluse's forces in Atlas Park with the aid of the Freedom Corps.

August 31st, 2011: The Freedom Phalanx is defeated. Statesman is crucified between Positron and Sister Psyche and put on display atop Atlas City Hall. Manticore, Back Alley Brawler, Swan and Mynx are all M.I.A. Citadel and Luminary are both disabled and reprogrammed to stand guard on the steps of city hall. Freedom Corps retreats to Peregrine Island and sets up a strong-point with what's left of The Vanguard forces. Distress calls are sent out.

September 2011: Other countries either attempt to fight Arachnos forces or are simply assimilated into them. Former leaders of resistant countries are executed on international television.

November 2011: Freedom Corps, Wyvern and unaffected meta-humans band together to form "The Resistance". Guerilla warfare against Arachnos outposts in America begins.

October 2030: Reports of meta-human children being born reaches the ear of Arachnos. These potential heroes are exterminated when found by Recluse's hunter-killer squads. Peregrine Island continues to act as a safe haven for heroes and those who refuse to serve Recluse. Recluse sees Peregrine Island as no immediate threat and decides not to take military action against it.

June 2057: Constant guerilla warfare against Arachnos has not so much as dented it's armor. The entire planet has long submitted to the will of Lord Recluse. Paragon City is in complete disarray. The global economy has plummeted. Those who don't serve Arachnos starve in the streets under the constant abuse of Arachnos security forces. The name Lord Recluse is synonymous with God.

December 2057: A young meta-human calling himself "Statesman" calls for heroes to take up arms and assemble a new Phalanx. A former Wyvern agent adopted the lion mask and moniker of "Manticore" and acted as Statesman's second in command. Other heroes followed suit, taking the names of those who perished at the battle in Atlas Park known as "Recluse's Victory."

April 2058: Atlas Park is assaulted by what appears to be a new incarnation of the Freedom Phalanx. Defense turrets are over-taken and Arachnos forces are almost driven from Atlas Park. In retaliation, Lord Recluse launches an airborne assault on Peregrine Island. All out war breaks out on the Island. Malta and the Knives of Artemis, contracted to Arachnos now, lead the ground assault under the command of Captain Mako and Black Scorpion. Civilian casualties are in the thousands.

The Last Stand: Arachnos sweeps from one end of the island to the other, beating the Freedom Phalanx back to Portal Corps. In all the chaos, a surviving scientist uses all the remaining power on an emergency generator to power up a portal and designate it for the year 2008. He pleaded with Statesman to take the Phalanx back to the past so that they may stop the events that created their present.

[after portal] 2008: Statesman [Beyond] and Manticore [Beyond] arrive in Atlas Park....

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