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Freedom Torch.jpg
The Freedom Torch
Player: @Dr. Karma
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: None Known
Species: Spiritual Embodiment of Freedom
Age: Eternal
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 350lbs
Eye Color: Red flames when not covered
Hair Color: Blond, but often changes
Biographical Data
Nationality: Legally recognized as an American citizen
Occupation: Superhero, Freedom Fighter, Revolutionary
Place of Birth: Modern account as the Statue of Liberty
Base of Operations: Paragon though has been spending some time in the Rogue Isles lately
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Side kick - Patriotic Spark; Flippy the Freedom Monkey; Twin Brother - Tyranny Torch
Known Powers
Manipulation of Fire as a Conceptual Force of Freedom
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Golden age
The most modern account of Freedom Torch and the only one that has documented proof was when lighting struck the statue of liberty and her torch exploded and he rose from the flames, that was in 1936. Some claim he first appeared in the American Revolution far weaker then he is today, as the ideals he stood for were only just gathering strength. One account claims he helped the fires set by Sherman consume Atlanta in the Civil War. Another accounting claims he fought against union troops siding with Indian tribes in the west.

In the Golden age of the 1930’s and into WWII the Freedom Torch heralded by the papers as the Blazing Blue Bulwark fought mad scientists, Nazis, and dark wizards, as well as the KKK and speaking out for civil rights. His first sidekick All American Boy at his side through out the era.

In the 1950’s as the House Un-American Activities Committee wiped up its storm it, he disappeared. The Star Spangled Costume wasn’t seen again until the 1990's. Though He did in a different form march with Doctor King and Malcolm X as Well as having been a Black Panther and Protesting the War in Vietnam, as well as incinerating Russian helicopters in Afghanistan in the 80's.

Torch protesting

In 1994 Freedom Torch was a founding member of the Paragons after thwarting an attempt by the 5th Column to establish their new Reich, he took on another young protege the All American Girl, After her death he disappeared again this time fading past even being in the background of history.

During the Rikti War a bolt of lighting again struck lady liberty’s torch and Freedom Torch helped to battle back the unending waves of invaders. After the war ended he went to paragon and has stopped countless threats since.


Torch's powers are to harness the concept of Fire and Freedom giving him a wide range of abilities. in addition to the simple benefits of being a spirit.

At times he has been seen flying, at other times he leaps across the sky. He has hurled balls of fire and been seen wielding a great flaming sword, and healing the wounded. As a spirit he is eternal and has risen up after being "killed" many times Including at least once after being struck by a nuclear device. He is immune to any attempts to control his mind, as they would limit his freedom. Raw Psionic energy he has little defense against.

Also his abundant mystic energy seems to from time to time grant young teens powers, for unknown reasons.

Weakness and Limitations

He is a spirit and has certain bans on what he can and cannot do. He is also vulnerable to intense cold far more then any other form of harm.


He was an original member of the Paragons, helping beat back the fifth column in 1994, and with its refounding has joined again. He has in the past helped the freedom fighter Run Riot with the group Inevitable Evolution

Character Inspiration

Originally he was just an attempt at playing a fire tanker and I wanted a character with patriotic look. He evolved into what he is now through over a long time drawing inspiration from Wildstorm characters like Rose Tattoo and Jenny Sparks, as well as from various classical characters such as Superman, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), and of course Captain America.

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