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The Galaxy Paladins
Founder: @ChIoro/Paladin Moon
Website: -
Side: Heroes
Motto: None
Leader(s): Paladin Sun and Paladin Moon (ICly), Paladin Moon and Paladin Mercury (OOCly).
Logo: Planet
Group Colours: Gold and White
Levels: All
Play style: Heavy roleplay themed supergroup. A mixture of mature and comical moments.
Roleplay: Required. In character the majority of the time unless mentioned otherwise.
Timezone(s): Mainly North American timezones, but all are welcomed.
Recruiting: Yes. Several spots available.
Contact: @ChIoro
No additional information available.


In Character

Brief Background Story

Existing as unknown primordial Deities that are thought to exist since the beginning of time, every galaxy within the Universe is connected to an Entity; the overall manifestation of death and rebirth, creation and destruction, and the concepts of time and space within those specific galaxies. The Milky Way was no exception. Hiding inconspicuously within the Darkmatter of unperceived space, the Entity existed to see and know all, maintaining the galaxy's stability, and harmony of cause and reaction. However as the centuries past unknowingly, more and more sentient forces made their presence known within the galaxy as thieves, tyrants, and threats to the great balance - maintaining dires to take over planets, absorb the energy of stars and ruling what was not theirs. Dominating this hostility were a race known as the X'Restess.

Unable to directly interfere with such matters without threatening to destroy the balance by its own hand, the Entity would instead sever its own power into individual aspects, and seal them within special Crystals that were hurled into the currents of the solar system; the location of life and developing sentient beings. This had the unfortunate consequence of lessening the Entity's degree of omniscience and omnipresence over a period of time; willing to rely upon the eyes and ears of those it chose to grant its power to. Coming together by fate, the power of each crystal was founded and activated by individuals across many planets and moons, transforming them into super soldiers infused with the powers of the Galaxy. These were the first Galaxy Paladins. Gathered together as a great force and the proactive hand of the Entity, they were guided, trained and grew in power.. eventually defeating the X'Restess and preventing their endeavor in destroying the center of the solar system. The generation of Galaxy Paladins would continue to cycle; old lives ended and new galactic ancestors became destined to use the power of their founded crystal.

Into the modern age the presence of the Paladins were seldomly required in most locations of the galaxy - the production of advancing technology and intelligence, and evolution of ability, enabled peoples to more readily defend themselves from any threat looming over their homeworlds. Now in current day, with the Rikti threat continuously lingering despite Earth's efforts to consistantly foil their plans, the newest generation of Galaxy Paladins are being summoned by the Entity, those born with the Crystal within their souls have now been discovering them. While their main focus is Earth's constant harassment of Rikti, the Entity has primarily proceeded to guide the fourth generation of Paladins and allow them to grow stronger in preparation for the great threat ahead known as Batallion; a devasting future possibility of most worlds seeing their end within the Galaxy. Other than their vile example upon the Galaxy City disaster, the Entity knows much as it possibly can..and fears the worst. Can this potential fate be hindered?

The Power

The Paladin Crystals are where the Entity's powers are derived from. They exist within the core of each individual born and destined to unlock their power, and are released during climatic situations, or dire times of need. During rare circumstances the crystal's power is only partially unlocked, granting the body strange abilities without being physically revealed right away. Once discovered, the Crystal manifests as a physical catalyst small enough to fit within the human hand; its color reminiscent of that individual's Paladin Armor color. The power of any particular Paladin Crystal can not simply be activated by just anyone - only the individual destined as a galactic ancestor may do so without serious harm or great instability. By mentally willing the power within the crystal into their own bodies, each Paladin is capable of transforming into their Paladin Forms; enhanced versions of themselves in Paladin armor. In this form, they gain incredible abilities:

Active Paladins

Paladin Moon - The first of the modern Paladins awakened within the Milky Way Galaxy. Jorron Xxentin is a young Tsellian from the Saturn moon Titan. He was instructed by the Entity to travel to Earth to locate and regroup other Paladins, where their base of operations is to be established for events to come. A loyal, tempermental and oddly nurturing individual, Jorron is smoothly adjusting to the culture of Earth and his identity as a growing galactic presence.

Unique Abilities

Paladin Mercury -

Unique Abilities


Rikti - An extremely concentrated nuisance within Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, the Rikti are still held accountable for deaths, missing heroes, invasion and city-wide attacks. Thankfully due to the efforts of the numerous heroes of Earth, the Rikti are seldomly considered a primary threat in current day, though their threat in general lingers.

Battalion - Battalion is the name of "The Coming Storm". While it is not certain what this force is specifically, it has come to light that the Menders may retain information regarding Batallion that no one else has access to. It is for this reason that within many, their earned trust is rapidly waning.

Black Maelstrom - The Black Maelstrom are an organization of whom are believed to be unidentified alien beings currently based at a hidden location on Earth. They plan to see that the Batallion wave comes to fruition as they plan to plunder the aftermath for their own twisted ambitions of power. Black Maelstrom is growing to be a common enemy against the Paladins, and routinely attempt to destroy everything they stand for with monstrous, scientifically created Agents capable of great harm. Their leader has never been identified. It is assumed that Black Maelstrom do not have access to the same knowledge that the Menders do regarding the Batallion.

Out Of Character


So you want to join? Follow these steps:

Supergroup Guidelines

Character Guidelines

Paladin Concepts

(Note that these may be subject to change.)

Paladin Sun (Gold)

Paladin Moon (Silver)

Paladin Mercury (Yellow)

Paladin Venus (Pink)

Paladin Earth (Brown)

Paladin Mars (Red)

Paladin Jupiter (Green)

Paladin Saturn (Dark Green)

Paladin Uranus (Cyan)

Paladin Neptune (Blue)

Paladin Pluto (Black)

Paladin Ceres (Violet/Purple)

Paladin Orcus (Dark Blue)

Paladin Eris (Dark Red)

Paladin Pallas (?)

Paladin Haumea (?)

Paladin Makemake (?)

Paladin Sedna (Aqua)

Paladin Vesta (Orange)

Paladin Quaoar (Dark Purple/Violet)

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