General Discontent

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Drake deploying the ARMS defenses system.
General Discontent
Player: @Seth Drake
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Seth Edward Drake
Known Aliases: None known.
Species: Human.
Age: 41
Height: 6"2' out of combat gear.
Weight: 230 out of combat gear.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Black.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American.
Occupation: Super-Powered Mercenary.
Place of Birth: Browning, Montana.
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified.
Known Powers
Force Field Generation
Known Abilities
Experienced tactician and commander, trained with assault rifle.
Assault Rifle, KevTec(tm) Combat Armor, Assault Repelling Mobile Systems (A.R.M.S.)



REPORT #3245




Date: 05/25/08

Sir, I have gathered the background concerning General Discontent as you requested. The Army was very cooperative. Their records gave us an extensive knowledge of the subject's background.

Early Childhood

General Discontent was born Seth Drake in Browning, Montana on June 20th, 1967. His parents, *CLASSIFIED* and *CLASSIFIED* Drake, worked at *CLASSIFIED*. His early childhood indicated a natural talent for both athletics and problem-solving skills. Even at an early age it was apparent that the subject was considered the "leader" of his group of friends. This held true throughout high school, where he was the captain of the Varsity football team for three years. After his graduation from Browning High School in 1985, the subject applied and was accepted to West Point.

Military Career

Seth Drake graduated from West Point in 1989 in the upper 2% of his class. He was given a commission, promoted to Second Lieutenant, and assigned to Charlie Company, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, where he would serve as a platoon commander. His natural leadership skills and sound grasp of tactics served him well in the first Gulf War in 1990 where he earned a Silver Star for valor, a Purple Heart for a leg wound caused by shrapnel, and a promotion to First Lieutenant.

In 1993, the subject was promoted to the rank of Captain, transfered to a U.S. Army training camp in Fort Benning, Georgia, and given the task of training Delta Company, 11th Light Infantry Brigade as Company Commander. It should be noted that the subject earned the nickname "Captain Discontent" from his men at this time, apparently for often uttering the phrase "I am not content with this level of performance." Our interviews with surviving past trainees, however, indicate that he was widely respected and loved by the men he trained.

When Delta Company was activated, Captain Drake was offered a permanent training position at Fort Monroe. His superiors noted that Drake seemed to possess a natural flair for inspiring troops to overcome the boundaries they set for themselves; Delta Company was already giving signs that it was one of the most disciplined and well-trained companies in the Army. After some days of weighing the decision Captain Drake accepted the position, much to the chagrin of his men. A new Company Commander, Captain Randall Lester, was assigned to Delta. Drake began training new companies for the Army.

The Rikti War

The May 2002 invasion of the Rikti triggered an immediate mobilization of all U.S. armed forces. Among some of the first casualties of the war was current Delta Company Commander Captain Lester, who was on leave in Paragon city in the initial invasion. Captain Seth Drake immediately made a formal request to be given his old position as Company Commander back, which was granted. Empty spaces in Delta Company were quickly filled with new recruits. After two hurried weeks of training, Delta company was put on the front lines in Paragon City.

At this point in the war, we were mostly on the defensive, having to deal with the then-new Rikti teleporter technology. Delta Company was assigned to St. Winston's Hospital in King's Row, and charged with the task of keeping the building itself and the wounded inside safe from the Rikti threat.

At first, Delta Company met with considerable success. No less than eight Rikti offensives, ranging from light probing actions to full-out teleported assaults, were turned aside due to the vigilance and bravery of Captain Drake's company. Drake's cautious tactics combined with the close proximity of the hospital meant that Delta took much lighter casualties than most other combat unit at that time in the war.

July 15th, however, marked the end of that good fortune for Delta.

During the ninth Rikti assault, flying debris from a Rikti energy blast knocked Captain Drake unconscious. He was carried back to the hospital before he could be seriously wounded, but his company was now leaderless. 1st Lieutenant Gordon Stone (the company XO) had been wounded several days prior to the attack and was not fit for active duty, along with two platoon leaders. It was at this point that the hero *CLASSIFIED* took command of the unit. With the CO, XO, and two most capable platoon commanders out of commission, Delta Company followed the lead of *CLASSIFIED*. Sadly, though *CLASSIFIED* was a capable fighter, they were not fit for command. At the behest of *CLASSIFIED*, Delta company committed to an ill-advised counterattack that the Rikti crushed with ease. Tragically, not one of those brave men and women survived the battle, and *CLASSIFIED* was only rescued due to the brave efforts of some local heroes.

The aftermath of the attack left only seven surviving members of the original 200 men and women of Delta company, with all seven member having been in the hospital at the time of the attack. In order of rank, the survivors were:

Captain Seth Drake

First Lieutenant Gordon Stone

Second Lieutenant Adam Jacobson

Second Lieutenant Carlos Chavez

Sergeant Charles Swanson

Private Fredrick Greene

Private Evan Oaks

It should be noted that neither Seth Drake nor his men were ever revealed the identity (secret or public) of *CLASSIFIED* for fear of resentment and even reprisals. Given following events, this seems to have been a prudent measure.

A.R.M.S. Project

After the July Slaughter of Delta Company, Captain Drake and his few remaining men were granted indefinite leave with pay at Fort Benning while new recruits were being found to rebuild Delta company around this core of hardened veterans. However, before the company could be filled, the Omega team sealed the portals from the Rikti homeworld, allowing for much more time and care to be taken in the rebuilding of Delta company.

In the interim, Captain Seth Drake was approached to be a part of the A.R.M.S. program. The A.R.M.S. are an arm- and shoulder-fitted powered armor component that utilize salvaged Rikti technology to generate protective force fields. Given his previous experience in combating the Rikti, and his driving need to safeguard his men from incidents like the one that destroyed most of Delta Company, Captain Drake seemed like a prime candidate for testing the new technology. After a routine psychiatric evaluation, he was offered the chance to test the prototype, to which he agreed.

During a second psychiatric evaluation, however, certain undesirable personality traits revealed themselves. Drake had displayed what seemed to be an apathy towards heroes in initial testing, but further analysis suggested an antagonist streak regarding the heroes of Paragon. In particular, a subtle yet strong vindictive streak seemed to be directed at the hero who led his company to ruin, though he remained in the dark about the hero's identity. He also displayed an almost obsessive behavior regarding protecting his surviving men, to the point where it was brought into question if Captain Drake be counted on to lead them into battle at all, let alone pioneering a new technology to boot. When it came to light that Drake was making quiet inquiries as to the identity of *CLASSIFIED*, it was finally decided that he should be pulled from the A.R.M.S. project, and put under review.

Benning Incident and Court Martial

This decision, however, came too late. The A.R.M.S. prototype had already been moved to Fort Benning, where they were carefully grafted onto Drake's arms and shoulders to allow for full nervous control of the generated force fields. By the time the order came through, Drake had full control of the A.R.M.S. Due to an unfortunate indiscretion, Drake overheard the intent to remove him from the project. He immediately attempted to flee the premises. In the following fight, he injured several MPs with blasts of force, one of which later died from his wounds. Eventually, Drake was subdued and sedated.

The following court martial was brief, and conducted quickly to avoid undue press attention. For his actions, Drake was stripped of his rank and sentenced to life in the Ziggursky Penitentiary. Attempts to surgically remove the A.R.M.S. failed, as Drake's nervous system had intertwined enough with the system to make separating the two nearly impossible, let alone doing so without permanently crippling Drake. After a number of aborted attempts, the whole prototype was written off, and several electronic locks were placed on to keep the A.R.M.S. from functioning. Drake was then incarcerated in the Zig to begin his sentence.

At this point, reviving Delta Company was abandoned as a lost cause. The six remaining soldiers of the company were offered Honorable Discharges in light of their service and tribulations in the name of their country and humanity. All of them accepted.

Breakout and Current Activity

At this point, it should be noted that our intel is much more unreliable. We DO know that Drake was able to escape his cell during an Arachnos prison raid with the aid of an unidentified young woman. She seemed to be super-powered, but the weakness of the powers made it difficult to identify them via the security cameras, which were already damaged. We DO have audio records of her referring to Drake as "General", to which he responded with confusion. This is the first instance we know of him being referred to by this rank, and suspect that it's a combination of this rank and his previous nickname "Captain Discontent" that led to his current name. Also, at least one former Delta company member was present and actively assisting Drake with his escape, former Private Frederick Greene.

Over the next few months, all of the Delta survivors turned up under the command of General Discontent. It would seem that he is slowly disabling the locks on the A.R.M.S, as he has been seen activating more and more advanced powers. He has even has flight with VTOL capability, which is worrisome as the A.R.M.S. project notes make no mention of that feature. He has also been acquiring top-of-the-line military equipment with which to outfit his squad.

His criminal activities are far too numerous to list in any details, but they include kidnapping, robbery, and destruction of property on an immense scale. While he and his men are not known to fire on civilians, they have shown no qualms in gunning down law enforcements in the course of completing whatever their objectives may be at any given time.

General Discontent, until recently, was a part of a super-merc outfit know as the Shadow Saints. However, he's been seen wearing a new insignia: a single black spot. This does not match any known supervillain groups on record. Further investigation is required.

It should also be noted that he was seen entering a safe house for *CLASSIFIED*, a government scientist involved in *CLASSIFIED* research. Then scientist was discovered dead the next day, shot twice in the head. It is highly likely that General Discontent played a part in this assassination, the only question is if this was a personal bit of business for him, or if he was hired by a third party.



General Discontent is a shrewd tactician, and any encounter with him should be planned heavily in our favor. He is well-known for his ability to inspire loyalty in his men, and attempting to break the morale of his squad is all but impossible so long as the General is on his feet and in fighting shape.

The results of his training have also turned his men into something of super-soldiers themselves. His men are capable of moving at very high speeds, just under the standard definition of "Superspeed." Their leaping capability DOES meet the definition of "Superleap", and we are still searching for an explanation of this Super ability. To top it off, they are crack marksmen, and are almost always equipped with the best that money can buy.


General Discontent uses his force fields to his full advantage, shielding his men from potential harm, isolating hostile elements to be dealt with separately, and generating enough force to knock opponents off their feet, rendering them easy targets for the rest of the squad. He can and often does utilize an assault rifle with skill, but his primary focus is on the ebb and flow of the battle. He uses his flight capability to remain out of melee reach if terrain allows, and directs his men from above the battle. If a squad member goes down, the General activates a quarantine field on that member, allowing time for medical treatment and revival. We have video documentation of several soldiers surviving against incredible odds in this manner.

Physical Description

In his armor, very few identifying features can be made out. We should consider the fact that anyone wearing the usual black armor and dark glasses of General Discontent could very well be a decoy. Drake's build, jawline, and beard are the primary methods of identification when he is dressed in this manner.

When not in armor, his most easily identifiable features are his eyes. They have been described best as "sunken," a descriptions which I believe fits perfectly. General Discontent is not yet old, but he IS middle-aged, and the events of the last few years have caused his appearance to look like a man more in his fifties than his early forties.


Cautious, yet unpredictable. Following his court-martial, it is very apparent that Seth Drake abandoned most of his principles during his time in prison. I have no doubt that he places the lion's share of the blame for his current situation on *CLASSIFIED*'s management of Delta Company on June 15th, and is almost certainly trying to uncover *CLASSIFIED*'s identity.

The General himself is somewhat taciturn, preferring not to make comments he sees as useless. However, he does seem to have a very dry sense of humor when he is in a good mood. He has no real vices that we know of, though he has displayed a fondness for opera music in the past.

I hope this documents has been of use, sir. I intend to compile some more details regarding the other men in the squad, in hopes of finding some weak point to exploit there.

End of report.

OOC Stuff


First, some songs from OSTs that I think befit some parts of Gen. Discontent's life.

The Slaughter of Delta:

Tune for Fallen Comrades:

Captain Drake Grieves:

Unfortunate Indiscretion:

Incident at Benning:

The Court Martial:

Breaking Out of the Zig:

Ill Gotten Gains:

Grim Purpose:

Something GD himself would enjoy listening to on his time off:

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