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The official logo of the Golem Project.

The Golem-class Titans were one of four subdivision ‘classes’ that players could create under the Malta Operatives Supergroup during the summer of 2004.

Origin: Killing Machines

Brought forth from the Maltas' desire to expand past the limited capabilities of their currently available Titan mobile armor units, the Golems were built in cooperation with Crey Industries cybernetic researchers – with the added catch of undisclosed post-construction modification by Malta Group engineers. Designed to be smaller, more agile, and above all more versatile than their comparatively hulking and unwieldy cousins, Golems were made to perform services past the Hercules and Zeus Titans' currently available modes of action (on the order of “stomp," "shoot laser," and "shoot missile"). Golems were also intended to accompany Tactical Operations teams into urban terrain, able to act as members of a unit as well as on their own, and certainly more capable than their larger brethren to accomplish such simple tasks as fitting through a door without disassembly or property damage.

While they lack scalability as with the standard Titan units, the Golems made up for it in their ability to adapt to varying circumstances. Whereas Titan mobile armors were designed to apply the same principles on varying scales of power [the range going from Hercules to Zeus and then Kronos] Golem armors were generated with five basic platforms in mind, based on the FBSA’s chosen method of dividing superpowered entities.

Creation: The Brains of the Operation

The Golems are exactly what's stated above: the next generation in the Malta's mobile armor. What was not known – even by the Crey scientists who put them together - was that the 'undisclosed modification' performed on the Golems in Malta Group factories and laboratories was in fact the implementation of intact human brains and central nervous systems wired to work with the complicated Crey Synthetic Neuronet technology. This allowed the machines to achieve unprecedented levels of mobility and articulation. For example, the Hades Golem, built on a 900-1500 lb. chassis, was fully capable of executing advanced martial arts maneuvers. This degree of articulation was something unseen in most of the world except in a few isolated cases. Creating a production-capable machine that could do it was something else.

The human brains contained in standard Titan units are kept under constant sedation, but Golem units were kept on a mild course of behavior modification drugs; nothing compared to the narcotic cocktail fed to the big Titans’ brains. This also allowed each Golem a degree of individuality and the ability to make advanced and prompt decision which put them far ahead of the Titans when on the ground. However, they did display occasional episodes of mental instability – though at a comparatively low rate relative to the Hercules and Zeus-class Titans.

Further classified information reveals that the brains and spines used in the Golem-class Titans came from none other than failed subjects of the Malta Group project that created Fox Group. Failed or overdone experimentation rendered their bodies useless or otherwise inoperable. At the dissolution of Fox Group, the Golem Titans were decommissioned and are currently kept in cold storage somewhere in an underground laboratory in Montana.

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