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Every generation has its guardian, someone who defends the weaker against those who would prey upon them mercilessly; someone who fights back the Darkness, no matter the personal cost. Fate or Destiny thrust some into the role; others chose to willing walk the Path of Justice. Never the less, all took the Vow when the time came and donned the Mantle of Guardian-Knight.

This is the story of this generation’s Guardian-Knight, Jack Bishop and when the story is told some will say it was Destiny that led Jack Bishop to become the greatest Guardian-Knight of them all. Jack, on the other hand, will say it was pure dumb luck, wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he should know, after all, it did happen to him.The Chronicles of Jack Bishop, Guardian-Knight

Name: Jonathan Tyler Bishop, “Jack” aka Guardian-Knight

Powers (AT): Energy/Energy Blaster

Age: 33 (1)

DOB: 11-28-1921 (2)

Place of Birth: Portsville, NC, USA, (Bishop’s Earth)

City of current residence: Paradon City (CoH Earth)

Height: 6.5 feet

Weight: 280 lbs

Eyes: Gray-blue

Hair: White, long, wears in ponytail (3)

Occupation: Longshoreman in Portsville (after Honorable Discharge)

Military Service: US Army: 1942-1951, Sergeant, 187th Infantry Division

European Theater (1942-1947) (Major Battles) Invasion of Sicily 10-July-43,Operation Avalanche, Invasion of Italy 9-Sept-43, Operation Dragoon (Southern France) 8-Aug-44, Battle of Berchtesgaden (Hitler’s Last Stand - The Eagle’s Nest in Bavaria) 17-Jun-47 (Awarded Silver Star of Valor)

US/Canadian War (4) (1946-1949) (Major Battles): Battle of Detroit 9-20-48(Awarded Bronze Cross for Bravery)Battle of Caribou, Maine 5-16-49 (Awarded 2nd Bronze Star)Invasion of Ottawa 10-10-1949 (Awarded Silver Star of Valor)

Discharged: 1951 (Honorable)

Education: University of North Carolina at Portsville: Physics, 2 years attendance, no degree, joined US Army in 1942. Currently attending night college program (UNCP) to obtain degree.

(1) Age when arrived at Paradon City. (2) The years on Bishop’s Earth do not correspond directly to the years on CoH Earth. History on Jack’s Earth is approximately 54 years behind CoH Earth and of course, events do not follow exactly.

(3) Male hairstyles on Bishop’s Earth range from bald to long. Those in law-enforcement or Military have short hair. Jack grew his hair long once he was discharged from the Army.

''(4) The US/Canadian War was due to Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Laderoot (Canadian Independence Party: modeled directly after the Nazi Party: elected to the Government in 1932), first declaring Canada as neutral at onset of European and Pacific Wars (known collectively as WWII) and then launching a surprise air and amphibious attack against Detroit on 12 December 1946. This invasion was combined with simultaneous air bombings and rocket attacks against New York, Boston and Washington. Acts of sabotage against shipping were also carried out in New York Harbor and Baltimore Harbor by Canadian midget submarines.

It is widely believed that if Canada had not attacked the United States, President Roosevelt would not have ordered the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Berlin on April 12, 1947 and then five days later on Hiroshima, Japan in an attempt to bring those Wars to a close. It is of historical note that the US chose not to use its remaining Atomic Bomb on any Canadian city, but chose instead to conduct large scale land and air assaults. As of this writing what once was Canada continues to be an Occupied Territory of the United States, with no autonomous Government. Prime Minister Laderoot and several key members of his government have never been found and are still at large.''


The Guardian-Knight is a defender of Justice from another Earth. Numerous persons have worn the title of “Guardian-Knight” throughout that Earth’s history. The current Guardian-Knight is usually chosen by the previous Guardian-Knight, but at times has been chosen solely by the “Mantle” upon the demise of the previous wearer. The “Mantle” is a palm-size oval-shaped device that appears to be liquid metal that alternates in color from shiny silver to a deep bronze to multi-colored. Once an individual is chosen and grasps the “Mantle”, referred to as “donning the Mantle”, the device is absorbed into the body of the chosen one. It is believed that the power of each Knight is determined by the characteristics of the individual chosen. The origin of the device is unknown as is the identity of the first Guardian-Knight. However The mantle also contains all of the memories and experiences of the previous Knights. These memories and experiences come unbidden at first, but can be controlled and used by the current Knight.

How Jack became the current Guardian-Knight: The previous Guardian-Knight (Ara Stone) during a battle with Omatron (arch-villain) is severely injured and blasted through a dimensional portal opened by the combined energy blasts of Omatron and Stone into Jack Bishop’s Earth. She lands in the alley way behind the bar where Jack’s girlfriend, Mary Holiday sings. Jack had chosen that moment to step outside for fresh air while he waited for his girlfriend. The flash of light and clap of thunder as the portal opened and then closed, draws Jack into the alley way.

There he sees a figure in gold and black armor lying crumpled against the building as if thrown there. Upon reaching the still figure, Jack sees that the helmet’s face plate is half torn away. What he can see of the wearer’s face is blue in color. Fearing the suit’s occupant is suffocating, Jack franticly examines the helmet until he finds the release and removes the helmet. He is greeted with the face of a woman, whose skin is blue and crowned with golden hair.

When Jack kneels and touches the side of her neck to feel for a pulse, she opens her eyes, which are deep emerald green. Jack finds himself locked in this position as her words; thoughts and images flood his mind. He learns her name is Ara Stone, she is a superhero called Guardian-Knight, she is not from his world or dimension, there have been many Guardian-Knights, and that she is dying. She also warns him of Omatron and the Rikti. Stone’s last act is to pass the “Mantle” to Jack along with the Guardian-Knight’s Vow:

“To protect the weak, To defend the innocent, To fight for Justice, With all my might, This I do vow, for I am The Guardian-Knight”.

As Jack looks down upon the now dead Ara Stone, another portal opens in the alley way and Omatron steps through. He sees the dead Guardian-Knight and Jack kneeling over her body, clutching the Mantle. In a mega-god booming voice, Omatron orders Jack to give him the Mantle. Instinctively, Jack tightens his grasp on the Mantle, rises to his feet and says “No.” Bellowing his rage at Jack’s defiance, Omatron raises his arm to strike Jack with one of his energy blasts. The Mantle reacts by placing an energy shield about Jack and launching him onto a nearby rooftop. Omatron leaps after Jack and they begin a running battle from rooftop to rooftop with Omatron becoming increasingly angrier and frustrated at not being able to catch Jack. The Mantle shield becomes weaker and weaker. Finally, a powerful blast catches Jack in mid-leap and knocks him to the street. There the Mantle’s shielding fails. Omatron lands in the street and gloatingly reaches for the Mantle and watches as the Mantle is absorbed into Jack’s hand.

Roaring his frustration, Omatron raises both his arms over his head to pound Jack into the pavement. Jack reacts instinctively and raises his hand to block the blow and releases a bolt of energy that strikes Omatron’s power bracelets. There is a tremendous release of energy and the Space-Time Continuum is ripped open and Jack is hurled through the “portal” by the back blast and lands in Paradon City.

There he tries to make sense of what has happened to him and seeks a way to return to his home world.

Character/Personality: Jack’s years in combat, first in Europe and then in Canada taught him to think before acting, but think fast. He is not easily rattled by violence and stays calm under fire. Like most veterans, he doesn’t speak much of the War, except occasionally mentioning a buddy or two. Because of all of the death he saw in the War, Jack feels survivor guilt. This has made him, quiet and introspective. He doesn’t form relationships easily and often prefers to be alone.


Father: William Tyson Bishop, Longshoreman, Veteran of WWI (US Air Corp); Mother: Mary Alice (Hanagan) Bishop, Housewife; Older Sister: Elizabeth Ann Bishop (married name: Turner); Older Bother: William Edward Bishop, Captain, OSS; Younger Brother: Charles David Bishop, Shipping Clerk for White Star Shipping; Brother-in-law: Samuel Turner, Policeman. Girlfriend: Mary Holiday, black, age 31, torch singer at local club, “The Green Lantern” redhead, 5’6”, 118 lbs.

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