Guardian XI

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Guardian XI
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Respect the Fallen, for we shall soon follow.
Player: @Grimm Reaper
Super Group
Vigil Guardians
Real Name
Guardian XI
April, 29
Chicago, Illinois
Annexed Oranbega
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Bright Green
· Distinguishing Features ·
Many scars across his body, including his left eye.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Spirit Strength, Spirit Fire
· Other Abilities ·

Tabula Rasa

Arkus Lionhart, the hero that returned to his home dimension some years back, had apparently returned. However, he soon discovered that although he had all the memories of the Arkus from Imperia Earth, he was not that man. He was Arkus from Primal Earth. So why did he have Imperia Arkus's memories, among others, that blurred his own past?

He knows who he is on a very basic level. However, beyond that it is hard to decipher which memories are his, and which are not. Somehow it seems his memories are linked to the dead, so Arkus has set out to hunt restless spirits.


Grimm retains much of the personality of his counterpart, Imperia Arkus. He is a confident, justice driven pirate with a deep love of others. He seems to be much humbler than his counterpart, often admitting faults and lack of understanding. However, there is a strength rooted in him. He has no idea what he has done with his life, but something has led him to be strong.

Swallowing his fear, he is usually the first to initiate contact with others. He loves stories, and will often ask others for theirs. He carries a small notebook with him at all times. No one knows what is in it, but he is obviously self-conscious about it. Often he will be found writing in it, or flipping through its pages.

He is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Although prescribed medicine, he rarely takes it. Reluctantly he sees a therapist on a regular basis. His grip on reality is often thin, and when it is he seems to spend more time with his notebook. He avoids large crowds when he can, and will often try to convince people to leave with him to get away from crowds.

Arkus is very in tune with spirits, and can often feel the spirits of those around him. He is an empath, and can feel the emotions of anyone near. Once he creates a bond, or link, with someone close to him, he can feel them across space and time. When found talking to seemingly himself, it is hard to tell if he is speaking with a restless spirit, or a figment of his imagination.

Although he rarely brings it up, he is the lead singer and guitarist of a small band he started. Occasionally he will play at small venues, usually on campus. He is a part-time student, but will neglect his classes if his duty calls.


Covering his young muscular body are scars of all different shapes. It seems not one of his tight, defined muscles are without a scar. On his left eye is another scar, but when not wearing an eyepatch, it seems his eye is still operational. He has messy auburn hair, that he often plays with, and bright green eyes. A small amount of freckles scatter about his physique.

Memories of the Forgotten

The Tenth Guardian

"My daddy wanted a boy to carry on the line..." the spirit told Grimm sadly. Grimm had found her spirit lingering at the top of a tall office building in Steel Canyon. The two of them sat on the edge, watching the lights pass beneath them. Mary had been in the generational line of heroes who called themselves the Guardians.

"So... what did you do?" Grimm asked.

Mary shrugged slightly and told him, "I did my best anyways." She went on to tell him how she had disguised herself as a boy and joined World War II. Her family's super powers kept her safe until her unit stumbled across the 5th Column somewhere in Germany. Like too many others, she died fighting.

"Why are you on this building?" Grimm asked suddenly.

"My family used to live in apartment building that was here. It was torn down years ago."

Grimm stood up, looking resolutely at the city below. "You said your biggest mistake was thinking you could do it yourself... right? Well, I'll atone for your mistake. I'll find others. I'll protect the city you love after all these years."

Obviously surprised, Mary said quietly, "Thank you..."

"I'll be the Eleventh Guardian." Grimm smiled and looked down at her. "I might not be able to pass the title onto anyone else... but we'll give your line one more shot, savvy?"

Before she could answer, Mary's form slowly disappeared. She was moving on, to where, however, Grimm did not know. He never could tell if they moved onto the next life, or merely found rest until a later event. But whatever the case, Mary had found some peace. Grimm had taken up the title of Guardian XI. But his work was only beginning. Mary's memories were gone from his mind, but there were others to seek out.
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Theme Song
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