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"I've seen the destruction caused by my own hands... and now it's time to change that." - The Asesino of Fire.


Haven was a defense project set up to provide an area of protection for just one neighborhood in the Rogue Isles: Haven. This undertaking was led by the Asesino of Fire nearly twenty years ago, and was widely considered successful, if not unpopular by Arachnos terms. Alongside Fire were all kinds of other Villains, many of them now famous for their accolades, such as the Tabby sisters, Gin Narrows, and Shi Nakamura - just to name a few.

The group used an apartment complex as their base of operations, and the ground beneath it, making massive tunnels that supposedly led all over the Rogue Isles. Gin, known for her small mercenary group, supplied thousands of soldiers to Haven, for once making an actual secure zone in the Isles. Through excessive use of teleporters, the soldiers could appear anywhere in the neighborhood, stop a catastrophe, then return to the base for a game of pool.

The super-powered Villains in the group were used for much larger threats, such as stopping Deathsurge from destroying portions of the neighborhood. When the Rikti invaded, Super Villains and soldiers alike worked day and night to defeat the aliens, Haven known as the only place safe to stay when the Rikti came.

The group disbanded about twenty years ago, when the Asesino of Fire was killed by a special sword. The Villains all went their own way from there, creating the divide seen in the Tabby Sisters today. No one really knows what happened to the warrior who killed Fire, but there have been rumors the Haven Villains have been looking for her all this time...


The Asesino of Fire: Small, red and mean. The Asesino of Fire was a true powerhouse, able to lift a semi cab over his head and throw it at anyone in his way; Fire always surrounded his body, actually diffusing most attacks by Plasma. (Deceased)

The Asesino of Forge: The bigger brother of Fire, this Asesino was a master weaponsmith; as long as there was metal and a source of heat (Read: His brother), Forge could make anything. He's in Paragon City now, making superb weapons for anyone who pays well enough.

The Asesino of Ice: The only known female Asesino in existence, Ice was a renowned mage who worked all incantations around Haven. She was an excellent leader, inspiring many just by uttering a small word. Rumor has it she's working for the Circle of Thorns now, who believe she's some kind of deity.

The Asesino of Lightning: The second oldest next to Fire, Lightning (or 'L' for short) was the one to lead soldiers into battle. He was often eclipsed by the Asesino of Fire, but that never bothered him. No one knows where Lightning has been for the past twenty years. There are whispers in clubs that he works as a freelance soldier, but nothing has been confirmed. (Missing)

The Gray Tabby: Known for her heroic acts in the heat of battle, Ginger Narrows was a fighter to the end. When she worked in Haven, not only was the Tabby a sharp shooter, but she also could create and manipulate both ice and fire. After the split, she stayed in the Isles; as of late, she's been rather active in Haven.

The Brown Tabby: Donna Narrows was a cool-headed woman who kept her younger sister, the Yellow Tabby, in line. She was rarely used in anything more than digging up old relics for Ice to go over, but when in battle, her axe tore through enemies as if they were tissue paper. She now lives in Paragon City.

The Yellow Tabby: Heather Narrows brought her own soldiers into the mix, using only fresh recruits from the street. She often jumped to conclusions and acted immature, but it was really a mask to how intelligent she could be. Heather recently moved back to the Isles, where she was working at a club called Divergence; she hasn't been seen for quite some time though. (Missing)

The White Tabby: The youngest sister of the Tabbies, Tina Narrows is the most recognized of the group. She was often seen flying along the skyline of Haven, blasting Goldbrickers with the natural energy that ran through her body. Tina left Haven long before the Asesino of Fire died, living a life of a Heroine in Paragon City. She still lives there to this day.

ShiShi: ShiShi was the poster child of Haven... literally. A skilled Assassin at the age of 13, the Asesino recruited her from an Arachnos base where she would have wasted her life. She was a perfect shot with any kind of firearms, and her mutation powers were coming along nicely, but all she needed was a little training. She adored the Asesino of Fire, and disappeared after he died. A woman named Shi Nakmura, bearing the description of an 'older, brighter ShiShi', has been seen around the Isles. (Missing?)

Gin Narrows: Gin was one of the last Villains to join Haven; in fact, her Merc Group (Final Call) was often at odds with the Haven group. She was a decent shot with a firearm, but was more known for coordinating attacks and defenses, usually the overseer of every operation; She was a skilled surgeon also, who worked on almost every soldier and Villain in the group. She hasn't been seen since Fire died. (Missing)

ReJenn: ReJenn was a psychic who could destroy the world in a blink of an eye. She joined Haven after finding out her powers could destroy the mind of someone close to her, and that without even thinking, she could suck the air from a room; all she wanted was for the Asesino of Fire to help her. When Haven was dismantled, ReJenn's signature scarf was found in the rubble of a destroyed building. She's presumed dead. (Deceased/Missing)

Letan: Letan was an odd Mercenary who decided to join Haven after meeting the Asesino of Fire. The only thing known about him is he had a relationship with Sheara, an officer in the group. (Missing)

Sheara: Sheara Alturag was a high-ranking officer in Final Call, and also in Haven. She was the first soldier to leave the group and join Haven, often saving innocent civilians from being hurt during the cross fire between the two groups. Sheara's been following the Yellow Tabby around, helping her as a Mercenary for Hire, but is a little disturbed by her sudden disappearance.


Haven only had one goal: Bring peace to the decimated neighborhood. Fire saw Arachnos' thin veil of making 'New Haven' as a weak attempt at trying to make people safe again. He decided that fighting for the people on the street would earn him enough publicity that no one in Arachnos would speak out against him... and he was right. No one from the organization did. Plenty of Heroes and Heroines were outraged with the Asesino, however; The asesino would steal from banks in Paragon City just to provide some sort of money for the people in Haven. By doing whatever it took to make people safe, Fire became the enemy of both Villains and Heroes. The residents of Haven were forever happy, though. A statue was erected in his honor, but was quickly destroyed by gangs and Arachnos Soldiers after his death.

Post Asesino

Obviously Haven is a very different place today. The Goldbrickers, once suppressed by Fire, have now returned in full strength. There are few Arachnos patrols because of the numbers of the thieves, and partly because civilians will still try and bar them entrance. People fear every day that a ruthless Villain will murder them in the night, or they'll be shot on their way to work. Haven has become the exact opposite of what Fire wanted it to be, and there are some people who think that should change.

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