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This page is about the hero Hannak. Hannak was originally on the Guardian server but moved accounts and servers about 3 months after release. Hannak is a primary character and receives a lot of play time. His back story has undergone several changes but remains true in theme. His costume has never changed except with the addition of the DVD edition, and scaling.

Got his first gold title at 3 Year Anniversary Party: Approved by Positron

Hannak Avatar.JPG
Showing off his armor and other powers
Player: @Hannak
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Hannak
Known Aliases: The Dwarf Lord, Master Dwarf, Hann
Species: Dwarf
Age: 695
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: Dark Blue/Gray
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Undisclosed
Occupation: Retired
Place of Birth: Undisclosed
Base of Operations: The Everwinter Keep
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The Granitebeard Clan
Known Powers
Earth and Stone Mastery
Known Abilities
Earth Mastery, Drinking, Brewing, Brawling.
Ale Mug, Keg of Ale
To protect his kingdom Hannak has never disclosed the name or location of his origin.



What does he look like? Hannak stands 4'2" and weighs around 200lbs without his stone armors. He has long white hair, and a close and trimmed beard (Hannak tries to let it grow out, but it generally gets mauled in combat) He has a pair of sunglasses specially made to deal with earths sunlight, which he bought with his first bounty in Paragon City. He wears a flexible leather chest piece fashioned from the hide of an animal found on his home planet. His shoulder and leg pieces were commissioned to accent and handle his particular abilities with stone armors. His boots are a very special and are a family heirloom that enhances the Granitebeards connection to the earth. Special runes allow the boots to remain intact despite the vital connection the feet have to ground while using stone armor powers.


Hannak is a Dwarf. Not a small Human, a Dwarf. Born the better part of a millennia ago to the Dwarf King Hannadak. The heir apparent to the throne, much was expected from Hannak growing up.

The savage and twisted races were the ancient and bitter enemies of the dwarfs. Both fighting for survival in the harsh lands of Hannaks home. By the time Hannak entered the militia the Shataaz horde had coalesced out of the western tribes of the twisted races. The massive horde lead a strong campaign right to the seat dwarf power in the region. In a massive battle at his capitals gates King Hannadak died with is close guard. They killed a large gathering of horde generals and officers in a quick and brutal strike. With the kings sacrifice the dwarfs made a vicious drive to recover his body and drive a wedge between the horde and their remaining officers. The loss of so many superiors ruined to cohesion and order of the horde and their offensive quickly turned into a chaotic retreat. He took the throne when his father died in battle against the Shataaz horde. Hannak lead his kingdom on the campaign to punish the tribes that made up the hordes ranks. Afterward the kingdom was expanded and peace reigned for many decades. Peace though did not suit him and feeling a lack of conviction during peace time he decided to have his cousin lead his people.

After abdicating his throne Hannak spent decades exploring and learning, finding ancient places of dwarf heritage and power. He also continued to use his powers and increasing control and abilities. Then in his 692 year he came to and old fortress deep underground. There were many broken crystals lying around and many odd spiked magical objects, long since drained of power. This was the last stand of the mythical Oranbega cult, who tried to conquer the dwarves. Their plans were thwarted by a roving band of dwarves looking for and ancient beer recipe.( Most dwarves thought this was an exaggeration since they came back empty handed) In the center of the place was a portal, and there’s only one thing to do with a portal. Jump through...


Friends & Allies

Enemies & Nemesis

Hannak has taken a personal affront to the Devouring Earth and has gone after many of these abominations.


Hannak likes to fight, he can and does get carried away in battle and has gotten in over his head many times. He is not afraid of anything but will not throw away his health on an impossible task. He looks out for the safety of other heroes, he cheerfully lends a hand when needed. He is very polite.


Hannak is from the Royal Granitebeard Clan. They are melee fighters and their abilites with earth control reflect that.

Primary Set

Stone Armor Primarily the use of stone armor was for defensive maneuvers. The ability was focused into protecting the dwarf in battle with a layer of stone. Advanced control allowed for different properties to be sought out for the armors composition. This allowed for different kinds of protection from the stone armor. Earliest users were limited to one overall property or function at a time. Over time this was analyzed and a means to use multiple properties for layered protection was developed.

Secondary Set

Stone Melee After the development of stone armor the ability to attack using the same power in stone armor manipulation was explored. Early stone armor interfered with regular weapons such as axes and hammers. It was found that the mass added from the armor allowed hand to hand fighting to become a viable means to fight especially with the protection the armor offered. Continued development and the urge to wield a weapon lead to an earthen hammer. Formed from stone it was more easily wielded that a metal one. These are basic attacks most dwarfs with ability are taught. They are encouraged to develop their own attacks using the advantages of mass, density, and the ability to manipulate both.

Additional Powers

Earth Mastery The Granitebeard clan is known more for their melee poweress than direct and purposeful manipulation of earth and stone. That’s not to say they are unable to, it’s just more of an after thought. Hannak recently has started branching out and has some basic manipulations mastered.


Hannak has demonstrated the ability to pass through stone and most metals at will. This ability requires line of sight or Hannak to be very familiar with the location. Mostly this power is used for movement when he is weighed down with his heavier armor. He has been seen flying instead of using his form of "teleportation". Speculation seems to be a deal with Lanaruu or a similar force altered his abilities.

Power Pool

Hannak, being a dwarf, has great stamina and a hearty constition. Centuries of fighting has also left him in great physical condition.


Hannak can drink anyone on earth under the table.

Weaknesses and Limitations

A good ale can greatly distract Hannak. In combat Hannak has problems stepping and climbing over obstacles while armored. He blames faulty earth gravity citing he never had these issues before coming to Earth.


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