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Trailer Trash Gone Wild!
Player: Player2
Origin: magic
Archetype: stalker
Threat Level: 11, retired
Personal Data
Real Name: Jill Stone
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: half-demon
Age: 21
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 169 lbs
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. citizen
Occupation: unemployed
Place of Birth: (the back seat of an old Chevy)
Base of Operations: undisclosed trailer park on the outskirts of Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Joan (mother), John (father, adoptive), "the Devil" (real father)
Known Powers
electric melee, dark armor
Known Abilities
No additional information available.




The Hell-Child's personality matches her name. She is a volatile, self-indulgent witch who takes what she wants when she wants it. Growing up, she had no idea of her true nature, though even then her parents would refer to her as the Devil's daughter for all the evil she had stirred up. She would kill stray pets wandering in the trailer park, butcher and mutilate them in horrible ways, then put them on display after dark so they would shock and horrify neighbors the next morning. As she grew into her teens, her behavior became more manipulative, often stirring up trouble between people who seemed to happy to her for no reason other than to amuse herself. Since coming into her demonic birthright, Jill Stone has used her powers to take what she wants and cause misery and suffering for the hell of it.

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Upon her 18th birthday, Jill's fiendish heritage manifested much to the dismay of those attending her birthday party. When she made a wish and blew out her candles, dark smoke arose from the candles on her cake and her evil incarnate father appeared to her, causing her skin to blacken like pitch and her eyes to glow with the red fury of hell itself. She can cause darkness to manifest around herself and evil energies arc around her body in the form of red-hued electricity.


The Hell-Child's powers are magical in nature, drawing from her hellish ancestry. She herself is only a half-demon, though anyone who knows her would say she's as bad as any full-blooded fiend.

Electric Melee

She can project electrical energy at a very short distance or just surround her fists with it, causing her formidable strength to feel even more devestating.

Dark Armor

She can wrap the forces of darkness around herself by her father's grace, protecting her from harm and the light of day.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The Hell-Child is a self-conscious, spoiled little brat who is used to manipulating others and getting her own way. When confronted by a mirror in exceptionally bright light, she can see herself as she was before she transformed and experiences self-doubt which causes her to weaken and sometimes flee in tears.

Character History

Jill Stone was concieved during a stormy night in a power outage while her drunken father lay unconscious next to her mother who was equally incapacitated with narcotic substances. The Devil, Old Scratch himself, paid Joan Stone a visit that night and in her drug-induced haze, she believed him to be her husband. Nine months later when Jill was born, the power went out in the neighborhood again even though there was no storm or apparent cause for it. Ever since that day, Mr. and Mrs Stone have experienced one form of bad luck after another, much of it being directly caused by their mischievous daughter. She stole, broke things, stirred up all manner of trouble, and even killed neighborhood pets and mutilated them for fun. Her father cursed her very existance and called her the Devil's daughter without knowing just how right he was. He and his wife often fought over which of them was at fault for having her until one of the local children disappeared one day and Jill --for once-- behaved calmly and rationally, claiming no responsibility for it... except the could see in her eyes that she had and that the suffering caused by the disappearance amused her greatly. From then on, her parents tried to intervene on her behalf only to protect others from her malicious ways. In fact, they feared for their own lives so much that only one at a time would sleep while Jill was in the trailer with them.

Happy Birthday

On her eighteenth birthday, Jill recieved a very special birthday present. Her true father made a special appearance when she blew out the candles on her cake. Six of her "friends" in attendance went stark raving mad and are still institutionalized and kept heavily sedated. Six more went blind as their eyes boiled at the sight of the Devil's true face. And another six dropped dead on the spot, medical reports citing that their hearts stopped beating and attempts to rescusitate failed. Old Scratch introduced himself to Jill and explained how he came to her mother that stormy night, sparing no detail and for once telling no lies with no attempts to mislead. The daughter of the Devil laughed at how her mom had been used, her "dad" being too pathetic to realize, and how she was better than everyone she knew. She smiled wickedly and asked, "So what d'ya want from me, Poppa?" The Devil smiled proudly and replied, "Why, my dear, I only want for you to be happy and to have everything you want in life. Thus, I give to you the power that is your birthright so that you may take what you desire and slay any who foolish enough to deny you." With a snap of his fingers, Jill's eyes crackled with evil energies and her skin turned black as night.

Her first night out on the town as an adult, Jill stole a car and drove into Paragon City where she immediately fell in with the Hellions who recognized her power and tried winning her favor with contests of strength, destruction, and gifts of stolen loot. They called her the Hell-Child and elevated her above any boss... though it was only a matter of time before her criminal career came to a sudden stop as a result of heroic intervention. The hero called the Electro-Cute matched the thugish Hell-Child's electrical attacks and then surpassed her limits. Even the additional numbers of her Hellion allies weren't enough to overcome the hero.

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