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"I've been to Hell and Back, What 'bout you?"
Hell Hold
Player: Quick Rush
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: David "Hell Hold" Polstra
Known Aliases: Eddie Polstra
Species: Human/Incubus
Age: 15(as of Dec.3)
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Paragon Hischool Student
Place of Birth: Steel Canyon
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Austin Polstra, Eddie Polstra
Known Powers
Demon summoning and Poison
Known Abilities
is able to call forth an Army of Demons to protect him, can create deadly concentrations of poison and acid

Early Childhood

As a child, david had a hard time getting along with other students at his school, he would always get in trouble, and was a class clown, mostly, david was considered a normal child in a moderately normal family

The Hauntings

Once david turned 6, he began to see and hear spirits, and would call them his "friends with funny looking mask" he would some times communicate with these "spirits", this became more frequent, and gradually more severe until he was actually talking to these "friends" in public. His mother began to notice this and thought of this as a phase that every child goes through


"I thought that david was just going through that phase that all kids his age went through" says the mom, As things began to escalate,David's mother began to notice some strange things. "I saw david talking to his "friends" alot more and I decided to play along and ask him if his friends are staying for dinner and if they wanted some extra stake, and he replied "yes", so i made him and his friends a stake, i expected to see all those stakes still there after dinner, but what i saw was truely shocking, they were all gone"


"I was mosly shocked at what my wife told me"-Dad, David's dad was a very popular and unique hero before he retired,david's father is an expert demonlogist and demon summoner. "I admit i was..."involved" in the dar arts, but to hear about my son talking to his "invisible friends" i just thoguht "oh they're imaginary, but whe i saw that shadow following my son i said "oh dear god, they're not imaginary, they're demons, i sat down with david and told him about his "friends", but he looked at me and said, "they told me you'd say that", i was shocked. My own son, telling me this. I said to myself:"No, not my son, he's not going to have to deal with what i went through as a kid" so i called Father Brian 'o' Dartly.

Father Brian arrives at the house and feels extreme pressure as he walks in

"I've been friends with the polstra family for 15 years now"-Father Brian Father Brian makes it to the house with his paranormal team, determined to find the source of the haunting "When i heard that Harold Polstra's son was being haunted by demons that he called his "friends" i was worried, very worried"-Father Brian "We all went up to david's room and felt a HUGE increase in pressure, to where i could barely breath or walk"-Father Brian

The Paranormal Team

"I felt extreme pressure as i went into david's room"-anthony,technition "We set up a ghost box almost immediatly once we got inside david's room" A ghost box allows the entity to communicate to the living through a series of radio transmissions "we all gathered around the ghost box" the psychic began asking the list of questions that she had set up "what is your name?"-psychic "Bell'Rom"-Demon "why are you here?"-psychic "I do not need to answer to you!"-Demon "Show yourself to us, Give us a sign you are here"-psychic The Demon throws a vase and it smashes against the wall the team sets up an emergency deliverance a deliverance is used to banish demons the team and david's mother and father begin the prayer "our father who are in heaven, holy be thy name, thy kingdon come-" a vase smashes against the wall, and the demon scratches a team member "AHHH!"-paranormal team member Anthony the rest of the team gathers around anthony while the priest begins to deliverance "BE GONE DEMON, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE, NOW!, LEAVE" suddenly the psychic blurts out:"it's useless, it's not gonna leave, it's bound to david, it's not gonna leave" after hours of trying to banish the demon and it failing,david steps up and asks in a childish voice "Mr.Demon man,can you please not be mean to my family,pleeeease?"-David, Suddenly the house feels lighter, and everyone states how the tension has died down and how much easier it is to breath and walk. though the hauntings have not stopped, they are not as aggresive as before. David later learned how to control these demons, and registered as a hero

Misc. Info

if looked at closely show "666".

the scar looks as if it was burnt into him.

Ipod Playlist


David's Demonic Army

and is 2nd in command in david's "army";is david's "advisor" though david never listens
to him

nicknamed that due to his tough skin, and "Burnz" is a Hellfire Gargoyle, and has been
nicknamed "Burnz" due to his ability to incenerate David's foes;After Bell'Rom,these Demons
are 2nd in command, though they tend to lead david into doing troublesome acts

"Ling Ling" after his favorite Drawn together characters:

 Other Fun Facts :P

Bound to his soul

Recently discovered abilities

((demon form to be shown on this page as soon as i take a photo of it :P))

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