Hideous Life

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Hideous Life
Player: @Dead Eye Jake
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Herman Menderchuck
Known Aliases: Dicer
Species: Eidolon
Age: 43
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lb
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: Protector of Underworld, Superhero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City Sewer Network
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Herman Menderchuck's former family is presumed to be alive, but have altered their identities to keep from being found
Known Powers
Able to generate and control high levels of radiation
Known Abilities
Better than average tracking skills, intimate knowledge of the sewer system
No additional information available.


Character History

The creature answering to the name of Hideous Life remembers very little about his past these days. Some of this is no doubt due in part to living a lone, solitary existence down in the depths of the Paragon City sewers, where memories of his past life seem to fade away. Other aspects of his former life he would simply prefer to forget, rather than dwell on those feelings of pain and loss. This is because before Hideous Life was changed into the entity known as an Eidolon by the deranged Dr. Vahzilok he was once a man, and throughout his lifetime he has lost two families.

The Cancer

Entering his late thirties, Herman Menderchuck could be said to have everything he needed for a happy life. He was married, had two children, and a job he liked as a public accountant. Unfortunately, a yearly physical, and then several trips to the hospital, confirmed he also had cancer. Diagnosed as terminal, with cancerous cells and tumors having insidiously entered several of his major organs, Herman was left with the unalterable conclusion that in a few scant months he was going to die. It was just the sort of realization that can transform a quiet, stable man of mild mannerisms into a desperate, nervous wreck.

In only a few months time Herman drove his family away. The unpleasant symptoms of his disease began to surface, but he refused to seek admission into a hospital, viewing that option as final surrender to his approaching death. Rather than wasting the rest of his money on hospital bills, Herman made inquiries, sought deals, and paid persons of ill repute in a fanatical search for some way to avoid his doomed fate. Miraculously, he found an answer.

Prompted by leads he had found and paid over the internet, Herman learned of a man in Paragon City named Dr. Vahzilok whose criminal medical experiments had forced him into hiding. Those who knew informed Herman that not even cancer was beyond the doctor's ability to cure, and he was directed into contact with his agents. At least, when the necessary funds were diverted to the appropriate place, as Herman was directed, he was given instructions on how to enter Paragon City and meet with Dr. Vahzilok. No one ever saw Herman Menderchuck again.

The Cure

Cancerous limbs and organs were removed. Body part previously belonging to dead superheroes and other unfortunate victims harvested by the Vahzilok hordes were grafted in their place. Finally, massive doses of radiation were pumped through the newly manufactured body and sustained by the new, unique physiology provided him through superior parts and Dr. Vahzilok's medical genius.

And so another Eidolon was born. Concealing his recently reformed flesh in a patchwork of black leather and buckled straps, the creature once known as Herman Menderchuck found a new life in service to his savior, content to do his master's work. Leading undead cadavers and the deranged servants of Vahzilok, he helped to gather new components from living subjects out of the unsuspecting Paragon populace. Living his days in the sewer network, coming out at night to reap what he could, "Dicer", as he was now known, was a true and loyal member of the group.

Sentenced to Death

Then one day it so happened that the Luminous Eidolon failed to meet Dr. Vahzilok's expectations. In response a brutal punishment was meted out, the results of which still haunt him to this day.

In the depths of the sewers the Eidolon named Dicer was beaten and abused by hordes of Reapers and marauding Cadavers. The powers of other Eidolons were tested on him until the orders from Dr. Vahzilok himself were made known. Rather than scrap the body and use it for additional parts, as would be expected, a special fate awaited him. Explosives were gathered, tubes were inserted, and the components for a triggering mechanism were implanted in his flesh. During the pain of the surgery he endured without anesthesia he predictably passed out.

The next day found him on the steps of City Hall in Atlas Plaza, where a tense situation soon ensued when one of Dr. Vahzilok's “embalmed” creations was identified. As a hub of superhero activity, many such valiant crusaders were called to the scene, where crowd of citizens and police created a wary perimeter. Miraculously, though, the heroes did not decide to simply engage the stumbling, injured Eidolon posing the threat of explosion on the stone steps, but opted for a more dangerous, compassionate solution. While her teammates waited with baited breath, poised to assist her at any moment, a heroine familiar with the design of bombs approached the creature. While another hero subjugated the embalmed Eidolon's mind to ensure it would not attack, the woman worked to successfully disarm him. Minutes ticked by desperately until with a sudden vibrant smile, the hero lifted her head and gave the “O-K” sign to her team, elicited a cheerful cry from the watching crowd.

Third Chance at Life

The rehabilitation process was long and severe for the rescued Eidolon. As doctors and specialists strove to repair the medical monstrosity, the question remained of what would be done with him when he was made fit. Obviously the criminal process awaited him, but as luck would have it, new forces were at work in the political spectrum that would allow him to take a different path.

An initiative revolving around reformed criminals with super powers being reinvested into the city as heroes in a form of community service was being proposed at this time. While there were plenty who opposed this program, the proponents argued that it presented a tidy solution to problems such as breakouts and Arachnos recruitment occurring in the Zig, recurrences of criminal behavior, and legal disputes. In contrast, the program provided opportunities to use the ex-cons abilities for the good of the city, using their powers and information to destabilize criminal gangs.

Thus, out of those who agreed to be part of this experimental program, including a Council Vampyri, a Warrior, and a Cabal Witch, was the Luminous Eidolon who was recovered at City Hall. Choosing the name “Hideous Life” for himself, he was granted status as a registered superhero, to help protect the city and serve the very same heroes whose life and powers he now owed them.

In the end the program would be discontinued, but Hideous Life remained with his valid superhero status, his efforts being enough to be granted free reign and a pardon for his previous life of crime.

Lord of the Underworld

[Work in progress]

Physical Attributes

Before becoming an Eidolon, Herman Menderchuck was the most average of human specimens. Since then the parts of his body have been surgically replaced and grafted with the parts of former superheroes. Who these people were, and what abilities they might have possessed through whatever mysterious origins, is unknown. It is only certain that their unwilling sacrifice has given rise to a new form of creature with powers all his own.


The body provided Hideous Life allows him to generate massive amounts of radiation. He has learned to control and direct this energy to various affects, both as a boon to his allies and as detriment to his enemies.

Furthermore his body has been enhanced to various superhuman levels, providing him with the ability to leap great distances and other feats of strength. Likewise, all five senses have been improved, as has his overall fortitude.


Due to his physical prowess, increased senses, and experiences, Hideous Life has become somewhat skilled as a tracker. This ability becomes even more pronounced within the city's intricate sewer network, where his familiarity with the terrain and uncanny connection to Underworld gives the impression of omnipresence. Most keen of all is his sense of smell, the sensitivity of which was probably augmented by the powerful olfactory abilities of a fallen superhero. By spending much time in the sewers, where odious smells are most pungent, Hideous Life has perfected this sense. It has many applications.


Hideous Life can usually be seen in his complete body-length outfit resembling a typical Eidolon. Composed primarily of patches of black leather, secured with metal straps and buckles, it is nearly identical to Vahzilok's minions except for its lack of the stark white "V" and other subtle markings missing from his costume. When wearing this his body is completely covered from head to toe.

However, the reason he wears this ensemble is even more insidious than a simple fashion choice. In truth the outfit is part of the original Eidolon construction, sewn into the flesh like a second skin, its stitching and straps designed to help keep the piecemeal composite together. It was only through the care of the Paragon City medical community that the original "face" mask was removed, though not without leaving many scars on his face. Today Hideous Life wears a simple mask of cloth or leather to hide his features from the world.


An unfortunate side-effect of the Eidolon process is the threat of cellular degradation. Hideous Life has yet to experience this problem, which might one day mean accepting his fate in a slow and painful death, or find a process by which to add new body parts for replacements.


[Work in progress]


[Work in progress]

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