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High Risk Incorporated, a Metahuman Security Company - when normal will no longer do!

High Risk Incorporated is a paramilitary organization of Vigilantes and Heroes who have found the hard way that sometimes fighting crime means fighting crime and that there comes a time when you just have to play as hard or harder to win than the authorities consider acceptable.

Founded by Susan “Sushi” Cray and Joshua “ Scalphunter” Morgan, the team is a group of private contractors providing security and private investigations worldwide. Need a hostage rescued? Recovery of a kidnap victim? Has the Council been knocking on your door, Vazhilok peeking in your window lusting after your hot young bod for the Doctor's flesh vats? HRI will be happy to save your day, rescue your child or retrieve that lost bit of blackmail…and all for a reasonable (if steep) fee.

Comprised of vigilantes, disillusioned heroes, mercenaries, refugees and defectors from the Rogue Isles, HRI accepts recruits from all walks of life and any archetype. They promote camaraderie, teamwork and tight unit cohesion – their twin mottoes are “ Fight to Win”, along with the one not on their patch – Everyone goes home. They never leave a teammate behind.

But behind the scenes is a little known role – High Risk Inc. is a black ops funded entity who, at the behest of (and with generous support from) the government,undertakes resistance missions into the Rogue Isles, and provides a hard bitten deniable asset. HRI’s covert mission: to combat the uniformed criminal armies besieging America, the world and Paragon City. Criminals are bad enough, but the world is under siege by the Council, Malta, Nemesis, the 5th Column and yes, Arachnos. HRI undertakes their suppression seriously, and has been used in the Praetorian War as well.

The Company

HRI is listed as a private military contractor. Primary CEO is Susan Ellis Cray. Moderately wealthy, she is well known as a tech meta in Paragon City with a public identity. She operated for some time as a hero,but began later operating in the Rogue Isles working with a resistance organization there, which failed due to infiltration. She then encountered fellow owner and founder Joshua Morgan and founded HRI in mid- 2010. HRI is listed in LONGBOW records as a allied PMC, but not on Heronet due to disagreements with local law enforcement on tactics and doctrine

Most of the members have a strong sense of commitment, not to the letter of the law but the spirit of it. They may never attack civilians or innocents, but will aggressively fight crime and criminal organizations.

Of course, there’s many civilian clients who send a full pouch of diamonds or writs of credit from the mercantile keiretsus and oil cartels to the various banks for discreet deals – merchants engage in warfare as well, albeit of a different sort. Discreet communications are a must, or perhaps simply someone willing to pack a backpack of plans, messages or items that the Customs Officers really don’t need a peek at. (Many of the Riskers are accomplished smugglers)

But not all is as it seems. Mundane as it seems, HRI makes a perfect cover for the company's other lucrative sideline, spying. Granted, the company operates in the open. But there’s crime everywhere, offering the perfect excuse to be hidden in plain sight. After all, few think twice about the security guard, with all the other activities going on in the city. Reporting what they see, and amassing information for CIA, Longbow and other more lucrative clients nets a tidy sum and leads to their primary ( and preferred) contracts – special operations. They have appeared in some of the strangest places, raiding, rescue missions, and secret quests are their bread and butter. Nothing like plausible deniability to get a good paycheck seems to hold true, and is grist to the HRI mill.


HRI has undertaken government contracts and also operated as a mercenary security unit. They have a small but lucrative client list and have attained a reputation as a small, proficient company that is willing to get its hands dirty. LONGBOW notes they DO operate in the grey, not the blue side of the equation.

Company History

The Personnel

Joshua Morgan - Chief Operations Officer and Field Commander

Scalp Hunter

Publicly listed as the leading partner and operations officer of HRI, Joshua Morgan is a conundrum. He is a well-known merc, with an impressive rep in the business. Grapvine, old boy networks and word of mouth among those in the know may not recognize his civilian name, but they ALL recognize the Scalp Hunter. His rep is based on getting the job done, and he’s a survivor. (Also, he's considered very bad news if he’s on the job)

An interesting note - while he’s well known, almost a legend among the merc community, aside from a few public notices (like the HRI corporate rolls, that sort of thing) there’s NOTHING on him elsewhere and he goes to great lengths to keep it that way. A Ghost. No records, no LONGBOW profile (beyond rumors and speculation) no paper trail. But an identity search brings up one interesting, readily found fact - he’s listed as a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, class of 1856.

Susan Ellis Cray (Sushi) - Chief Executive Officer

Susan ( Sushi) Ellis Cray

Sushi is a known past member of Teen Phalanx, and is well known both for her technical achievements as well as being a recognized expert in the field of quantum displacement and interdimensional technologies and applications (in other words, portal technologies.) She is publicly known, but maintains a low profile.She is one of the primary public points of contact for the company, and is also the public CEO, makes all appearances regarding the company's public relations require her presence. She also operates as the public buffer, as her partner Joshua aggressively avoids the public eye.

Jessica Wendell (nee Berkeley) – Communications Officer


A former agent of the Resistance, Jessica was an easy recruit into HRI. She has carried her mission with her into Primal Earth along with her old hash-tag, Darksyte. She's the least-known publicly of the HRI crew, though she is well-known to LONGBOW and Homeland Security due to her status as a Praetorian refugee. Jessica has brought her skills fully to bear in the service of the company (and the current client), as well as a piece of salvaged equipment called P.E.D.R.A.

OOC Information


Out of Character – HRI is a hero and vigilante super group on Virtue server. We promote hardcore medium/heavy RP, bring a friendly and close knit atmosphere for mature, adult players. Any are welcome to join us after an application and a one-month trial period as a rookie.

We follow the City of Heroes / Villains canon, and ask that players be prepared to commit to balanced RP. We do action and consequence (lesser gods need not apply) and promote courteous and enthusiastic RP and characterization. RP events and forum RP are encouraged!The goal is to be, and provide, the very best in RP on Virtue Server.

Simply fill out an app, and join the site. Interested parties may contact Susan Ellis Cray or Scalphunter ingame ( @Maemir Firehand) They can also contact the HRI Communications Officer Darksyte at @Tarania on the Virtue server.

While HRI promotes mature RP as adults, we do not promote ERP. All players must be 18 or older.

So, lock and load. Bring spare clips, charge up your powers, cast your spells, raise those energy bolts and pack BOTH pistols and come join us in the war on crime!

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