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(At this point this is just basic information)


House Lexian is first and foremost a Household as opposed to a Super Group. The Manor is just that, a large manor based in Atlas Park. (Think Dr. Strange's Sanctum) There is ancient and demonic magic wards set up to hide and protect the Manor from prying eyes. It was founded by Lexian, a 'Demon' that has been reformed. Not much is known about him and his household except that they run along a more feudalistic organization. The manor in which everyone lives is a veiled lot in Atlas Park. Demonic and Ancient magics formed wards to keep it from prying eyes and as such, most people just wander by not knowing the truth.

The basis of his founding of this house if that there are others that were like him, outcasts and pre-judged as being evil, different but at the core, they were good. As such, he opens his house to those that find it difficult to find a home, wether you look different, come from a home that is so different from Paragon City, that it is a place they can feel 'normal' or at least accepted without judgement. The Manor is a home first and foremost. It is from these people Lexian actually initiates people to join his own Household.

Current affairs of the Manor

The Manor is under construction. Though he is searching out old manors from the world, buildings with great histories that people are choosing to demolish in order to build something new. He reuses the old building supplies and has his builders use the old stones, bricks, floors and anything else to build his own home. His hope is that the more people that see his vision and join in aiding him, the sooner and larger the Manor will become.


He is the head of the Household and Supergroup. In times of trouble, if the council cannot com to a consensus, he will rule as right by his role as head of the house.

These are the most trusted of Lexian’s household. They adhere to the beliefs and concept of the household and help to promote its ideals.

This rank is for those of the Household that hold positions of power but are not a part of the Council. They are responsible for various sections of the house, generally 1 for each specialty. There is 1 Officer that is not a part of the Household, it is a representative of the permanent residents so they have a voice.

These are people sworn to the House and to Lexian. They are members of the household itself and have special access to various areas. In addition to helping out the citizens of Paragon City, they also are responsible for the care of the Manor and for its inhabitants, which include those not initiated in the Household.

These are members that have been fully vetted and are given a place in the Manor. They are those that do not with to join the Household, but wish to remain and help. They are an integral part of normal life in the Manor and as such are treated as part of the family.

These members are newly invited to sleep in the guest houses and offered food at regularly scheduled times. They are sort of probationary members. While as a resident, others will get to know you as you get to know others. This is the first step in become a part of the family.


OOC Section:

What kind of characters fit in House Lexian?

Any character in theory could fit in. The idea of the Manor is to be a refuge for those extra-dimensional beings to find a home in Paragoc City.

What is House Lexian?

House Lexian is a mature RP group. The theme often creates adult themed situations but it should be clear that if you are to be part of this SG, your character has to have a lot of depth and story. We will help you build that story if you need that help. The Manor is an RP heavy SG, which is why the player base is small and limited. There will almost never be a public broadcast looking for members, it is always done via in-game RP. If this does intrest you, please send a @mail to @lexian and we can meet, RP some and see how we can add you to the family and the RP going on within the SG.

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