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Many tens of thousands died in the destruction of Galaxy City. Survivors fled, or were found. Kaloyan Zhivko was found near death under the rubble, contaminated by the oozing sentience of the corrupting Neo Shivans. he recovered, and had lost everything: home, family, partner, friends. Dispossessed he struggled to come to terms with this, like so many others. He was befriended by Tenkar, who let him sleep on his couch, and gave him some money.

Slowly he gained the goal to make a home that would be safe, and a haven, for him and others if they chose. Using Tenkar's gift of money, he took out a lease on two warehouses: one at the docks in Independence Port, and another smaller one at the docks of Port Oakes. Slowly, over time, with the assistance of such as Tenkar and Joe Brawley and others, he had private apartments built. Thus was born Iairus.

Iairus us a quiet haven for some people who choose to live there. Respect of other residents, and respect of their choices and privacy, is paramount.

OOC background and Information

Iairus is a small super group and villain group. Members, should they earn enough prestige, will have a private apartment built for them. This is role-played as their apartment; and may be role-played as physically different apartments for different characters they may have.

Kaloyan is played by @Umbralraith, who as of June 2012 is unable to play City of Heroes die to geographical constraints. In his absence @Taosin (a personal friend of @Umbralraith) effectively moderates the group. Please note that in character, Tenkar is the legal nominee of Iairus.

For members:

For Coalition Allies & Guests IC and OOC:

Ideally, some RP (mature, adult, etc.) that can be overheard needs to be done via team or tells and kept out of local.
You may not expand your RP to third parties without their consent. There is no tolerance of ambush RP.
Do not RP actions that will in character destroy parts of Iairus. Any such actions will be unceremoniously retconned. In regards to violence, it can be assumed that anyone who becomes violent is quickly and efficiently removed from the premises by forces that exist and are beyond their control.


Any and all complaints about the conduct of coalition members should be directed to @Taosin (including any complaints about him!). Should a player choose not to follow the rules, all corrections and consequences will be made out of character, including but not limited to retcons, character ejection, and coalition dissolution. These rules apply on the player -- not character -- level, and will be enforced on that level.
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