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Mechanized Mutant
A very rare photo taken by an anonymous magazine after Garret took to the superhero life.
· Mutation Blaster ·
Energy Blast
Energy Manipulation
Player: @Huatar
Real Name
Garret Brennar
None Other Known
April 24, 1991
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
United States
Kings Row, Paragon City
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Mutated Human
Mixed-Breed Wolf Shark
Apparent Age
Black/White Streaks
Black/White Underbelly
· Distinguishing Features ·
Appearance of a Great White Shark
Amphibious nautical travel
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
TITAN AI-designed Power Suit
· Other Abilities ·
Enhanced acrobatic abilities
Focused and Concentrated Energy Rays

For those who stumble on this page and scratch your heads in confusion: Yes, this is a "furry" character, although the severe limitations on character creation prevents this character from actually being realized in-game. That's why I have to rely on pictures created outside of the game in order to fully convey the appearance of the character, itself.



Garret Brennar

Garret Brennar is an anomaly when it comes to heroes who roam Paragon City. He "suffers" (he doesn't considering it suffering) from a mutation that permanently alters his physical appearance to that of an anthropomorphic shark, which he's whole-heartedly embraced and accepted. Although this doesn't give him any outlying abilities other than being able to swim underwater without fear of breathing or opening his eyes, he has nonetheless accepted a life of crime-fighting through his knowledge and proficiency in modern-day technology.

His mutation is not known to be genetic, but rather triggered through certain parameters. Garret has an affinity for swimming, and has been particularly fond of the Great White Shark even from an early age - never deterred from Hollywood blockbusters portraying sharks as deadly sea monsters. It is likely possible that physical contact with the skin of a passing shark triggered the mutation to manifest over the course of a full week.

From his later years in high school, Garret had a particular fondness for the advancement of technology. His college major was in Cybernetics and Robotic Engineering; he's currently pursuing his Masters degree in the field, and plans to continue on for his doctorate.

His love for technology brought him to considering commissioning a friend of his to develop a suit of armor that he could use.



It is a somewhat well-known fact that Garret accepts and embraces his physical alteration. However, his appearance is - as you can say - somewhat customized due to some alterations made to his cosmetic makeup (through SCIENCE!). His "fursona" is that of a mixed-breed Wolf-Shark. His skin is midnight-black with a white "undercoat" spreading from his pectorals to his groin. His eyes are blue, almost feral-like. He has wolf-like ears, and legs.

He normally wears a brownish leather aviator jacket and short black pants, but wears no shirt underneath his jacket. He is in this outfit quite often, as he doesn't wear his power suit as much as he could help it.


He displays no traits from the commonly-known personalities of feral sharks. Garret is easy-going and patient, mostly friendly and accepting of others. His voice is smooth; deep enough to register as an adult's, but soft enough to retain a youthful, upbeat sound. He enjoys a multitude of musical genres - with his most favorite being Hardstyle, and '70s/'80s rock coming in a close second. He also loves art, even though he has absolutely no artistic skill whatsoever. He also takes a few moments during every awkward situation to try and be witty. He revels in trying to be the "comic relief" during downtimes.

Up-Armored Vigilante

To pay for his education towards a Masters Degree in Cybernetics and Robotic Engineering at Paragon City University he commissioned a friend of his to develop an armored power suit - having been inspired by heroes such as Positron. The pay-off was that he would take to the streets as a vigilante, fighting whatever crime there was in Paragon City. His efforts in this endeavor rewarded him with enough funds to begin pursuit of his degree, but he was noticed by the crime community at large.

He registered as a full super-hero during his second year in his graduate program, choosing not to hide his identity, and cleverly naming himself "Identify." The name really comes as a challenge to those he meets, daring them to guess who he is outside of the suit.

"TITAN" Power Suit

KuramaFullbodyFullBG copy.jpg

The TITAN Power Suit is an up-armored acrobatically-inclined suit of personal armor designed to fit around the form of its user - custom-designed for Garret Brennar as the super-hero "Identify." Most of the body it covers is protected by adamantium plates, specially designed to be incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver in. The suit itself is mostly woven out of elastic carbon polymer with rubber padding, which, combined, is strong enough to withstand copious amounts of damage, while allowing Garret to perform acrobatic feats that cannot otherwise be done with a normal suit of armor. It is powered by a single Fusion-Core reactor built on the back of the armor, with the energy it generator going to his flight stabilizers/power gauntlets and his jet boots.

Hydraulics installed in both his boots and his gauntlets allow him to run faster, jump higher, and punch harder than he normally would. Coupled with the energy output from the Fusion reactor, he is able to transmit powerful rays of focused and concentrated light. This is his only known, and standard, combat system.

The helmet was a special order from an experimental research division of a popular weapons manufacturer. It links Garret into the PCPD mainframe, allowing him access to a plethora of useful information and streaming services that he could make use of. The HUD of the helmet relays to him "battlefield information," showing the estimated endurance levels of his foes.

The entire suit is also water-proof.

Crey-Engineered Super Serum

During a recent bout against Crey scientists, Garret came across an experimental formula that was still in early development. He would soon come to find out that it was for a highly controversial serum whose intent was to deconstruct Mutant DNA and reform its user into a normal human. After studying the early plans for the formula, however, Garret managed to discover how to make this a "temporary" change. The serum only works for a short amount of time, but long enough for Garret to be able to walk around in public - in relative peace. Of course, having taken inspiration from other heroes around him, the outfit he wears is inconspicuous.

He only needs to use the serum once for it to work for 24 hours - being able to switch to and from his non-mutant disguise at will.

Character History

Garret was raised in a relatively normal environment - caring parents, older brother, big house with a white picket fence, a family dog. It was understandable that things drastically changed one day when he was twelve years old.

During a family vacation in the summer of 2003, Garret noticed several differences about himself that worried him very little, at first. As they went to the coast of California, he realized that he was better at swimming than he was before, and was even able to hold his breath much longer than he was usually able. Although he thought nothing of it, his parents were constantly worried after watching him dive underwater, only to realize that he wouldn't surface for another fifteen minutes. They feared he was drowning almost all of the times they saw him, only to be relieved as he resurfaced.

After about two weeks, Garret spent his last few moments in the calming waters of the Pacific Ocean. He drifted further away from the beach, growing bolder with his swimming. As he went out further than was permitted, both his parents and his older brother lost track of him - until the very last moment. As he drifted listlessly in the water, he noticed the fin of a Great White Shark steadily approaching. After having watched a Discovery documentary on television he learned to keep very still, waiting for the shark to pass or gauge its curiosity. He felt the body of the creature brush up against his legs, and the tail whipped him gently but the shark swam away.

Normally, everything would have been fine and Garret would have decided to swim back to the beach - but as will all superhero origin stories, especially one as basic as this, nothing was ever that easy.

Within moments after the shark made physical contact, Garret was rendered unconscious, but began to drift closer to the beach. His family saw him, panicking as they saw his face buried under the water. When they couldn't raise him from his coma, they took him to the hospital. The physician that was attending him informed his parents that they discovered a change in Garret's DNA after taking a blood sample. As he lied on the hospital bed they put him in, his body was going through a steady transformation that lasted for a week. They later discovered that this change was the result of a mutation that manifested itself after being triggered by physical contact with the shark in the water.

After he woke up from his week-long coma, he found himself changed into the physical body of a black-coated Great White Shark.

Normally, people would be flustered by this, but his parents found that Garret took the change surprisingly well. There was the initial shock, but he got used to it - and this positive outlook on the mutation allowed his parents to accept it, although it took them longer than he. Garret was moderately received at school after, once again, the initial shock of walking into school an entirely different species than those of his classmates. As the years passed by, Garret eventually graduated from high school and set out on his own. With an interest in the advancement of technology, he sought out Paragon City and applied to the university there, eventually becoming accepted with his focus on majoring in Advanced Robotics and Cybernetic Technology.

During his time in Paragon City, he was inspired by the superhero Positron and commissioned a good friend of his to build a suit of powered armor that would fit the young fledgling. His crime-fighting had a rocky start-up - as he soon discovered that it would be difficult to maintain a secret identity when his personal appearance was one in a million. His suit originally made it difficult for him to be recognized, but as time passed his appearance both in the suit and out of it would be easy to distinguish. He garnered a lot of attention from the crime community at large, particularly.

Eventually, Garret was nearly driven to the brink as he was consistently harassed outside of his vigilante patrols. Once he returned to his apartment in Kings Row, finding it in flames with nearly all of his possessions burned and incinerated. In early 2012, he had at last registered as a full hero and received the assistance he needed in order to fight back against these criminals who would constantly hound him. He took the name Identify as a challenge to those he comes across.


  • Garret Brennar is the working name for a fictional character of a series of science fiction stories currently being written by this page's creator.
  • Character was inspired mostly by Iron Man, integrated into the creator's own fursona.
  • I would have named him "Identity," but some other asshole took it.
  • Pictures were taken from Second Life.
  • In-game character was built as close to the intended appearance as possible.

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