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Drew drawn by Artgutierrez
Player: @check
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corr
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Drew
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human Mutation
Age: 21
Height: 5'11
Weight: 144 lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Tattoo Model
Place of Birth: California
Base of Operations: Nation Space Station
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: three Brothers, two sisters
Known Powers
generate and control various classes of radiation
Known Abilities
learning something new everyday
com earbud

innocuus -a -um act. [innocuous , harmless, blameless]; pass. [unhurt, unharmed]. Adv. innocue, [harmlessly]


Drew has taken up with some other metas to possibly find a safe place to live.


Drew is very easy going and not shy in the slightest. Not quick to anger and always interested in meeting new people.


Very upbeat and has been known to infect others with a positive energy. She has a very healthy self image and with this comes a level of confidence in social situations. The evildoers of the rogue island do not intimidate her in the slightest


Obsessive compulsion, she can't help but count things and line things up to create symmetry.

Despite her best efforts there are times that she can not help causing Radioactivity to dangerous levels. This lead her to move very far from her family and friends. She is also very hesitant to let herself have feelings for anyone since prolonged exposure to her might be harmful to ones health

She is physically weak and has a very hard time defending herself in close in fights. many times she has been forced to increase radiation to unsafe levels in order to save herself from a hasty death.

Radioactive warning sign2smallblck.JPG
Acquaintances Affiliations and Friends

Most of the time Drew hangs out with her friends in Branded but has also spent some time around other residence of the isles. She has been known to help out the occasional.. "contractor" by answering help wanted postings on the very popular website

Love Interests

she's radioactive to unsafe levels usually people just stop reading the personal add at that point.

Radioactive sign 01blck.PNG

Two years ago after a photo shoot for Motorcycle Mania Drew noticed she looked a little pale in the proofs. Three months later she found herself devoid of any pigment in her skin, soon after even her eyes and hair faded to pure white. Months of testing revealed no apparent cause. After she was deemed unfit to be in public due to possible radioactive contamination she was ordered to a special government facility for more testing and containment. She brought to attention questionable ethics violations and her attorney was able to free her using a minor loophole in the mutant American act of 1998. On the outside Drew found life impossible and with the fear of accidentally poisoning her friends and family she decided to ride to Paragon City to start a new life. Things did not go well for her in the city of heroes as she found her generally laid back attitude constantly questioned by more serious minded citizens. Finally having enough of it she packed up and moved to the Rogue islands immediately finding a place in the safe house branded.


Drew had her ink done by an old high school friend of hers. He had a very bright future ahead of him and She based an early modeling career off the attention he was getting in the media. Unfortunately he was killed in a traffic accident a few days before his work was to be featured in the magazine Motorcycle Mania. It was a spread of pictures highlighting his work as an airbrush and tattoo artist.

Hip middle sized.gif


when she sneezes anyone within thirty feet goes sterile
her tattoos are magical
she could instantly decay enough material to create a fast breeder reaction that would eventually consume the planet
one time when she was very angry she turned a longbow agents underwear into plutonium by rearranging the structure of the atoms that made them up.
While robbing a bank Drew was cornered by a fire shooting cape, she converted all the water in his body to hydrogen and oxygen and he spontaneously combusted
She has at times used the matter in her own clothing as fuel for a nuclear reaction leaving her enemies shadows etched on the walls but also leaving herself quite naked
after an above mentioned reaction she went shopping at the black market for several hours and due to her unique coloring or lack thereof no one noticed
two other organized groups stationed in the rogue isles may or may not have approached Drew to offer cash and perks if she would switch her allegiance to them
Their may or may not be certain terrorist groups that would like to get their hands on drew due to her ability to create uranium at will


Drew is able to influence the decay of atoms seemingly at will. Her finite power to control the resulting radiation gives her the ability to immunize nearby friends from the harmful affects. This same ability also allows her to make an enemy into a walking chain reaction of deadly radiation. Using the targets very own cells, clothing, weapons and even the air they breath she decays or combines the atoms into a more usable element such as plutonium. By the time the target realizes there situation all their nearby allies are typically coming apart at the seams. On the opposite side of the spectrum she can also shut down beings based on chemical reactions and atom decay by either altering the process their bodies survive on or stopping it altogether. Given enough time she could convert or destroy every single atom that makes up her enemy. Magically endowed foes gave her a hard time until she found that even these powerful adversaries had to exist on the same plain as her to do her any harm. To her altering an atom is almost as simple as basic math, even a powerful sourcer finds themselves distracted when they pull in a breath of chlorine gas instead of air when casting a spell. The Circle of thorns Behemoths are equally taxed while they are melting from the inside out.

Roleplay Notes


A lot of the time she will dye her hair or wear contacts to make herself appear more status quo, this is seen as nothing more then makeup to Drew and if she loses a contact during a job shes very unlikely to take the time to replace it.
generating radiation to Drew is effortless, what taxes her is not allowing it to harm her allies
her room in the branded safe house is based on a scaled down version of the Chernobyl sarcophagus
a Geiger Counter is permanently attached to the wall outside this room

Character Inspirations

Radioactivity Explained
the old internet tale of the nuclear boy scout
a bio hazard symbol i saw on a T-Shirt
a book i read a looong time ago


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