Iron Hart

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Iron Hart main.JPG
Iron Hart
Player: @NeverBorn
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Jared Call
Known Aliases: none yet known
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 6'5" (in suit)
Weight: 511 lbs. (in suit)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: UN/StormForce operative
Place of Birth: Wichita, KS
Base of Operations: same
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kyle and Tabitha Call (parents), Danny Call (brother, deceased)
Known Powers
Archery/Electricity Manipulation
Known Abilities
The Hart Suit, Composite bow, jump/jet pack

Iron Hart began only as a name and a loose combination of the Ultimates' Iron Man and Hawkeye. He is a paramilitary soldier, interested in doing the right thing -- always -- but doing it as his full-time job. His full back story and personality are a work in progress.



Iron Hart is currently in the TechOps division of the UN-funded StormForce. He considers himself a soldier, rather than a true "superhero."


Danny was supposed to be the hero. He was exceptionally gifted, always tinkering and cobbling together some fantastical toy. While Jared was lettering in high school football and marching in the ROTC, Danny was building a cold fusion reactor in the greenhouse. Danny's only real problem was his overdeveloped sense of justice, right and wrong. Jared pushed, always, for Danny to sell his inventions and make the family rich. Danny refused, even as he began to get sick. It was the same week the doctors diagnosed the tumor that Danny began work on the Iron Hart project.

The Hart Armor was Danny's greatest accomplishment. Designed to self-sustain in long combats, the armored suit was capable of transforming the world's military and bringing the Call family untold wealth and clout. But Danny had other, nobler ideas. Danny presented it as a birthday gift to his older brother, hoping that Jared would take up the mantle of a hero. Jared refused, seeing only the money. Trading on his military contacts, Jared arranged a test run of the armor and feebly made promises about the health care the wealth would provide Danny. Danny was furious, but said nothing.

When the day of the test arrived, the armor was nowhere to be found. To Jared's shock, Danny -- physically falling apart -- had taken it to Paragon City in an effort to find a hero worthy of wearing it. He failed. A rogue Council Archon, posing as a city representative, stole the suit and left Danny for dead. After an agonizing few days, Jared was forced to pull the life support plug on his baby brother.

Armed with nothing but his wits and his military training, Jared tracked down the Archon that had murdered his brother. He infiltrated the Council base and stole back the Hart Armor, taking his share of revenge but leaving the villains alive to face justice for what they'd done. After the deed was finished, Jared destroyed the armor's blueprints so that no one could ever exploit his brother's life work again. Now understanding Danny's sense of justice, Jared patrols the streets of Paragon City as Iron Hart, a soldier and a hero.


All of Iron Hart's powers are a product of the incredible Hart Armor that he wears.

The Hart Armor

The Hart Armor is Danny Call's greatest invention and legacy. A completely self-sufficient battle suit, the Hart Armor is capable of maintaining its own ammo and energy almost indefinitely. The suit works on a very complex system of energy transference, absorbing all types of energy (solar, thermal, even magical) and matter (weapon and bullet fragments, soil, etc.) through panels and vents hidden in the design. Once collected, the matter and energy is "digested" into the suit's power cells and arrow resin chambers, to be applied to the wearer's purposes.

A close-up of Iron Hart


The primary weapon capability of the Hart Armor are its arrow resin chambers. While in combat mode, the suit quickly "digests" absorbed material and transforms it into incredibly strong resin shafts, plucked from a feeder slot in the back of the suit. As long as new material is absorbed, this provides the Hart Armor with an unending supply of arrows. If a steady pace is maintained, Jared would literally never run out of ammo.

By mastering different settings in the armor's menu, Jared is able to produce explosive arrows and other such material. More complex arrows ("trick" arrows) are outside the suit's capability.

Electricity Manipulation

The secondary function of the suit is trickier, and something Jared only mastered after weeks of deliberate experimentation. By concentrating a larger portion of the "digested" energy to the suit's power cells, Jared can force an energy overload. To protect the user, the Hart Armor is designed to discharge any excess energy harmlessly into the air. With extreme practice, Jared has been able to develop combat uses for this discharge. By focusing the expelled energy, Jared can unleash a dangerous electrical aura or capture enemies in a makeshift electrical "net". These capabilities tax the suit severely, and must be used sparingly. On more than one occasion, the suit has gone into temporary shutdown and left an overextended Jared vulnerable.

Enhanced Physical Attributes

The Hart Armor was not built with "travel powers" in mind. Although Jared has considered modifying the suit for jets or jump pistons, he is very reluctant to make any changes to his brother's design.

As it is, the armor is designed to increase the user's physical prowess by up to 100%. While wearing the suit, Jared can run faster and jump much higher than a normal man.

Other Equipment

As a soldier and member of StormForce, Iron Hart is very comfortable carrying a range of equipment to augment his abilities.

Composite Bow

While the suit produces a constant supply of ammunition, Jared has to provide his own bow. He has selected a high-tech composite bow as his main choice due to its increased accuracy and range.

Iron Hart w/ Jet Pack.

Jump/Jet Packs

Through his military contacts, Iron Hart has acquired a vertical "jump pack" and flying "jet pack" for ease of use in Paragon City. He uses these sporadically, happy to make his treks around the streets at a run for a more accurate recon of the situation.

Heroic Career

After taking out a Council base in his first mission, Iron Hart was both commended by City Hall for his bravery and chastised for his reckless behavior. Since then he has learned that working in an organized team is far preferable than taking to the streets alone. An army is successful because of the team, not the sum of the individuals.

StormForce Affiliation

After completing a series of missions for City Hall, Iron Hart received a strange summons by a friend in the National Guard. That friend, he later discovered, had been the final rung in a long line of military contacts looking to make contact with him, stretching very high up the chain. Eventually, Iron Hart was called to a secret location where he met The Hornet and Recoil, as well as Arinad Corp founder Paul Grant. Grant explained that he was looking for a number of powered individuals to act as covert ops and support for a special team acting under a charter for the United Nations. Confronted with a chance to do larger, global good as part of a paramilitary organization, Iron Hart quickly and easily agreed.


Iron Hart is all business, a soldier all the way. He believes that he is simply doing his duty, not acting in any truly heroic fashion. When out of the suit, Jared is calmer and prone to letting loose and enjoying good drink and beautiful women. Once he's back on the job, however, the fun ends and the duty is everything.

Jared sees no need in a secret identity. (He's not a superhero, after all.) In fact, he prefers to let the public know of his brother's ideals so that his memory lives on. Before joining StormForce, Jared did many public interviews and was even featured on the cover of "PC Life" magazine as a new hero to watch.


"Hart" was not chosen as an anagram. Danny named the suit after his favorite animal, and also due to the large receiver "antlers" on the helmet.

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