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Player: Player2
Origin: magic
Archetype: tanker
Threat Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Darrin Coleman
Known Aliases: The Cold Man
Species: human (magically altered)
Age: 39
Height: 6' 4" / 7'+
Weight: 230 lbs. / 600 lbs.
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. citizen with a criminal record
Occupation: professional criminal, architect (former employee of Crey Industries)
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle, The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: separated
Known Relatives: Bonita Juarez (wife, missing and believed dead)
Known Powers
dark armor, dark blast
Known Abilities
ghost slaying axe
No additional information available.




Two distinct personalities inhabit the body of Darrin Coleman, his own and the demon who has possessed him. His own personality has grown more violent and chaotic... the demon's personality is no less cruel and evil, though it behaves in a much more cold and calculating manner. Both demonstrate selfish behavior, coveting riches and power equally.

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Darrin's powers are the result of being possessed by the demon-god, Itzcoliuhqui, a member of the Aztec pantheon that was kicked out of the heavens and banished to the underworld where he would devour what souls he could draw into his realm and lay claim to. Over time, the time of the Aztecs passed and their gods faded from humanity's sphere of influence. Itzcoliuhqui also passed from man's memory and slumbered in his underworld prison. When the hero called The Emerald Flame arrived in Paragon City, her interaction with mystic forces stirred up by the Circle of Thorns awakened the demon and drew his essence to a mortal ripe for corruption. His powers manifest in the ability to manipulate cold and shadows and, to a lesser extent, the souls of others.

Dark Blast

Itzcoliuhqui can project bolts of shadow essence that ignore the flesh and harm their souls, chilling them in a way more intense than a mere change in temperature.

Cold Domination

Having dwelled in his icey underworld prison for so long, Itzcoliuhqui has learned to harness the benefits of that environment to both protect and harm, depending on his whims.


At times, Darrin's demonic side overwhelms him and his body transforms more and more into the unholy beast possessing him. As his more monstrous form asserts itself, wings sprout from his back which enable him to fly.


Darrin carries a ghost slaying axe, a weapon he saw certain heroes weilding and instinctively knew how to create. A slight variation on others of its like, his axe holds the souls it has slain within it where his demonic possessor can feed off them at his liesure.

Character History

Born and raised in Paragon City, Darrin Coleman was once a successful architect. According to the prison psychiatrist, two years ago he began having nightmares and exhibited uncharacteristic violent outbursts. He quit his job at Crey Industries and wandered the streets until he fell in with the Hellions street gang. He impressed gang members with an uncanny tolerance to fire. He was briefly known during his gang association as The Cold Man. It wasn't long after that he started showing dramatic physical changes --growing eight inches in height and increasing muscle mass. When he was defeated and arrested, authorities believed he was in the early stages of Superadine use. While in prison, however, his appearance continued to change though he showed none of the characteristic signs of Superadine (green skin and slowed mental faculties, for example) and blood tests proved negative. Before he was broken out of prison, his cellmate repeatedly pleaded with guards asking to be moved to another cell, claiming that Coleman was possessed by a demon. That inmate is currently catatonic, occasionally muttering the name "Itzcoliuhqui."

Darrin's physical form has continued to change as his powers grew, and along with it, his mental state has grown increasingly unstable, exhibiting signs of a second personality. Whereas his main personality showed growing signs of violent tendencies, this new personality spoke of itself as "we" and demonstrates delusions of grandeur (such as claiming to be a god) and its sometimes less violent but more overtly cruel. He continues to grow and his facial features are becoming more feral. Though his crimes still lean toward small-time robberies and an occasional contract killing, he has been known to feed on the flesh of his victims like a hungry beast --even seeking out an occasional kidnap mission with the sole purpose of making a meal out of them. Twice now, Darrin has gone looking for the hero known as The Emerald Inferno. His new personality grows stronger with purpose when he's near her and he has referred to himself as "The Terrible Itzcoliuhqui," and spoke of entwined destiny. He has stated his intent to "consume the flame," though whether he means merely to take her power or literally eat her flesh as he has other victims is unknown.

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