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Jacob Sinclair
Player: @Jadedinsc
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacob Sinclair
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 6'3"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Teacher
Place of Birth: Providence, RI
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Martin Sinclair (Father)
Virginia Sinclair (Mother)
Elizabeth ("Lizzy") Sinclair (Sister)
Known Powers
Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation
Known Abilities
Empathy, Telekinesis, Flight, Teleportation



Early Childhood

Born on October 21, 1977, to Martin and Virginia Sinclair of Providence, Rhode Island, Jacob Sinclair appeared to be an unremarkable infant. Medical records show normal developmental growth both congnitively and physically.

Reading by the age of four, Jacob demonstrated above average intelligence in preschool and throughout his early childhood education. His mother tried to get him interested in music with piano lessens, but Jacob had neither the patience or desire to learn how to make music. By the age of seven, Virginia abandoned that endeavor and instead encouraged Jacob toward more athletic pursuits, namely little league baseball and soccer where he performed nominally well, though he didn't particularly stand out.

When Jacob was eight, his paternal grandmother passed away after a prolonged illness and his father Martin grieved rather strongly. During his time, Jacob became a little withdrawn and would shy away from contact with his father, no longer interested in the father-son outings to the pond for fishing or to watch a sporting event on television. His family chalked it up to the young child's own grief over the loss of a beloved grandmother, but looking back they now acknowledge he was showing signs even then of at least minor empathic ability.

Two years later life changed dramatically for the Sinclair family when Virginia gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Elizabeth (later nicknamed "Lizzy" by proud older brother Jacob). Elizabeth's birth gave both Martin and Jacob new focus and helped ease their sense of loss. Jacob helped with basic childcare duties, including learning how to change diapers. (Virginia Sinclair now jokes that she regrets urging her son to participate so much in Elizabeth's upbringing because he's reluctant to "Meet a nice woman and give [her] grandchildren," as he knows just how much it takes to care for an infant and child.)

To this day Jacob and Elizabeth have a strong relationship, though she sometimes expresses exasperation when her brother acts more paternalistic toward her. She's quick to correct Jacob and remind him they're siblings, which results in grumbling from Jacob though he backs off. When life separates the two (Jacob's stint in Canada and now Elizabeth's study abroad) they stay in constant contact via phone, letters, and email. Both siblings look up to one another, Elizabeth to her brother for his perseverance in the face of adversity, and Jacob to his younger sister for her strong drive to succeed academically (her decision to enter medical school helped inspire Jacob's decision to return to grad school).

The next few years were mercifully quiet and happy for the Sinclair family, but that would soon change.


Shortly after entering middle school (age 12), Jacob began to experience debilitating headaches. At first, doctors diagnosed them as stress-induced migraines, the result of an overachieving child placing too much pressure on himself to excel in school and extracurricular activities. Following the advice of their family physician, Jacob underwent a psychological evaluation to rule out Depression or an anxiety disorder. He also entered therapy to learn various behavioral techniques to manage stress.

Despite a clean bill of mental health and application of his newly learned stress managing techniques, the headaches continued. Jacob's therapist recommended he begin keeping a journal to track his headaches and to see if a pattern emerged that would allow them to ascertain a potential cause. After only eight weeks, the therapist noticed Jacob would report headaches after being around large groups of people, particularly at sporting events or group therapy. She noted these were places where the emotional atmosphere was likely to be highly charged and she began to suspect Jacob was developing empathic and possibly psychic abilities. More tests were ordered, including brain scans to check for any neurophysical changes or abnormalities.

Months after the onstart of his headaches and many exhaustive rounds of physical and mental testing, doctors discovered that Jacob's brain was undergoing a transformation at the cellular level granting him psychic abilities. Unfortunately, before his therapist and doctors could reveal their findings and suggest a course of action to help Jacob learn to control his burgeoning powers, the pre-teen severely injured another student in a fight over the bullying of one of his friends. In a fit of rage, he'd inadvertently used telekinetic force to throw another boy across the locker room and into a set of locker. The other student suffered two fractured ribs, a concussion, and several minor abrasions and bruises.

In spite of his excellent academic and behavioral record, the principal was forced to recommend expulsion after several parents threatened to go to the school board. Their fear that Jacob might lose control again and do more damage wasn't unfounded, and Jacob himself admitted he was scared to stay if he might pose a danger to others. Luckily for Jacob, his therapist had a contact over at the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team (GIFT) who was able to suggest a school specifically created for children like Jacob. Sadly, the school was located in Alberta, Canada, and it meant Jacob would have to spend three years away from home.

Knowing it was his only chance at leading a normal life, Jacob's parents and little sister said a tearful farewell.

High School and Secondary Education

After three years of intensive training and study, Jacob returned to Rhode Island and re-entered public school at the start of his sophomore year of high school. His time in Canada had been well spent, and despite a little difficulty initially at making friends (mostly due to his shyness), Jacob settled into high school life pretty well. He consistently made the honor roll, joined the track team, and began dating. In short, he managed to have a relatively normal teenaged life.

Jacob hard at work at the University.

When not studying or running, Jacob continued training and honing his psychic skills. By now the FBSA was actively trying to recruit him to their ranks, though Jacob was reluctant. While he'd made great strides with his powers, he still feared he could one day lose control, or worse, he might start to hurt others and enjoy it. Aside from that fear, Jacob's struggles had given him an appreciation for the study of psychology. He'd remained in touch with this therapist and she encouraged him to follow his heart, telling him that not all superheroes wore capes. Some of them counseled troubled kids, or taught in a classroom. Still, the FBSA was tenacious and made quite a lucrative offer that Jacob couldn't ignore, so eventually made a compromise.

Jacob enrolled in Steel Canyon University after high graduating high school. At the same time, he signed on with the FBSA, having agreed to a schedule that allowed him enough time for his studies. It was still a rough four years, and Jacob developed a pretty severe caffeine addiction he's kept to this day. However, managed to graduate magna cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology. Rather than enrolling in graduate school to pursue his doctorate and become a counselor, he joined the FBSA full-time.

Jacob working as an FBSA agent to clean up the streets of Atlas Park.

Present Day

Two years ago, Jacob finally decided he'd had enough crime fighting and wanted to return to the classroom, as a teacher. He applied for graduate school and, after some standard testing, was accepted. Currently, he's a teacher's assistant at Steel Canyon University as part of his course of study. Despite his decision to change careers, he's still willing to help keep Paragon City's streets free from criminal scum, and he finds he enjoys having such a powerful outlet for his abilities.

In his spare time, he makes regular visits home to his parents. His baby sister Elizabeth (Lizzy) is currently studying abroad in France. Her dream is go into the field of neurological research and surgery, perhaps inspired by her older brother abilities.


Psychic Powers

Jacob is a powerful telekinetic whose abilities continue to grow stronger with each passing year. No one is sure what his actual limits are and Jacob isn't too eager to find out for fear of losing control or of inadvertently hurting innocent people.

Beyond the telekinesis, Jacob has had mild success with inducing sleep in enemies or with causing them so much pain that they are unable to do more than writhe in agony. He dislikes when he's forced to resort to such methods, but with the increased Arachnos presence and rise in crime since Galaxy City was destroyed, he finds it's becoming more and more difficult not to resort to his more powerful attacks when out on patrol.

At the end of the day, there is a part of Jacob that does derive a little pleasure from what he does, pleasure that goes beyond simply putting the bad guys away. Sometimes it's just nice to know he has this much power at his disposal.

Empathic Skills

These days Jacob doesn't struggle much with his empathic abilities. Part of his training has been the development of powerful shields to protect himself from others' emotions. Each evening, prior to going to sleep, he spends half an hour to an hour in meditation, mentally visualizing and strengthening shields around his aura that both keep emotions out and help protect him from psychic intrusion, though he's not exactly invincible to the latter. The result is that he no longer gets the debilitating headaches he did as a young teen, or at least he doesn't get them nearly as often as he used to.

The trouble is that sometimes strong emotions can still leak through his shielding. If he's around a person who is full of rage and ready to explode with violence, Jacob will sense it and react to it. Likewise, if someone is deeply depressed, he'll pick up on it and it'll possibly affect his mood (these are the times when he'll ignore his own social awkwardness and try to reach out to the person).

When it comes to forming relationships, the shields can start to fail once he gets close to someone. The more he's around a person, he gradually becomes attuned to them and is able to pick up on minor fluctuations in their emotions. This, of course, isn't something that happens overnight, and the degree to which it happens can vary depending on the other person's abilities to block or limit psychic powers. Still, when he cares for someone, either on a romantic or platonic level, it weakens his ability to shield himself from their specific emotions. He's especially susceptible to his sister's feelings, mostly because he lives for the role of being the protective older brother and she's a busy medical school student with loads of stress.



Jacob is generally pretty shy. Spending the early part of his teen years sequestered away in another country focused solely on harnessing his powers and controlling them meant he didn't get much of an opportunity to socialize with kids his age. Despite managing a relatively normal life in high school, he still felt a little out of touch with his peers. He hadn't kept up with fashion or popular music, which didn't leave him with much in the way of conversation starters outside of schoolwork. Fortunately for him, he had a few friends willing to be the ones to initiate communication, and once he was comfortable with a group he found the words flowed naturally.

These days, after so much time spent with the FBSA and then going back to school, Jacob once more feels like he's been shut off from mainstream society. On the recommendation of a trusted friend, he's trying to get out more and has opted to start hanging out in Pocket D. Still, he's had some trouble figuring out just how to approach people for quiet conversation. He's not much of a dancer, so he tends to stick near the bar and people watch mostly. When he does manage to strike up a conversation, people find him friendly enough.

For topics, Jacob is great discussing scholarly pursuits, or perhaps talking about his love for running. He enjoys philosophical debates just as much as he like shooting the breeze. Unless it's a close friend or if he's pursuing a relationship with someone, he'll steer clear of topics concerning his love life and past relationships.


In his spare time, Jacob enjoys getting his exercise through recreational running. He tries to start each morning with at least a two-mile run. If he misses it for whatever reason, he tries to hit the gym after work or class to make up the time on a treadmill. As a result, his body is pretty lean. Not overly muscular, he's put a little work into at least giving his arms a little definition, but it's still clear he's built more for speed than strength.

He stays clean-shaven, not because he hates facial hair but because he can't grow a beard to save his life. His hair is always combed and clean, yet he can't always keep it from being an unruly mass atop his head. A nervous habit of his is to run his fingers through it, which probably attributes to its occasional messy appearance.

Looking For Contact

Looking for: RP partner or partners for laid-back role-play. Interested in both relaxed individual role-play and long-term story arcs focused on character development. Fine with all role-play types. You can contact me via in-game mail at my global id @jadedinsc.

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