Jade Sentinel

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Jade Sentinel
Player: @Low B
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 14
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Low B
Species: Human/Golem
Age: 2217
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 381 lbs (composition primarily clay, stone and jade)
Eye Color: Ornamental Gold
Hair Color: Terracotta
Biographical Data
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Student, Lecturer & Crime Fighter
Place of Birth: unknown (likely somewhere in Western Han Provence)
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Atlas Park
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Stone Armor - Dual Blades
Known Abilities
Historian: Ancient Chinese History and Culture, Ornamental Gardening





Zhang Lin was sold by her parents at a young age and became a servant in the household of Princess of Zhao, niece to the Empress Dowager Lu. She tended the flowers and trees on the grounds, tasks for which she had a natural affinity.

She used her relative freedom to observe people - particularly the household guards as they practiced. Beneath her ever quiet facade, she longed to learn the art of combat. The warriors were the only commoners who received any respect within the household grounds, and above all else, Lin desperately wanted to be respected and valued.

She paid close attention to the better warriors, but especially Sword Master Chen, leader of the house guard. She paid particular attention to their feet and the way they shifted their weight. The house grounds were vast, and Lin would practice daily in a remote part of the grounds when her duties were done.

When Lin was twelve, she attracted unwanted attention from Feng, an older (and much larger) servant boy. One day, after Lin rebuffed his crude advances, he grabbed her wrists and attempted to wrestle her to the ground to have his way with her.

He never got the chance.

Lin's right leg shot forward. Pivoting on the ball of her right foot, she abruptly twisted her hips and torso to her left. Feng flew into the rock wall beside them, his skull thumping solidly against the stone and he slumped to the ground. Lin heard a muffled chuckle behind her and whirled around. There was Sword Master Chen.

Lin composed herself and bowed deeply before him.

"I had a feeling Feng was up to no good, so I followed him here. At first I thought you would need rescuing, but it seems that wasn't necessary, was it?"

Lin remained silent.

"Lin, is it?"

"Yes, Master Chen."

"I had no idea that tending the garden was so instructional in the art of combat. Perhaps I should send the guards to come help you tend the grounds. Perhaps they will learn something useful. What do you think?", Chen asked as he winked at Lin.

"But then there would be no practice to watch, Master Chen."

"Ah, so that is how you learn, by merely watching? Well, maybe watching and practicing when you thought no one would notice."

Chen was grinning now. Lin's bow became completely rigid.

"Oh come now, Lin. You are not the only one who watches people in this house. I did not come to be captain of the house guard by virtue of blindness. But do not worry - I have no intention of reporting you. Still ... how is it that you have learned so much from a distance where my own guards fail to grasp what is clearly right in front of their faces?"

"I would not presume to say, Master Chen."

"Well I would. Clumsy idiots and dullards to the last man. But you ... a girl .. and so young ... "

Master Chen was lost in thought. Lin kept her head bowed, refusing to look him in the eye.

"How would you like to serve the Princess of Zhao in a more ... practical manner?"

And with that, Lin became a junior member of the house guard.

The House Guard

The Empress Dowager

The Silent Years

The Empress Returns


Current Day

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