Kage Hebi

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Kage Hebi
Player: @Tomato is Tasty
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 20+
Personal Data
Real Name: John Kenji
Known Aliases: Kage, Kage Hebi
Species: Magically Modified Human (Monster for short)
Age: Unknown
Height: Unchecked
Weight: Unchecked
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese/American
Occupation: Mass-Murdering Lunatic
Place of Birth: Hagi, Japan
Base of Operations: Black Tie
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Shapeshifting Bones, Enhanced Regeneration
Known Abilities
Incredible Agility
Transformation Serum
Three Personalities: Monster, Childish Mass Murderer and Completely Sane. Completely Sane has only ever been seen twice (And both times were in the D Blue Bar).


Kage's Origins

Kage's beginning is very much debated. Some believe that he was a child that was genetically enhanced using special chemicals. Others believe he was a soldier of the Clan of the Spinning Shuriken, who was transformed by the leader of the clan, Sanamada. One thing is definite, however- he is /not/ a demon. Nor is he human anymore.


Friends to Kage are few and far between. Most people are scared by his insanity, or are disturbed by his Sadisticness.

Ronin King

Although not exactly a friend, Ronin did a lot of research on Kage in the 1990's.


It's likely not mutual, but Kage seems to enjoy the company of this small demon.


Kage Hebi and Seethers are like two peas from a pod- a twisted, strange pod- when it comes to their personalities. Although they're rarely seen together nowadays, when they are, they're often jumping around, having puke fights and other mischievous and disgusting things.

Alaric Oost

A mad, ex-Black Tie scientist, Kage enjoys teaming up with Alaric to kill people in the most enjoyable way- trap them in a building (the well-named Institute of Insanity) and give them puzzles. Quite often, the two end up near-death, with their enemy escaping, but just coming back for more. Some of the people they have trapped include:

((Want to be on this list? Complete the arc and whisper me the names of the characters who were in your group. I will add them to this list.))


Black Tie

Not even Lord Bad Dream knows how Kage joined Black Tie or even why. However, they seem to be very accepting of his crazy personality.


Kage has many enemies, but the ones that stand out stand out.

The Narrator

Barely anything has been found about the Narrator, but that he is Kage's Praetorian, and the two seem to honestly hate eachother.


Kage has three different personalities.

Normal (Childish Mass Murderer)

This is how Kage Hebi normally acts. He is incredibly sadistic and masochistic when this personality is in control. However, he won't hurt people he "likes", and seems to understand the rules of the D. He seems very much like a child, and will quite often begin conversations by running up to a random person, sitting on some object in front of that person and yelling "Hai!" in a loud voice.

This personality will normally be found lurking in the alleys of Mercy Island, waiting for a curious Longbow or a drugged-out Infected, or even a wannabe villain to stumble across him. Then he will strike. His killing move seems to be him tearing the opponent's heart out.

Monster (Raging Beast)

Kage will normally enter this personality accidentally if he is enraged/in major danger. However, he can forcibly enter this one using a special Transformation Serum which he stumbled across in his alley-lurkings. When in this personality, Kage loses all humanity, and even transforms into a large bestial version of his normal self. He has no killing move, he just stabs and stabs and stabs. In this personality, his bones turn to solid black diamond and cover his body, creating a thin-yet-strong exoskeleton. When a monster, Kage has no idea who is his friend and who is his enemy. If he wants to go back to normal, he has to either inject the transforming serum into himself again or calm down completely.

This personality will normally be found rampaging everywhere, destroying everything.

Completely Sane (The Odd One out.)

This personality has only ever appeared once, and both times it happened in the Blue Bar in Pocket D. The reasons are unknown as of this moment. When in this form, Kage claims his name is John Kenji. He normally has no idea where he is at first, or what has happened since last time he was "Completely Sane".

If someone were to want to keep Kage in this personality, it would take a lot of dedication and study of the Blue Bar.

But who would want to get rid of lovable, insane Kage?

A Fourth Personality?

Recently, Kage has been acting very strangely. Perhaps it is the emergence of yet another personality?Once, he said this. (Almost the same voice and everything.)

Opinions on Kage

((Feel free to post your character's in-game thoughts on Kage.))

"He's... interesting. Fits in well." -Bad Dream

"Stupid child." -Darkweaver

Theme Songs

Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance


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