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"The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever." ~Herb CaenKeysdivider.jpg

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Name: Morrigan Elizabeth Keys

Age: 18
DoB: 02/13/1993
Birthplace: Albany, NY
Mother: Classified
Father: Classified

Keys has grown fairly brash over the years. Living on the streets has a tendency to give any young person a sense of power, especially if you manage to survive on them. This reckless attitude is only driven on by her certainty that she can't die[1], and has driven her to more and more extreme risk-taking.

It isn't unusual to catch her showing off, whether it's picking a fight with the toughest looking gang member around, or doing a backflip off of a two story building; Keys will readily accept most dares just because she's certain she can.

However loud Morrigan might be when she does have something to say, saying anything of real consequence is rare. Preferring to keep herself shrouded, it's incredibly rare for the young woman to confide in anyone. She has become more and more reclusive over the past year.

Keys took a long, long walkabout - almost two years, to be precise - away from the city of Paragon. As the pace of her mutations revved, it drove the girl to cut ties and leave. Choosing instead to sequester herself rather than deal with people staring as her body continued to evolve - changing her appearance dramatically - she spent her time traveling and falling back on old habits. Pickpocketing. Brawling. Fighting to win bets. Anything to keep money enough in her pockets to feed herself, which was becoming quite a chore.

Her skin was growing at such a rate that it was thickening, her muscles and bones were thickening, too. Her overall weight was increasing, which meant eating a lot more than the average person just to have the same levels of energy. This didn't just apply to skin cells - her hair was growing at a ridiculous pace, leaving it long, thick and pale.

Eventually, she did get busted on the west coast by a hero who mistook her for a thug. After some paperwork and a good deal of shuffling feet, she was shipped back to Paragon City for processing and placed on parole after a short prison term.

Keys was born to an extremely wealthy family in upstate New York. Her father, a well-known and successful civil engineer, kept his family safe and secure in a small estate outside of New York City. Morrigan's mother was a biologist and genetics expert.

Being the only heir to such wealth had its perks; Morrigan was treated to the finest in educators, clothing, and food as well as entertainment.
The drawback to such a luxurious lifestyle was near-total confinement to their estate as well as the suffocating protective instincts of her overbearing parents. Her mother told her this fretting was due to Morrigan being such a delicate child, and the fussing turned into doctor's visits, and the doctor's visits turned, unfortunately, to genetic experimentation.

Despite her best intentions in attempting to boost Morrigan's immune system, the young girl's mother went overboard, and in an extremely painful mishap, permanently changed Morrigan's genetic make-up. The girl's skin and other soft tissues grew unbelievably resilient, and her bones became thick and heavy - near-impossible to break. Her little girl became a juggernaut.

For the first two weeks, Morrigan was bedridden - unable to move the almost unbearably heavy bones that now made up her skeleton. Morrigan made short work of building a resentment toward both her mother - for it happening in the first place - and her father for not intervening. It took a long time for Morrigan to become used to her new anatomy, and each growth spurt was more painful than the last. Finally, at the age of fourteen, she ran away from home. Hitchhiking her way into the city, Morrigan Keys spent three years on the street - and she only survived because of her induced mutation.


After a few unfortunate run-ins with the NYPD, Keys was shipped to Paragon City's Juvenile Detention Facilities, due to the nature of her above-human strength. It was there that she was cut a deal - she could stay in juvie, serve a full sentence and keep with her old habits, or she could join one of the city's youth programs and put her abilities to better use.

Abilites and Equipment
Due to the increased density (and weight) of her bones, Keys has developed incredibly strong muscles out of sheer necessity - it takes quite a bit simply to move them with any sort of efficiency. Beyond this, living on the streets has given her the talent of being quick on her feet; years of free-running over an urban sprawl have granted her very strong, sturdy legs that some mistake for fatty weight until they look more closely.

The combined weight of her muscles and skeleton bring her to just under 275 lbs.

Her only real equipment comes in the form of a pair of combat gloves that she was lucky enough to lift from a fallen hood in Brooklyn. The gloves feature a switch-release pair of knives, which extend and lock as a series of shorter steel plates. They are retractable, making for a fair pair of concealed weapons and a surprise in a fist fight. They were, however, broken during a fight when the sheer strength behind her attacks snapped the blades off. She still wears the gloves, but has never repaired the knives.


The Artful Dodgers
After being transferred to Paragon City's facilities, Keys was presented with the opportunity to put her resiliency to good use. Antonio Nash, a now long-time supporter of the Artful Dodgers, caught wind of her case and set about arranging an interview for her with the small team of wayward teenagers. It went according to his hopes, and Keys has begun learning How to Hero[2]

The Good, The Bad, and the WTF-Ever:
While Keys is fairly new to the crowd in Paragon, it doesn't seem to be taking her long to make connections.

Grymm: What started as a War of Wills with this dark character became something wholly more confusing; Teacher, odd friend, potential lover - Keys isn't quite sure how to address him yet. Despite his initially gruff demeanor, there's obvious kindness in his soul - black though it may be.

Boyce Crane: During her brief stay at the Teen Phalanx dormitories, Keys seemed to hit it off immediately with this young, uncertain gent. While the tremors in his speech didn't do much to help him in his fast-developed crush, he did strike a certain chord of fondness with her.

Dereck King (Cavity King): After a rather embarrassing failure in regards to this poor bastard's wallet, Keys got into a scuffle with the young runaway and unknowingly forged a rather strong bond with him - though not exactly a friendly one. It seems to be a bit of a love/hate thing.


(It's all over the place.)

The Strokes - Reptilia
Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can
Muse - Fury
Garbage - Untouchable
Puscifer - The Mission
Kidney Thieves - Zerospace
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Kid Beyond - Wandering Star (Cover)
Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light



  1. It isn't unusual for most teenagers to feel this way, and it has a name - the Invincibility Complex.
  2. She isn't sure if she's going to be any good at it, of course - the urge to take what she needs is strong with this one (even if what she needs is behind a locked store's door).

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