Kid Midas

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Kid Midas
Player: @Sara Nova




Threat Level:


Personal Data


Date of Birth:

1982 (age 41)




2,716 Lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data




Place of Birth:


Base of Operations:


Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Lyla Kingston (Mother, deceased) Robert Kingston (Father)

Additional Data
Known Powers:

Super Strength, Durability, enhanced Agility, and fast healing

Known Abilities:

Superb hand to hand combat training and weapons training

Known Equipment:


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Kid Midas is a fictional hero created in City of Heroes


Character History

Joseph Kingston has been in the public eye in England since birth. Due to experiments his mother was subjected to while she was pregnant, he was altered, becoming an organic/metallic being. She Stayed in the hospital in her last three months of pregnancy since she was paralyzed from the waist down, the weight of her unborn child crushing her spine. She died at the beginning of her eighth month but the doctors were able to save the baby. His Father gave him up to adoption immediately after, giving full rights to the British Government, since then he has been raised his whole life to be a soldier, an Icon, and a Hero. Growing up the news media kept a watchful eye on him, calling him "Kid Midas" or "Golden Boy," names he has not been able to shake despite his best efforts.

Star on the rise

For years Kid Midas has been considered more of a gimmick than a hero. He was a super soldier to make British citizens believe that while Hero 1 was away, there were still heroes to ensure their safety. For years he had thwarted villains like Lady Makeshift, Iron Citizen, and the Cybersmith. During the first Rikti invasion, Kid Midas was assigned to protect British nobles while Hero 1 took the fight directly to the Rikti. Midas was quick to get everyone to an underground safe house while he stood alone against an onslaught of invaders. Nine grueling hours later, reinforcements finally showed up, Rikti still teleporting in, and Midas still standing. With the help of Albion Champion, British Bombshell, the Limey Brawler, and Infinity-Girl, they were able to fend off the Rikti once and for all. When news got out about how Kid Midas held off an invasion single handed, he was finally seen as something more than just a gimmick. His praise was short lived however, after the apparent death of Hero 1.

A new life

Though the country was mourning, Kid Midas was given a new lease on life. He was released from his military contract and now that Albion Champion had solidified her status as "Britain's hero," he made his way to America. Midas spent his time fighting on his own and seldom fought alongside American heroes. Eventually he began to warm up to his American counterparts and gained duel citizenship. After being confronted by the upper class of the Solomon Institute, Midas has accepted a position in helping to train super powered youth to use their powers. While enthusiastic about his position, some students feel he's too "Military."


With the death of his Mother always looming around him and the constant expectations from the press and his country, Joseph has become rather distant and cynical while still trying to uphold his duties as a hero. He has practically been raised and bred to fight for those in need. He is weary of his strength and has trained hard to rely more on his fighting abilities to ensure villains are brought to justice, rather than killed on the battlefield.


Due to the experiments performed on his mother, Kid Midas body is composed of an organic/metallic substance that heals quicker than normal flesh. His skin, muscles, and bones are all made up of this substance, but of course his bones are more dense and his muscles and skin are deceptively flexible. Kid Midas has Class 90 Super Strength, meaning he can lift at most 90 tons. His leg muscles are highly developed and powerful allowing him to leap great distances. He does not need to eat, drink or breath, he can also survive unaided in the vacuum of space.

Kid Midas also possesses heightened agility and his thought process is much quicker than normal, making it easy for him to observe and react to any situation. He has been trained in various forms of unarmed combat and has been able to best many beings stronger than himself because of this.

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