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Dimensional Covert Operative
Kitsuki Miyu
Player: @K.Miyu
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kitsuki Miyu
Known Aliases: "Jade Dragon", "Emerald Hand", "Celestial Green Arts"
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Vanguard Helm Operative
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Grandfather (1915-2003), Mother (1953-1980), Father (1951-1980)
Known Powers
High-Speed Regeneration, Minor Wind Magic (Range Limit approx. 40cm), [b]INCARNATE CLASS SUPER[/b]
Known Abilities
Superhuman-class Martial Arts Skill; Grandmaster Espionage/Spycraft Skills; Grandmaster Tactical Planning;
Vanguard Equipment License, CIA Classified Equipment License, Nonliving Matter Transporter, Explosives [Various Grades], Vanguard HVAS Beacon, Shivan Shards, Electronic Inductor, Magnetic Picks, Audio/Video Bugs, Mission-Specific Equipment
Sidekick of Erika Shimomura

Kitsuki Miyu is a (formerly) secret operative with a notoriously long lifespan; surviving blow-ups in China, in dealing with Malta, against the Rikti, against Praetoria, and even recently Mot. Most of her life has been spent being dragged kicking into the light, before disappearing into the shadows again, out of the memory of her enemies - until their bases collapse with the occupants still inside, distracted by her partner breaking in the front door.



Central Intelligence Agency - Retired due to blown cover/conflicts with Malta while the organization was still compromised. Still officially a 'Consultant'. Vanguard - Active Member of the Helm division. Shimmer Industries - Enjoys their anonymous base-renting services.


Miyu is cool and analytical, and extremely flexible at dealing with what goes on in front of her; after dealing with the first spy agency being a Malta plot, her second being a Nemesis plot, surrounded by the typical door-crashing Paragon Superheroes the whole time while acting to support them from an intelligence and specialist perspective, she deals with most oddities with a sigh or a snarky comment. She has confidence that she and her friends can deal with any situation as it comes up, and so, there's no need to worry about what is happening right now; there's always an escape route and a chance to regroup.

She preserves the mentality of a spy even as a Heroine; this sometimes can result in unpleasant confrontations with other Heroes who have nobler ideas about honor, proper levels of force, or sabotage, but typically, miyu will just try to avoid these by keeping her own views silent if she feels someone might be offended. If there's no need for a missile strike, why ask about making one?


The primary offensive power Miyu uses is simple; an innate ability to control divine spirits of Wind that are near her, to a length of about four or five inches out from her body. While weak on the surface, Miyu has honed this to be a literal extension of her body; practically, this means she has perfect balance even when balanced on one heel while leaning parallel to the ground, thanks to using her ability to brace herself against the ground from an ankle or an elbow. Furthermore, her blows in martial arts are often feints; an invisible punch of air four inches to the left of the one you actually throw means that an opponent who expected to dodge a straight punch to the head, suddenly finds themselves with a broken nose.

Primary Power Usages

Martial Arts

Miyu practiced several types of Martial Arts to a Master-level; however, most of what she uses are techniques suited to exploiting the nature of her powers. With her 'Wind Forces', as she calls them, she can easily stretch her abilities to a superhuman ability. She can aim to miss with physical blows and strike with stronger, invisible blows of magical wind; she can perform acrobatic stunts that deliver full-force strikes even when her posture should make it impossible to brace against the ground, or even when she's midair; and her blows can abruptly change direction as well in methods completely in defiance of natural physics.

The end result is that most opponents are struck down just as they believe they have dodged a blow. Even those who can read human body movements perfectly, or monitor thoughts, tend to have trouble actually stopping her strikes, which by their nature turn honed combat reflexes into a weakness.


Miyu's regeneration from even serious wounds is somewhere between impossible and miraculous; whether it's regenerating from injuries over time, or the type where a gash is opened rapidly by a slash of a sword and closed as quickly, Miyu has channeled Shinto water magic to heal her wounds with absurd speed. She can enhance her passive regeneration rate to severa levels, instance close wounds, create internal barriers against disease, or bring herself back from the edge of consciousness with enough focus and magical reserves.

The origin of this technique was originally accelerating the natural human healing mechanism; this meant that while a wound suffered could be healed in a minute as though Miyu had weeks to rest, she actually aged a week in that instant. In time, however, she refined the technique around this weakness, to reverse her aging; a rather needed goal, given as how at the time of discovery, she had aged herself well past the nineties.


Her last technique is a simple one; channeling the spirit of the wind kami she has bonded with, skintight, slippery, steel-hard wind surrounds Miyu. The effect is that any attack will either be stopped cold, or slip off of Miyu; no damage at all will land. However, this places extraordinary stress on her body; she ages a year a minute from the stress of directly channeling the divine into a mortal vessel, and so, the technique has a rather hard time limit. Once the technique is released, however, she can 'regenerate' back to youth, given focus and time.


Miyu's incarnate powers are even more closely linked to her origin then other powers; specifically, the divine spirits that were once sealed in the abandoned Kitsuki shrine back in Akite prefecture.

The bulk of her powers come from Kouen no Kasumi - the fire kami, and the strongest of the four that were sealed there. Kasumi has 'loaned' her power to Miyu in order to protect Fuu no Kotone - the wind kami who Miyu has been bonded with for decades, and who Kasumi considers close to a little sister. Unfortunately for Miyu, her personality and Kasumi's are extremely poor matches; Kasumi has heavily restricted just how much of her power Miyu can call upon, and Miyu is seeking earnestly to convince Kasumi to give her more.

In the meanwhile, she can focus Kotone's powers over a larger radius in a manner similar to the absolute Moriya Barrier she uses to nullify all attacks, except over a large radius that includes her allies; and she can call on Kasumi's power to augment her direct attacks with an intense flame the burns through defenses, or muster the power directly for a horrifically destructive wide-range, long-distance attack capable of obliterating an entire platoon of Malta in one shot.

Secondary Power Usages


Miyu is a longtime covert operative. Needless to say, her tradecraft is superb; if she can't blend in with disguise (A talent she has trained closely with the CIA, incorporating costuming, makeup, and some more esoteric technological and magicl methods), she can use Shinto air magic - which also deals with the aspect of illusions - to shift her visual signature into a chameleon-like pattern, matching the area around her. The result is not quite invisibility, but more then good enough.

Pointless Power Usages

Regeneration: Disguise

Technically, Miyu can extrapolate on her powers of Regeneration to literally reshape her body, adding on features and mass as needed in order to change her form. Unfortunately, while she can abuse her powers to [i]add[/i], she lacks any way to [i]subtract[/i]. This means if she adds twenty pounds to change her shape, the only way for them to come back off is either surgically - while remaining conscious to force her Regeneration back onto another path! - or rigorous, harsh dieting. That, again, requires intense focus to make sure the weight consumed is the weight she [i]wants[/i] gone. And will take months to remove.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Miyu's techniques to stave off damage require advance preparation or a small amount of time in order to be able to activate them. While some - the 'Divine Moriya Barrier' in particular - are practically perfect insofar as active techniques, Miyu herself is very vulnerable if she is caught off-guard with a sudden attack, and then subdued before she has a chance to recover.

Furthermore, for extreme offensive ability, she is completely reliant on magical and technological holdouts; she has no compunctions about using anything from force-enhancing talismans to Warbrug missiles, if stripped of her gear, she is unable to even dent, say, a Titan's shell or any power armor.

Gadgets and Gear

Miyu's standard gear is, ordinarily, rather absurd. Thanks to her affiliations and contacts, she can legally use (And illegally acquire, if needed) virtually any technology item that exists on the planet. This goes beyond simple things such as jetpacks, assault weapons, and even explosives; she constantly carries around tools that would make an expert safecracker envious, a nonliving matter transporter keyed to several grades of explosives and even missiles, Shivan meteor shards, experimental powered armor, infrared maskers, man-typed portable heat sinks, and much more.

Furthermore, she is something that is almost a rarity in Paragon; a [i]planner[/i]. She has crates of 'contingency' items already. She stops to call for help when she suspects a trap ahead, or a need for a powerset she doesn't have (And can't fake easily). If more gear is needed, she'll find it, get it, and bring it with her.

Character History

Kitsuki Miyu's origin started not with her parents, but her grandfather; a member of the CIA in the days of J. Edgar Hoover, when anti-Japanese racism was running rampant. Kitsuki Yatamoto accepted this and continued on in the office, never once questioning the observation and discrimination that was focused on him; the assumption was that the Japanese government had to be using him as a double agent, that he had to be receptive of trust, that he had to be working for the enemy. He labored under this suspicion his entire life, and was never cleared from it; in fact, he never even made an attempt to clear it from him. Instead, in a classic styl,e, he accepted every assignment, no matter how punitive on him, and executed it without questioning the intentions of his superiors.

This was never appreciated in his life; but after his first daughter died in a car accident with her husband, he took up raising his granddaughter on the same traditional principles. Respect and knowledge of their Japanese culture. Acceptance of the authority of superiors. Meditation and Buddhism. Intense discipline in mind and body. Understanding of Martial Arts, and the Shinto religion.

The last two lessons, he did not expect to take hold in quite the way he expected. One day, he foundthe young Miyu balancing on one foot - upside down - from a tree banrch, attaching herself to it through her wind magic. He helped her train rigorously - and wathced her through college, where she attained a degree in history - and passed away exactly one month after she entered the CIA as an operative.

Inside the CIA, she was trained by Malta - at arms length. With an oriental agent familiar with Oriental practices, fluent with Chinese entered their organization, with mutant powers, their objective was clear. They deployed her to China, to monitor China's growing 'mutant threat'. There was no attempt to pull her into the operations that made them later notorious in Paragon; bringing in supers to monitor hina had been, in the end, their goal. And Miyu was suited to perform it from the beginning.

Unfortunately, her cover was completely blown through a Chinese agent inserted through the agency. All of Malta's agents in China - which to Miyu were simply CIA comrades - were in danger of being rolled up simultaneously. Many were just as unaware of the Malta conspiracy as Miyu. In the end, after a long conflict in a (fake) escape tunnel, Miyu managed to play a key role in the extraction of the CIA's agents; and even more unfortunately, made the news back in the USA, as China leaked her personal identity.

From here, the CIA, and her Malta controllers, were at a loss for a while. They wanted to re-insert her into China; she hadn't failed them in the least; but with her cover blown, it seemed impossible. So instead, Miyu took up street patrolling in Paragon under the name 'Jade Dragon', although her true name leaked out quickly, and would send the Freakshow and many other small-time gangs fleeing.

At this time, Miyu discovered the flaw in her regeneration technique; her effective age, medically, was somewhere north of ninety. Heart failure was expected to take her within three months. Her death seemed immediate and inevitable. She retired to Pocket D in a depression to drink away what little life she had left, with more money from her savings then she'd ever spend, while Malta decided it wasn't worth seeking to re-active this agent. Miyu had spent her worth, and was written off to die.

This saga, however, did not go as planned. Miyu found a way around her death sentence; and joined up with Erika Shimomura, a fellow heroine, a daughter of a former Knife of Artemis, and lacking any assignment, helped her follow the conspiracy back.

By the time Malta realized their once-unwitting agent, once the paragon of their ideals, was now hot on their trails, it was far too late to hope to deflect Miyu. Where they had expected to hear news of her funeral, she was in the papers for having secured the arrest of one of their Directors. At this point, Miyu had recognized the conspiracy within the CIA, even if she didn't understand their intentions, and left the agency herself rather then reporting in for 'retraining' that would have resulted in her kidnapping and brainwashing. Instead, she joined Vanguard, which was more then willing to accept a trained and proven covert operative - whose 'blown cover' would be completely irrelevant to the Rikti, or to the other agents Miyu was to train.

The next few months would be chaotic, and for a while, Miyu would have no listed address; but in the end, multiple Malta directors were in prison or dead, Erika and Miyu were firmly established as partners (With Miyu as the sidekick who helped feed Shimomura plans and intel to work on), and her government pension was rather secure and beyond question from a US government that really didn't want to answer questions about just how controlled the CIA had been.

In the time since, Miyu has shown up irregularly at Erika's side when it comes to operations in Paragon, but has spent the bulk of her time in undercover operations in Praetoria as a member of Vanguard Helm; no matter what, she seeks to continue to further the goals of humanity and America, standing in the shadows to destroy any foes who seek to endange Paragon...and the rest of the world.

Personal Life

Continued Development



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