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The Knight Sentinel
Palladium Sentry Inc.
Player: @TheKnightSentinel
The Palladium Sentry
Division: Leadership
Rank: Owner/Operator
Origin/AT: Natural / BS/Regen
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Brent Sheppard
Known Aliases: No known aliases
Species: Human
Age: 41
Height/Weight: 6' 7" / 250lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Blue / Blonde
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States
Current Residence: Founders' Falls, Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Breia Sheppard
Known Powers
Intensive Swordplay and a mild regenerative mutation.
Known Abilities
Expert swordsman, martial artist and diplomat
  • Impervium Longsword
  • Web Grenades
  • Explosive Shurikens
  • Coming Soon!

Originicon natural.png
- Foreword
H archetypeicon scrapper.png

Knight Sentinel stands for nobility in a world with very little. His only claim to Superhero-dom is his uncanny healing ability and intellect. His "Powers" come more naturally to him- by the edge of a sword. Knight Sentinel is trained in nearly every art of sword mastery and has a military history of combat. He commands great respect in his leadership abilities, yet tends to remain quiet until he has established himself in a comfortable manner. He fights for the paramounts of honor, dignity, grace, and respect. While certainly not social, he is a very amiable character. Knight Sentinel tends to stake great claim in his solitude and is not a fan of publicity. He has a manner of avoiding police, newscameras, or anyone who would attempt to glorify his heroics- that which in his mind is not any great choice, but a feat of necessity. He does, however, hold his friends with close zeal and will step to a role of leadership if provided the opportunity.

His regenerative abilities are from a mutation which functions in his blood due to scientific formulae. He is considered a Natural Origin Hero on the premise that his PRIMARY ability when first starting was swordplay. In his years of herodom (with much assistance) his regenerative abilities have put him on the map as a protector of Paragon City. He's also had some exposure to Magic while working with the Circle of Thorns, which makes him an amalgam of origins, so for the sake of inclarity and poor record keeping he has been classified as a Natural Origin Hero.

Originicon natural.png
- Equipment
H archetypeicon scrapper.png

The garb of the Knight Sentinel

Knight Sentinel wears a nano-fiber/kevlar suit which is largely impervious to puncture or gunshot wounds. Knight Sentinel's healing capabilities are exaggerated because of this. He also has heavy metal gauntlets that protect his hands. The gauntlets, while fully functional, are only meant to further the image of The Knight Sentinel. His second costume is a bit more classic. The cross is slightly more embolic of the Knight which he has chosen to represent. Rumor has it that this was his first costume, before he realized he'd need more protection, but there has been no affirmation of this.

The second suit, however, is more flexible and ultimately lighter. Knight prefers protection, but sometimes if he is tired or desires to move more freely he will use this suit.


Knight Sentinel uses an interesting sword. It is custom designed so that one side is blunt but tapered, while the other is as sharp as a sword should be. He has developed a fighting style that allows him to bludgeon opponents with his sword, and use a concentrated point of damage (The apex of his 'blade') This is so that his opponents are not too badly maimed, or killed during their apprehension. Knight Sentinel rarely uses the bladed side of his sword, but insists on keeping it, should situations become too dire.

KS Sword1.jpg

Very recently, as Knight Sentinel has begun intensively pursuing criminals on his own. In his encounters with the Crey and Arachnos or even deploying to cities outside of Paragon to combat the Rikti Invasion he has assimilated a small arsenal of devices in his combat.

KS WebGrenades.jpg

Web Grenade:

Kept on his belt, Knight Sentinel uses these grenades to hold a foe in place that he cannot deal with immediately- or is trying to flee. A synthetic blend of Silicon and silk threading give a strong and web-like substance which covers his enemy, making it extremely difficult to move.

KS Shuriken.jpg


When facing the Malta, specifically their titans and their sappers, Knight developed a need to attack from a range. He had small steel shurikens cast with his insignia on them. He is deadly with these projectiles and often uses them to sever fuel lines on the Titans, or in attempt to catch Sappers off guard. They are also good for stopping engineers from deploying any auxiliary weaponry if Knight is tied up in Melee.

Originicon natural.png
- History
H archetypeicon scrapper.png

[More to come]

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