Kyle Helsing

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Kyle Helsing
Player: Kyle Helsing
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster/Scrapper
Security Level: 50/35
Personal Data
Real Name: Kyle Ikabod Helsing
Known Aliases: Glowing Strike, Kyle Keiths, Kyle Sinjer
Species: Human, with stong mutations
Age: 30
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Supernatural Investigater/Monster Hunter
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI/San Diego, CA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Edward Issac Keiths(Father), Martha Alice Keiths(Mother)
Known Powers
Regenerative healing factor. Superhuman strength, stamina, agility and reflexes. Indestructible skull, spine, and ribcage. Able to see supernatural auras, allowing detection of supernatural entities. Immune to vampire bites, werewolf bites, etc.
Known Abilities
Master of several martial arts. Expert marksman( with firearms and thrown objects ). Trained monster hunter and paranormal investigator.
Standard Paragon Issue Assault Rifle. Two customized H&K SOCOM .45 ACP pistols, two modified H&K MP7 PDWs, one custom .50 S&W revovler. Several silver bullets, knives, stakes, toe knives, and one Undead Slaying Axe.
No additional information available.

Kyle Ikabod Helsing, also known as Glowing Strike, is a fictional character on the Virtue server of City of Heroes. He is, as his name suggests, a monster hunter, primarily concerned with vampires and werewolves. He is also a paranormal investigator. He first appeared in the second to last week of beta testing, and was officially created on Virtue on April 20, 2004. He is considered infamous for his vulgarity and obscene actions in public areas. Eventually the imfamy grew too much for the player to handle, and thus was issued a massive retcon.


Early Life

Born in San Diego, California, Kyle grew up in an area of the city considered by most to be upscale and conservative. His mutant powers came into frutation about three weeks after his birth, noticed by the medical proffessionals. His parents were informed of the mutation in their son. Unlike most parents of mutants, they embraced their son's powers, and let him know of his powers as soon as they could.

At the age of five, Kyle started developing behavior most would consider dangerous and self-destructive, but was kept alive by his unique physiology. He first started with this behavior by jumping off buildings, increasing the hieght of the buildings as time went on. He also ran out infront of traffic, attempting to have cars hit him. Most of the nieghbors saw Kyle as a problem child as the result of this.

His antics eventually earned him a small story reported by a local news channel. This story caught the eye of a small gang of vampires, who immediately saw their chance to gain some respect amongst their vampire brethren. The gang broke into the home of the Helsings, who assaulted the Helsings and their son, who was only twelve years old at the time. The vampires however, triggered the boy to go wild, resulting in each member's death. The family was absolutely shocked and terrified of what their son had done. They called the local authorities, and a small investigation was conducted. However, as with most local authorities, the vampires had connections with the officers. The investigation only went so far before being discontinued, the officers alerting local covens of vampires of the boy and the family.

Before any action could be taken by any more vampires, the International Association of Hunters and Slayers contacted the family. They offered the Helsings to take their boy into the group and train him to fight against anymore supernatural threats, and offering the couple protection. The Helsings sent their boy off with the representatives who came to them, and immediately moved to another part of the city's county, under a new surname.

Training and Early Assignments

The young Kyle was taken to a training facility in the town of Redlands, California. The facility was disguised as a dilapidated warehouse, but in reality, it covered a massive, multilevel, subterranian complex, complete with offices, , sleeping quarters, armories, firing ranges, and gymnasiums. The first task at hand was to educate the boy on everything supernatural. The process only took a year, Kyle's unique sleep patterns allowing him study for weeks without any sort of breaks. Next was his physical and weapons training, teaching the boy who had already eight dead vampires under his belt how to kill them even more efficently.

His training regiment was almost non-stop, starting with evaluations of the boy's strength, speed, and stamina. The people teaching him were in awe of the boy's talents, but a bit scared to test him, so they devised a plan to let the boy demonstrate his skills on live, captive vampires. He quickly started picking up fighting styles, namely boxing, krav maga, muy thai, and Brazilian jujitsu for his hand to hand. He took up eskrima stickfighting to learn how to better use his stakes and knives in combat. However, all of his martial arts training was just the stepping stone to what young Kyle truely wanted to do: fire a gun.

When he first stepped into the firing range, he was given a crash course on guns, and gun mechanics, eager to learn all he could about them. When it came time to actually fire a gun, they started with the .22 caliber. When the now teenage Helsing pulled the trigger, the men watching and guiding him noticed something peculiar. His body didn't seem to move at all when he fired, the kick of the weapon almost nullifed as his hands stayed steady and in perfect alignment. They started to raise the caliber of the weapon exponentially, untill they found that Kyle could fire a .700 Nitro Express round with only one hand, and still never feel the kick.

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Time in Paragon City

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Helsing's new battle armor

Powers and Abilities

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Kyle wields a under construction, with an sidearm known as under construction.


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