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(Hideously under construction - and not like that perpetual stuff, this is first-build construction. Attempting to read right now may result in a narrative more fragmented than a saltine undergoing nuclear fission.)

Kyria Shirako, the Red Angel
Kyria Shirako
Player: @Kyria Shirako
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kyria Shirako
Known Aliases: "The Red Angel," "The Fire Fox," "Argh, My Precious Insurance Premiums"
Species: 4-tailed "Kitsune" fox-spirit
Age: 32, 22, or 12, whether you ask the clock, her natural appearance, or the lightly-singed spirit foxes of the Fushimi Inari shrine
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120lb
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American/Japanese
Occupation: Paragonian Knight; Pyromancer for hire; Mythological scholar; Publicity whore
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA, USA
Base of Operations: Croatoa
Marital Status: Committed
Known Relatives: No biological relatives known; Fumiko Kashari(Adoptive mother, alive), Shira the Red(Mentor, alive)
Known Powers
Fire sorcery (Shinto/Taoist; manipulation of innate foxfire); Arcane energy channeling; spirit flight; spirit speech; limited shapeshifting; light manipulation; minor illusions.
Known Abilities
Mythological knowledge,
Foxfire pearl, "Dangerous Love" Channeling Pendant, Unwieldly Shoulderpads

To some, Kyria Shirako is an overenthusiastic thrill-seeking fire hazard masquerading as a pretty fox-creature; To others, this is reversed. She is a Kitsune, or fox-spirit; an able pyromancer who takes great joy in the cathartic overapplication of her considerable power; and a hero who has discovered that the heroing business is perhaps the only one in which one can cheerfully cause untold property damage and be generally lauded for the act.

Needless to say, she's a pretty cheerful creature all around.


Friends and Enemies

Elizabeth Bloodmoon

Since her arrival in Paragon she has become the guardian spirit - and subsequently lover - of Elizabeth Bloodmoon, with whom she shares a home in Croatoa and lots of love. Kyria quickly found herself taken with Liz' angelic, boundlessly selfless nature, and ever since their love has been described as proof that you don't need a prince to have a fairytale romance.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Blast

It is said that one should never trifle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. Whatever extremely silly person devised this saying has clearly never met Kyria Shirako; Her fire power is approximately as subtle as a giant stone phallus to the groin to the backdrop of deafening calliope music, and she is never more happy than when she is wielding it.

While she considers her Fireball to be something of a signature strike, her most devastating spell is Shira's Fallen Star, an immense radial blast which gets its name from the supernova it supposedly emulates.

Energy Manipulation

Kyria is capable of making use of raw spirit energy, but unlike the majority of Kami she exercises very little subtlety in its application; besides using it to power and enhance her other abilities through focused channeling, she's mostly only figured out how to hit people really hard with luminescent spirit force pompoms at melee range; an act she refers to as 'pinkfisting' because of their color, and because she wants to see the expressions on people's faces.

Spirit Abilities

Like most spirits, Kyria has the ability to fly, speak to spirits, and cross over to the spirit world. As a kitsune, she also has the ability to change shape to some degree, and create minor illusions - though she's not as good at either of these as many of her fellow spirit-foxes; The reason for this is that she is an immense fountain of mana - powerful, but without control. Attempting to create delicate illusions with her powers is a bit like trying to paint the Mona Lisa while funneling the paint through a firehose.

Kyria isn't terribly hard to knock down, but making her stay down via conventional means is damn near impossible due to her nature. Kitsune also live a very long time; 1000 years, by some accounts.


Like all spirit foxes, she does have a couple of weaknesses; She's innately afraid of domesticated canines; She is vulnerable to rites and rituals effective for driving away spirit foxes; and she has a hard time answering the phone in Japan.


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