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Legion is a group that, as you read this (October 2011), is about to be engaged in an all out epic battle that may define the fate, freedoms and futures of mutant-kind on both Primal Earth and Praetoria. They are mutant-spremacists, powerful, resourcefulm and entrenched. (For further information please contac @Unleashed-Force in game.)

Legion: Preliminary Report 9 June 2011
Report compiled by: Dominic Leon, Operations member of Phoenix Insurrection
Report authorised by: Clint Sanders
Report based on: High-value credible sources within Praetoria.

All references are Praetorian unless otherwise stated.


To discuss Legion meaningfully is to understand Clint Sanders and his history.

Around May 2008, a man called Clint Sanders backed away from his connections with the Resistance. He had been a prominent member of the Resistance. He joined a group known as Legion. At the time it was best described as a group of powerful Mutants who fought for mutant rights and helped develop young mutants. For a time Sanders focussed on the work that Legion would do. Fighting the injustices of the world and fighting for oppressed mutants.

Over time Sanders' ideals changed. His ideal and motivation of Mutant Pride became a much darker and more powerful ideal and drive for Mutant Supremacy. Sander's usurped the then leadership of Legion successfully. By October 2008 Sanders' had complete and total leadership of Legion. Details of this transition remain unclear.

Sanders' then embarked on a programme to rebuild Legion, into this new direction. This brought new and 'seasoned' "evolved' alike into Legion. This proceeded and built up momentum very quickly.

During this time Oberste encountered "Ascended Jade", who would go on to become his right hand of the Legion, and his lover. At that time Jade was running an gang, and Oberste persuaded her to join Legion.

Together Oberste and Ascended Jade set the policy, direction and initiatives of Legion, although it is most probable that Oberste remains the senior driving force here.

Now, in 2011, Legion is a truly powerful force within Praetoria. They have various cells throughout the world. Including schools and housing for young mutants awaiting to be ‘educated’ and develop their innate abilities.


[[File pictures, dated, of Oberste and Ascended Jade, dating from and prior to May 2008. These are clearly from Praetorian government sources. One additional picture of Oberste taken at the D last week, from some distance away. Blueside bar. People and such around him are mostly out of focus or vague images.]]

Known affiliations and support:

Legion (or Oberste), have significant unstated and undocumented support from powerful sources within Praetorian government, and/or leadership, and/or various divisions and ministries.

It is suspected he has either the direct support of, or the imprimatur of an executive order, from Marcus Cole himself.

Oberste has also established connections and a positive relationship with the Resistance.

Past and future intelligence

As mentioned, Legion has highly ranked backing. One outcome of this is in the intel that can be gathered. From mid-2008, any records recorded in Praetoria that relate to Legion or specific members seem to 'vanish', from several hours to a few days after being filed. Such vanishing is done by authorised shadow codes the reporting agent knows not to query or follow up.

This results in low yield intel from mid-2008 to the present, only base 'structural' intel is available.

Legion Schools

At an earlier period of my career, I was assigned to surveil and document a Legion School. I was pulled from this assignment shortly after useful intel started being generated. However, I ascertained the following:

From the outside looking in the schools are very professional and would adhere to the laws pertaining to privately own schools in that particular state or country. Each student is well fed with healthy meals and assigned dorm rooms to remain during the school year.

Full curriculum that one would expect from a standard private school, along with specifics that pertain to developing their inherent abilities and maximizing their potential. This would also include military training and discipline. Various independent reviews are very favouring to schools. Parents are often raving about the positive effects the school has had on their children.

They cover grades from 7 to 12. Graduates are then sent to a specialized school to be taught by officers of Legion, until they have full control of their abilities. There isn’t a set time, as some master them before others. Once the officers feel they are ready, the graduating students are then transferred to Legion as a fully fledged member.

Leaving Legion

This is based on the cult-like aspects of Legion, their observed protocols, and probable reactions by Oberste when someone leaves Legion (betrayal, vendetta, retrieval, security breach, breakage of sacred oath).

I can discuss these conclusions as required.

Direct Encounters with Legion

I have casually encountered or had the chance to briefly observe Oberste and Ascended Jade a few times, in 2009 and 2010. At no time did I engage them directly. They have never been primary targets assigned to me, and as soon as I gained any insights into Legion I decided to ensure I did not pursue this further nor bring myself to their attention.

I was surprised to encounter Oberste, at a distance, in the D last week. I did not engage him directly. I passively surveilled from a distance. He was in close proximity to several members of the Insurrection. I am confident I was not compromised. At the time I was also directly focussed on the Salinez intel operation, since reported.

Assuming Legion has better and sanctioned access to Praetorian systems than I do, and his approach with Legion, it is probable that my Praetorian file has at least been accessed by him. Some elements of my files will be of interest to him.

Note: The following biographical data and history is based on recollections of data in the system up to and including mid-2008; and various research operations performed personally until this time. It is no longer present. Some key information relation to current abilities and directions may not be known.

Biographical data and history: Clint Sanders aka Oberste Übermensche
Name: Oberste Übermensche , previously known as Clint Sanders
Rated: Mutant, homo sapiens superior
Known abilities and powers: Superhuman strength, speed and agility. Able to control, absorb and generate electrical energy; using it offensively or defensively. No signs of aging beyond his present age. Rapid regeneration.
Date of birth: 23 July 1987
Siblings: Megan, younger sister, founder of a violent religious radical cult. No data since December 2008. Believed dead.
Public demeanour: considered a prominent political figure in Praetoria. He is considered a "Mutant Advocate and an inspiration for mutant-kind
Family: Father, James Sanders, highly respected elite Resistance Officer.
Early associations: prominent member of the Resistance
Later and current associations: Legion
Current partner: Ascended Jade
Former Wife: Sara Clarke, homo sapiens sapiens. Married to Clint in 2005.
Children by Sara: Sierra and Sienna
Children by Ascended Jade: Unknown

Other children: Unknown, possibly many. Speculation exists that Oberste’s beliefs would see him fathering children by viable (selected) mutants, a kind of breeding programme, and these children are raised within Legion.

After Oberste joined Legion, Sara remained fighting with the Resistance. Sara filed for divorce in November 2008 and tried to take custody of the two girls. Oberste did not take kindly to this, as he wished his future 'evolved' to remain with him and follow the path of Legion. Oberste killed Sara and Sienna, who he found out did not have the homo sapiens superior gene. He took Sierra, who did have this gene, with him. Fate of Sierra unknown, possibly located within a Legion safehouse.

Biographical data and history: Ascended Jade
Name: Ascended Jade
Rated: Mutant, homo sapiens superior
Known abilities and powers: Superior reflexes with enhanced healing and regeneration. Ability to manifest toxic spines and to manipulate the toxins. Ability to coordinate men (leadership). Ability to manipulate men. Good stealth abilities, either via training or mutation. See also Additional, below.
Date of birth: Unknown. Dropped off at a hospital, raised within an orphanage.
Siblings: Unknown.
Public demeanour: Light-hearted, easily amused by things; when with people she is comfortable with is almost affectionate, and flirts shamelessly.
‘Working’ demeanour: Best described as ruthlessly efficient. Not known to lose control of her temper. Does not tolerate insubordination, especially if aimed towards Oberste. Might sometimes be perceived by some as the ‘good cop’ in the Oberste/Ascended Jade partnership, however with some hesitation.
Family: Biological family unknown. Early associations: Independent gangs, as Alpha.
Later and current associations: Legion
Current partner: Oberste Übermensche (apparently monogamous)
Previous relationships: None-long-term. Many previous lovers now dead.
Children by Oberste Übermensche : Unknown

As well as the above, Ascended Jade has previously ridden the line between Loyalist and Resistance, and may have been leaning more towards the Resistance side of things. Rumour and reputation have Ascended jade as one of those who ‘take care’ of evolved who leave (or try to leave) Legion. Probably also tasked with scouting out new Legion members, identifying them to Oberste for ‘enrolment’ by him.


Further evaluations and observations

There is a specific new field of theory, that focuses on the differences between dimensional versions of the same person, and what is likely to happen when they encounter one another. Obviously the chance to develop this has grown enormously recently, due to the permanent linkage and migration between Primal Earth and Praetoria.

I can provide a briefing paper on this another time, if desired.

It is very unlikely that Oberste will allow the continued existence of Clint, as he is now, in the long term. Separately, I believe Oberste will find the Insurrection's goals and principles abhorrent and 'weak' and to be despised.

At some point, Oberste will try to:

I do not think Oberste can succeed at the first three options. I can think of few outcomes that Oberste will permit that Clint could live with. I am stating this because of the relationship between Clint and the Insurrection.

Secondly, I would think that Oberste might see the Insurrection as a prime source of Legion members. His conversion of any member strengthens Legion and weakens or subverts the Insurrection.

I am unable to determine Ascended Jade's probable personal take on Clint Sanders or our Jade. Other than she is extremely loyal to Oberste.

Finally, if Oberste has encountered the Insurrection previously, and has been quiet lately, and is establishing assets in the Rogue Isles, I am confident he is evolving a well-thought out plan to 'handle' the Insurrection.

The final word: Legion is undoubtedly more capable of achieving their goals as a group than the Insurrection is of theirs. Part of this comes from the backing their organisation has; part of this comes from the lack of restraint they are able to use in achieving them; part from the type of organisation they are and cult aspects; part of this comes from the fact they are not fighting a war on multiple fronts.


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