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Angelic Mutation
Lead Seraph
Player: French.Conection
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corrupter
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Austin Green
Known Aliases: Lead Seraph, Seraph
Species: Homo Superior
Age: 17 years
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Praetorian Representative
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Base of Operations: Praetoria City, Praetoria
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Avian Musculo-Skeletal System
Known Abilities
Flight, Uncanny Accuracy, Increased Stamina and Constitution
2x Taurus PT745 Pro Handguns, Forcefield generator drone, Web grenades, numerous other Praetorian tech
More Data on request

A Praetorian Powers Division member since he was 15, Austin Green has been known as Lead Seraph since his first day working with other Praetorian heroes. Austin's name is derived from the fact that he uses two Taurus PT745 Pro Handguns, to wreak havoc against the Praetorian Resistance.


A loyalist through and through, Austin supports Emperor Cole with an air of scepticism though, but he recognises the need for peace but wonders at what cost Praetorians should pay. Serving the people is his foremost desire, waiving fame and fortune, Austin took his pistols to streets in an effort to support the many citizens of his hometown. Working alongside Praetors White, Tillman, Keyes and Berry, Austin soon became the golden apple of Praetor Tillman, who showed him significant favouritism. After garnering a reputation for being Loyalist to the core and for all the right reasons, Austin was sent on a particular mission that lead him to discover a horrible truth about his beloved Praetoria. This revelation caused him to leave the city and travel to Primal Earth where he now fights in Paragon City to change public opinion on the Praetorians.

"As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so Praetoria is wounded by its own Praetors" - Austin Green



Early Years

In the year 1993, Africa had already been engulfed by the Hamidon, and Asia was slowly following suit. Nuclear devastation was rampant across much of mainland Europe and only England was holding onto a sliver of normality, her Hero's only delaying the inevitable rage of the devouring Earth.

Dallas Force field Generator

Australia had quickly encompassed New Zealand in a desperate bid to form a unified front, but already the plague that caused the earth to rise up against humanity was beginning to affect the waterways and oceans surrounding the island nations. Sea Monsters of gargantuan proportions devoured entire pacific islands and slowly but surely the Australian and New Zealander meta-humans were being taken by the earth itself. North America stood at a cross-roads, allow the Hamidon to encompass the nation or begin a fight back against the disgusting monsters that Dr Hamidon had unleashed. As the Devouring Earth breached American borders, it spread like a cancer, one city at a time, entire Metropolis were gone in days. By the autumn of 1993, only Dallas and Houston remained in Texas, two beacons of light in the Lone Star state.

It was at this time, in Saint Paul University Hospital, that Austin was born to two completely human parents, no super powers to speak of at all. The baby was completely normal, except for two small bumps, directly over his shoulder blades. Days after Austin's birth Dallas' defences were breached and the civilians fled to other cities around the USA, the Green's fled to a new city, freshly built by one of the greatest heroes of the day. Praetoria City was to be their new home and Marcus Cole was to be their Emperor, life in Praetoria was blissful, the Praetorian Guard defended their walls and surely over time the threat of Hamidon became a horror story that parents told their children to get them to behave. The rest of Praetoria's story is well documented in the annals of history.

Middle years

Austin grew up just as any Praetorian child would, completely normal; he was by nature calm, athletic if somewhat shy boy, whose uncanny skill in basketball gave him considerable popularity. The strange shoulder deformation was never brought up, a city full of meta-humans things like that went unquestioned, however when Austin turned 13 he spent almost the entire year with some kind of broken bone, first his wrist, then his foot, this was followed soon after by major breaks in his collar and knees. After spending 8 months of that year in hospital learning to walk again, scans revealed that his bones were becoming hollow. His shoulder blades expanded and soon broke the skin as his wings emerged, first as bloody little stumps, within days of forming; they were soon downy little limbs. Diagnosed with an Avian Musculo-Skeletal mutation, Austin's powers emerged; the ability to fly, hawk eyes (including; double fovea, nearly twice as many receptors than the average human and ability to see ultra-violet light) and above average reflexes. He also developed a keen taste for fish. As the mutation calmed down and he grew accustomed to his new powers, Austin began to 'stretch his wings' that is too say he began to assist the PPD with midnight lookout duty for his neighbourhood and literally stretch his wings, by taking flight for the first time.

Growing Pains

Praetoria's schooling was state funded and encompassed not only homo-sapien but homo-superior as well, both strains were in the same class, although they were graded differently. This was to promote the citizenry to aspire to become as good as powered individuals and also to help the people grow accustomed to meta-humans due to their close proximity in the city. This program routed out any remaining hatred towards meta-humans and those who continued to hate them kept their phobia secret.

Austin's 15th year was a special one, he was inducted fully into the PPD as a Power's Division member and although only an intern he was trusted by almost all the officers universally. Known as a well-mannered and punctual recruit who had an incredible skill for reading underneath the obvious, he also achieved recognition as a near perfect marksman. It was this year that Austin became all too aware of the Resistance, relatively hidden from the youth of Praetoria it was during a Power's Division raid on a Resistance safe house that Austin was called in to watch for fleeing Resistance members. As the PD members entered Austin kept watch from above, flying above the safe house, from this vantage point he saw a manhole open 200 metres away, and he quickly moved to intercept the escapee and was successful in doing so. One young Loyalist verseing one young Resistance member, in the street they clashed.

He was a meta-human, with super accuracy and a penchant for the dramatic. Wielding two hand handguns he engaged Austin an old fashioned western duel. PPD arrived almost immediately but Austin's rank as a Powers Division recruit gave him some authority and he told them to hold their positions. Facing each other the two young boys walked backwards from each other, looking one another in the eye. Austin watched as his opponent like an eagle watches a snake, an air of caution but confidence about him. The other boy who became known as Retina watched him back just as carefully, standing 25 metres apart there was an aura of menace about the two them. The air was heavy with killing intent, Austin about to defend his country, Retina standing for the justest of causes and the tension between the two could have been cut with a blade. The PPD stood silently behind Austin his wings slowly rising like the hackles on a wolfs back, nothing but open road behind Retina, no Resistance allies came to help him, he simply stood their steely gazing at the winged fifteen year old. The countdown began, a passing by Clockwork on it routine provided the timing,




What seemed to be a thunderclap exploded in the street, the silence shattered by the exploding of both the barrels. The ammunition sped towards each other; the conical bullets nicked each other in mid air, so perfect was both the young men’s aim. Austin's bulled clipped Retina's on the skyward facing side, causing it too arc slightly upwards and forcing Retina's downwards. Austin's bullet penetrated his opponents’ skin, ripping through flesh and muscle, the hollow point bullet fracturing into several pieces as it crashed into his collarbone. Retina's bulled crashed into the road, flattening in on itself as the metal compacted. He dropped to the road, screaming in agony and writhing in pain, Austin stood tall, his wings outstretched, he had won his first fight. From that day on Austin was given a new name Lead Seraph, after taking Retina into custody he was summarily handed over to Praetor Tillman for interrogation, his guns passed into PPD confiscation. Later that week the handguns, two Taurus PT745 Pro's were given to Austin as gifts from Provost Marchand and Interrogator Kang.

Later Years

After the duel in the street, Austin fully joined the Powers Division, and was an active and productive member. He was a dinner table name, his iconic white feathered wings often seen high above Nova Praetoria ensuring that the peace was maintained. It was during 2009 that Austin began dating a fellow meta-human, her name was Vivica Gale, and she was a technokinetic. Her mutation allowed her to animate, control and manipulate anything technological, which endeared her to Praetor Keyes more than any other Powers Division officer.

Vivica Gale

Her skills were legendary amongst the PPD, able to assemble a clockwork from nothing but scraps, or to put together a force field generator from spare pieces of mobile phones. Vivica worked extremely closely with Keyes and as a result their relationship was almost always strained. Fiercely loyal of Keyes Vivica stuck with her boss all the way to the top, and then as he fell from grace and lost his Praetorship, she fell with him. This was the final straw, as Keyes fell into depression; Vivica began to maintain his projects and was forced to break up with Austin. Although no ill will was harboured to either of them, Austin felt slightly jaded that he had lost his girl, to her work; little did he know that in a few short years, he would also become susceptible to Keyes magnetic personality.

It was in 2010, that Austin found himself leaving Precinct 5 in Nova Praetoria when a shootout began between the PPD and Resistance, right in the heart of Praetoria. Quickly Austin moved to intervene and became embroiled in a series of missions that would be called by the media 'Going Rogue' Austin found himself working for the Praetors personally, and each mission he undertook revealed more about his character than ever before. It became obvious that he was not a show boating Loyalist, but a caring and intuitive young man dedicated to the safety of Praetorian people. Eliminating several resistance bosses and foiling numerous terrorist plots, Lead Seraph wound up working for Praetor Tillman. Mother Mayhem as she was also known, was well aware of Austin and due to his boyishly good looks and dedicated personality, took him like she would her own son. Following the work from Tillman, Seraph uncovered a plot that involved a parallel dimension known as Primal Earth.

<All data regarding Primal Earth is classified and not available for public access. Please see your local Praetor>

Austin Green's last known location was with Investigator Kang in the Powers Division headquarters, however disturbing reports have come to light that he has been seen in Primal Earth's, Paragon City. Further information will be delivered as we receive it.

Powers and Abilities

Seraph is a mutant with a number of abilities; first and foremost his avian musculo-skeletal mutation gave him the muscles and bone structure of most birds. Specifically Austin's mutation is most in line with Osprey or Sea Hawks (Pandion haliaetus) of California and Australia, however he shows substantial evolution traits with Snowy Owls (Bubo scandiacus) which has proven to be a confusing mix for most scientists as the two species do not live in the same habitats. The avian mutation has given Austin Green, large white wings directly above his shoulder blades, substantially lighter bones and incredible eyesight (both binocular and UV sensitive). These large feathered wings and light bones allow him to fly at quite significant speeds, although anything faster than 55 mph becomes very tiresome and his body will become fatigued. His eyesight allows him to have superb accuracy and the dual automatic focus points allow him to see things in bullet time which give him uncanny reflexes.

Conversely though the mutation reduced his learning curve and Austin must now study for hours on end to absorb any high or middle order theory, also due to the UV sensitive nature of his eyes he has developed partial insomnia. His eating habits have also been affected, preferring fish to every other kind of meat, sushi has become personal favourite. He also can no longer eat nuts at all and has a hard time stomaching gluten products (rice seems to be an exception).

Taurus PT745

Working with the Powers Division for several years, Austin inherited a few useful pieces if technology, most importantly of all his two Taurus PT745 Pro's, handguns with a significant kick to them. Developed by Forjas Taurus S/A in Brazil the handguns were given to Austin after defeating his first Resistance meta-human (see Middle Years). Boasting a compact frame, Heinie sights with a 'Straight-8' rear, they each weigh 20.8 oz and have a length of 6 inches, they have a 6 groove 3.25 inch barrel and a 6 round magazine. Austin carries with him several different forms of ammunition, chemical, tracer and cryo. The guns have a mirror reflective barrel and top, while the grip and trigger are matte black. He also carries a chest harness which is loaded with caltrops and web grenades.

Secondly Austin has in his possession a lone force field generator, given to him by Vivica Gale, it is a deploy and forget tool, that is programmed to follow Austin into the thickest of battles blocking a notable amount of incoming fire. Along with the force field it generates, it has also been equipped with a teleportation system and 3 storage compartments for other drones. Finally Austin's harness, boots and pants work in unison to form a light bending suit, which when given time to calibrate correctly can render him invisible.

Skills and Personality

Skilled in general police work, Austin's time spent with the PPD and Powers Division taught him many of the skills that a police officer needs. He can quite accurately profile a suspect, knows how to cordon off a crime scene and knows the police codes for most crimes called over the radio. He is able to use most police weaponry and knows several disarming manoeuvres to use on common street criminals. Being physically fit as required by the Powers Division, Austin is also quite adept at basketball, which is his preferred method of exercise.

A generally shy person, Austin is usually never the first one to voice an opinion or make a move first. Despite this he is not usually nervous and is generally a calm and collected young man. When engaged with an enemy Austin is usually very quiet, as he requires significant focus to break down his enemy’s strategy. Never rude or flippant, Seraph has been known to come across as overly quiet, generally though he is processing what is going on around him and thinking of the correct response.

Austin is bisexual, he has dated both men and women, and he prefers neither one nor the other. Although after his most recent breakup with Vivica he has found himself looking at other young men more often than he would normally.

On His iPod

Alternate Versions

Unknown to Austin there are several other known Lead Seraph's throughout the multiverse, they occupy a rather varied spectrum of ability and level of mutation, some not even having a mutation at all. Austin has never met an alternate version of himself and nor does he desire too, he fears that it would cause more problems than its worth.

Primal Earth
Austin Green: Primal Earth

Austin Green in Primal Earth did indeed developed the same mutation as the Praetorian counterpart, however, after it manifested at the age of 13, he was caught up amongst a street fight between anti-mutant protesters, religious zealots and state police. The protest turned violent as young Austin walked past and tragically he was shot dead. Buried in an unmarked grave by the government, his parents and family were all soon silenced by religious organisations, wanting to cover up the young angels’ murder.

Earth 616/ Age of the Hive
Salvation: Age of the Hive

Earth 616 is a dimension ruled by Hive, a being of immense hive mind power. Using a form of pheromone to enslave the population, Hive has taken control of the earth. Using regular humans as slaves and meta-humans as generals for his vast armies, he wages a war against the firestarters. The Firestarters a growing group of meta-humans who have become servants to the Hive's former lover, the Forest Queen. In a world being fought over by two powerful hive mind groups, Lead Seraph has been renamed Salvation and fights for the Forest Queen as her religious advisor. Significantly older than his other versions, Salvation has six wings instead of just two and has developed a form of Soul Reading, bending the line between Angel and Bird

Earth 666/ Apocalypse Forever
Death: Apocalypse Forever

Apocalypse Forever is an earth ruled by Lucifer and his minions, it is a desolate wasteland of fire, lava, brimstone and death. As Lucifer sits on his throne of darkness, his four generals pervert the corners of the globe. Conquest rules the Americas, its open plains and large acres of land, ideal for his marauding armies to devour the land. War has domain over Africa, being the birthplace of civilization and man, war has a home amongst the origins of humanity. Famine resides in Asia and the Pacific, with the largest populations of people concentrated into two nations in his territory, Famine creates a zone unlike any other where poverty, malnutrition and crime are rampant. Lastly Death calls Europe his home, the beauty of the European Renaissance give death a sense in irony, as even he has difficulty perverting the marble statues and buildings in Europe. Seraph resides as a talented Lieutenant in Death's army. Leading a perverse squadron of similar looking mutations who fly under the flag of Lust the second of Death's two generals, the other being Pride.

Earth 1710/ Samurai Earth
Hyosuke: Samurai Earth

Earth 1710 is a universe where the ideals of Shogunate Japan and bushido are held across the entire globe. It is a time of constant war, where mutants are as much feared as they are respected, although they are much rarer than Primal Earth standards. Some serve as loyal retainers and advisors, others as daimyo and samurai, others however live their lives as mercenries, selling their powers to the highest bidder. Hyosuke Nara as he was known in this timeline was a samurai in service to a daimyo, however during the Battle of Sekigahara, Hyosuke failed to protect Chihiro Iwamoto, the child genius of his clan, as such he performed sepuku and is presumed dead. His body was never recovered though and has not been seen since the end of the battle.



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