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DemonCat Leia'Laruis
Player: Arlyurl of dA
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Leia'Laruis Belbia Dias'Blosisca Louis
Known Aliases: Leia / Lei / The Cat
Species: Half-demon (Half Succubus) /Half Cat-Creature [tiger variety])
Age: Between 15-20 human years
Height: ...short
Weight: 70-90 lbs.
Eye Color: Aqua
Hair Color: Red (demon form) / Blonde (human disquise)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Demon Planes
Occupation: Operative of Blackweb
Place of Birth: Lust, Underworld
Base of Operations: Blackweb base
Marital Status: In many relationships
Known Relatives: Lilna'shi (Mother), ???? (Father), Mercy (Half-Sister)
Known Powers
Psychokinesis , Succubus Magic
Known Abilities
Soul Stealing, Telekinesis, Control over Gravity, Magical Disquise, Luring Aura, Materializes marshmellows out of nothing, Annoyingly cute and hyper
"But the Invisible Pink Unicorn said the pudding was for me....."

Leia'Laruis is the main character played on CoX by Arlyurl of deviantArt.



Even though she's from a line of demons, Leia's attitude is most often bright and friendly, greeting everyone she meets with a cheerful cry of welcome. She commonly displays an infinite ammount of energy after a long nap, though what she does with all the energy is questionable, jumping around aimlessly, teasing heroes and arachnos soldiers alike as she zooms by. The times she is anything but happy is when she feels threatened or annoyed at a certain individual, which is commonly not limited to heroes. Having many of the traits of a cat, she's been witnessed to groom herself by licking, preying on individuals to pounce on and play, and, a trait of being a tigeress, enjoys a nice swim in a natural enviroment. Her favorite foods are fish, chicken, and chocolates, the only vegetables she'll eat are veggie sauces and fresh spinach leaves.

With Friends

When Leia is with her friends, she'll either constantly bug them to keep her company, or flirt with them if she finds them interesting. If a friend asks for help, she's always willing to take the extra yard. In danger, she'll always think of her friends first, suggesting plans and escape routes, ordering companions to leave if they might be fatally injured, doing anything she can to hold back forces trying to overrun her. Her faithfulness towards her friends is what she believes is the only things keeping her from being like the rest of demon-kind, and mercilessly kills demons (especially of the Circle of Thorn) when they taunt her for it, proclaiming they are what give her power... which might not be too far off considering her power absorbtion abilities and constant contact with friends.


Leia's history is sketchy at best, many things she doesn't even remember, some things she's never known she's been involved with, but at every point, Leia's always been a pain in someone's side.


From before she even came into the demon world, Leia was an oddball. The royal demon princess Lilna'Shi was from a long line of a succubus clan that prided itself on collecting the powers of mortal and immortal alike by luring their victim with promises of power and pleasures of the flesh. The youngest of two, Lilna was not abnormal from her immeadiate family, her branch of the tree shared a fondness of not only gaining power, but knowledge as well, most specifically, from the human world. Unfortunately, Lilna left what her family thought was the most pleasing mate for her, on good terms and leaving a child with him to raise, in order to venture into the mortal world and explore. Somewhere within this period of time, Lilna had once again been gifted with a child and returned to the demon world to raise the girl herself, only commenting that she had a one-night fling with a paragon zoo tiger just to experiment.

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This is a lie fabricated by Lilna to protect Leia. In truth, she had combated a paragon hero that just happened to be a were-tiger. One night they got a bit carried away and they mated. Shortly after the hero proclaimed that he lost himself and that they should never come near each other again. Unaware, Lilna'shi had become pregnant, against her wishes to her surprise. Leia doesn't know this, herself having been told a lie, Lilna knowing she's not the perfect girl to keep secrets, and to protect her from emotional doubt from not knowing her father and to make her lose interest in finding him.

Spoilers end here.

Leia was born under Lilna's supervision, as much unneeded attention she recieved from surrounding demons who claimed she was a monster, even for their own kind.

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Psychokinetic abilities


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